100+ Neighbors Participate in 4th of July Parade

Written by Ray Jordan

This was the 18th French Place 4th of July Parade. This year’s Parade had one of the highest turnouts in its history. There were well over 100 attendees, marchers and cheering neighbors in their front yards.

This is quite a difference from the Parade’s beginnings. The first Parade was spontaneous and homespun. It consisted of 4 members of the Jordan-Arbuckle family and 2 members of the Severin-Nudd family. We decorated the kids’ 2 strollers, blew on whistles and used a small Igloo jug for a drum. We marched up and down our one block. We were cheered on by another neighbor, Dick Eppler: who would yell and clap, as we passed. Then he would run ahead to cheer us on pass the next house! That Parade will always be a favorite of mine.

We told neighbors and in the following years, first one family then others joined. We began meeting at the current starting place. The corner of French Place and 28th Street. And, for a couple of years we marched to the corner of Edgewood Avenue. We’d mill there, then make our way back to our homes.

Meanwhile, other neighbors had created the cool, little park we now know and love as Cherrywood Green! The Parade and the Green seemed
made to make beautiful music together. Now, with larger and larger attendance, we could continue on down Kern Ramble to a perfect ending spot. Picnic tables, watermelon and cookies, shade and a safe place for the ever growing number of little neighbors to run about.

Things have changed. Neighbors and friends have moved out and moved in. Our kids are now young adults and this year is the first that both were not able to attend. But that’s as it should be…they and all the little ones in this year’s parade will always know what it is like to have a childhood with this wonderful French Place 4th of July Parade.

4th of July parade

To see more photos of the parade visit the 4th of July flickr set.



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