500th Tree Planted by Neighborhood Volunteers

Written by Mike Damal, Friends of Cherrywood Green

On Saturday, October 19th, 8 volunteers help plant and deliver 54 trees in the Cherrywood Neighborhood. For the 16th year we have planted 544 trees to date, which has contributed greatly to the dense tree canopy in Cherrywood. Mike Sullivan, Cara Choate, Ben Hester, Schuyler Nelson-Brown, David Boston, Girard Kinney, Mike Damal and others had an enjoyable morning planting trees, learning about the different types of trees and how to plant them, and meeting new neighbors.

Types of trees planted included burr, red, chinquapin, mexican white and live oaks, cedar elms, desert willow, mexican plum, texas redbud, and texas mountain laurel. All are excellent choices for our neighborhood.

We also planted two trees in the Concordia Triangle, one in Cherrywood Green and Willowbrook Reach, which were generously donated by area residents.

The fall is the best time to plant trees in Austin. Our harsh summers make it difficult for newly planted trees–fall plantings give young trees time for their root systems to get established before the next summer. Newly planted trees must also be monitored and watered for their first two years to ensure their survival. To plant a tree and just leave it gives it a less than 50% chance for survival. We have been fortunate that since the plantings we have received record rainfall.

We also raised $836 for the maintenance of Cherrywood Green from this event! This is presently the main funding source for maintaining the Green.

This year we went over the 500 mark for trees, there was an informal contest to decide who planted the 500th tree. No winner was given, but we hope to pass the century mark with many more fall tree plantings!

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