A Door to Everywhere on Breeze Terrace

Written by Steve Wilson
(re-posted from the August Flea)

A few years back a home improvement TV show crew thought it had struck ratings gold in the yard of Michelle Moore and Sean Keel. But when the producers saw how clean the house was inside, they realized the truth of what the couple had been telling them all along—the yard’s not a mess, it’s an intentional work of art.

It all started with the door to nowhere. During a remodel, Keel and Moore dragged their front door to the middle of the yard and got to liking how it looked there. Soon after, Keel’s father installed a free-standing window frame with rebar and cement (“It’ll still be standing long after our house,” quips Keel). When a windowpane broke, they plopped a baseball on the sill and suddenly the yard wasn’t just weird, it was telling a story. That story grew as they added the bust of a woman, the words “Terminus” in giant pink letters (a Walking Dead joke), and a giant wooden cable spool that Keel and son dragged by car through downtown, passersby cheering them on.

A few cranky neighbors have asked Keel and Moore to mow, but most appreciate their conceptual antics, like the times they’ve festooned the door with the word “Gloom” during the joyful Yuletide season. Others have admired (and been a little freaked out by) the way the door lights up in the dark under headlights. “When you’re driving at night it looks like the door in the opening of the Twilight Zone,” says Moore, the pride evident in her voice.

Door to Everywhere

Photo by Oliver Mayes.

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