Cherrywood Letter re Mobility 35

By CNA Steering Committee (Cross-posted from

March 5, 2014

Members of the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association (CNA) will be directly affected by proposed modifications to IH35 and surrounding streets associated with the I-35 Capital Area Improvement Program (“Mobility 35”).  The CNA is particularly interested in the Travis County…

North Central Neighborhoods Form Working Group for Better I-35 Solutions

by NCINC2 Working Group (reposted from


Threatened by TxDOT proposals to remake I-35 through Central Texas, a number of Central Austin neighborhood associations have formed the North Central I-35 Neighborhood Coalition 2 (NCINC2), a working group of neighborhoods that will be directly…

Photos of Cherrywood’s “DNA”

By Jennifer Potter-Miller

On April 2 Cherrywood residents participated in a community mapping workshop to identify locations in the neighborhood that are assets, constraints, and opportunities.  The event was part of an initiative by CodeNEXT, and was an effort to sketch out the neighborhood’s “DNA.”

A collection of almost…

Musings on the Spring Plant Swap

by Erika Allbright

Imagine a cool spring Saturday morning. You’re in the park with several neighbors, a friendly, low-key gathering. Tarps are spread on the ground. One holds a an interesting variety of plants – some bare root, some cuttings, seeds and potted plants too. The other tarp has piles…

Mapping Cherrywood’s Character

By Jennifer Potter-Miller

A group of Cherrywood residents met on April 2 to talk about our neighborhood’s “DNA” and map it out visually. The exercise was part of the ”community character in a box” initiative, and similar events are being held around the city. The idea is to provide micro-level data…

LUT Committee Meeting, April 2, 2014

The Cherrywood Land Use and Transportation (LUT) Committee met on April 2, 2014 at 7:15 p.m., at Taqueria Los Altos. The meeting was chaired by Girard Kinney and the agenda was the following:

7:30: Introductions and announcements 7:45 Approval of past Meeting Notes 7:55 NCINC2 (IH35 Working Group), discussion and…

Maplewood Mustangs Stampede at Mueller

By Dusty Harshman

On Saturday, March 29th, 2014, Maplewood Elementary School held their first annual Mustang Stampede. This one kilometer “fun run”, brought Maplewood children and their parents and teachers together in stride to circle Mueller Lake Park.

It was a beautiful spring morning, and the run was just one…

Keeping it Local at the East Austin Handmade Arts Market

by Brooke Wilton

I’ve been a local artist for over 30 years now, originally hailing from Houston where I attended the High School For The Performing and Visual Arts, and then here as I studied Art, Film, and Creative Writing at UT.  Let me back up though, because as a…

Neighbors Play Host to Monarch Butterflies

by Lindsay Olinde

Who wears lots of black, is particular about food, and flies into Austin by the thousands in the Spring and Fall? No, not SXSW or ACL attendees, something even more fascinating. Yes, Monarchs! Recently, we unexpectedly hosted two Monarch caterpillars, Tiny Tim and Mr. Big Boss Man.…

Lantern Walk Celebrates Beginning of Spring

by Misha Maynerick Blaise

On March 21, Cherrywood neighbors gathered together to celebrate the Persian/Baha’i new year and the first day of Spring with a festive lantern walk. The purpose of the lanterns was to illuminate the night and welcome the new year in a celebratory way, as inspired by…