2015 Little Artist BIG ARTIST Program In Full Swing – Chula League Gets Amplified!

Written by Sherri Whitmarsh, Chula League

Chula League’s 2015 Little Artist BIG ARTIST mentoring program is off to a strong start thanks to our amazingly talented BIG ARTISTS, art teachers, and young artists. The 2015 class is comprised of 25 little artist fifth and sixth graders from Blackshear, Oak Springs and Maplewood Elementary schools. LaBA is a unique mentoring experience that pairs professional artists with fifth-graders from East Austin elementary schools. BIG ARTISTS provide their time and professional experience as working artists to guide their Little Artists to envision, plan, and create at least two pieces of artwork during their 10 week one-on-one collaboration. Little Artist BIG ARTIST provides an opportunity for students to celebrate creativity, develop personal expression, and strengthen social skills while engaging in positive adult communication in an afterschool setting.

“I was a Maplewood Mustang a few years ago. Just saying that the Little Artist Big Artist program was amazing! I just loved working with my Big Artist. She was amazing. So, keep doing what you’re doing. Hopefully younger kids are having an awesome experience like I did.”
Sincerely, Angel K

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The artist pairs are already hard at work creating pieces that will be displayed at the Spring Art Show, with the opening reception held April 23 from 6–8pm at Imagine Art @ ReNEW East Arts Complex, 2830 Real St. Select Little Artist works will also be auctioned at the Dec.12 &13, 2015 Cherrywood Art Fair to benefit the school art programs. A special shout-out to Jennifer Ramos—our LaBA coordinator and photographer, for doing such an outstanding job helming this program.

Chula League is also thrilled to be participating in Amplify Austin 2015, a 24-hour day of community-wide giving. Our goal is to expand the LaBA program’s reach in 2016. In 2008, the LaBA program had only 1 participating school, 5 fifth graders and 5 BIG ARTISTS. Last year, we had three participating schools, 24 kids and 21 BIG ARTISTS! Next year, we’d like to grow this program and expand to 5 schools. If you love Cherrywood Art Fair, want to see art programs flourish in East Austin, and want to support our BIG ARTIST mentors, check out our Amplify page and donate by 6pm March 6th!

Your gift of $25
will fund 1 hour of free arts mentoring for a little artist and professional BIG ARTIST.

Your gift of $50
will go towards the cost of art supplies for one LaBA pair during their 10 week collaboration in an afterschool setting.

Your gift of $150
will pay for one translator (per school) to work with little artist households whose primary language is Spanish.

Your gift of $400 or more
will fully sponsor one student’s participation in the LaBA program where they will learn to celebrate creativity, develop personal and artistic expression and, most importantly, create art!

Thank you for your support!

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