29th St. Statue: The Nag Reflex

Flea ArchivesWritten by Steve Wilson (Reposted from the Winter Flea)

You’re a high school kid in Boerne, TX, out on the town with friends who are just as bored as you. So when you happen by an old abandoned house, none of you can resist sneaking in. Inside you find the shadows, cobwebs and desolate silence you were expecting, and something else: centaurs. The place is a bizarre shrine to the human-horse hybrid, stuffed with centaur posters, books, paintings, figurines and more. Too creeped out to stay any longer, you make for the exit. And that’s when you see her, the almost-lifesize female centaur. Taking in those wooden flanks and fetlocks, you understand now why the absent collector was so obsessed. How can you not take the crown jewel of the collection?

Hoofing it
This was only the beginning of the centaur’s adventures. like tomb raiders cursed with greed by the treasure they’d stolen, the Boerne friends kept nabbing the fine filly from each other when they moved to Austin for college. She lost a hoof in all that back and forth, and her tail ended up in Portland, Oregon (don’t ask). Finally, she settled down amid the foliage of 29th St., a few passing motorists nearly wrecking at the sight of her emerging from the bushes. Chaste neighbors requested she wear a bikini, inspiring assorted costume changes over the years, though exposure to the weather ultimately stripped her down.

“Even though she’s an outdoor creature, she was meant to be indoors,” says Thomas Allison, who inherited the mare from his roommate, one of the Boernians.

Perhaps inspired by the lady centaur’s wanderings, Allison is planning a cross- country bike-trip that will take him away from Austin for two years. He intends to give the statue to a restorer he knows before he leaves. “She deserves it.”

29th St. Centaur

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