Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan Contact Team

UBCPTA neighborhood plan contact team (NPCT) is a group of individuals designated to be the stewards or advocates of their adopted neighborhood plan. They work with city staff towards the implementation of the plan recommendations, review and initiate plan amendments, serve as community points of contact, and work on behalf of other neighborhood stakeholders.

The Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (UBC) is made up of six neighborhoods: Blackland, Wilshire Wood/Delwood I, Delwood II, Cherrywood, Rogers-Washington-Holy Cross, and Schieffer Willowbrook (which shares overlapping boundaries with Cherrywood’s northeast quadrant).

The Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan was adopted in 2002 and is registered with the City of Austin here. You can download a PDF copy at that link.

According to the plan, The Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Planning Area seeks to be an attractive, human-scaled, pedestrian- and cyclist-oriented group of neighborhoods. The neighborhoods also seek to limit commercial encroachment into residential areas, reduce the negative effects of traffic, enhance the physical and environmental beauty, and preserve and enhance the existing unique character of each distinct neighborhood.

The UBC meets monthly on the 4th Monday of the month at the Fannie Mae Stewart Conservatory (1902 East 22nd Street, Austin, TX 78722) at 6:30 p.m.  For more information, contact UBC Chair or visit upperboggycreek.com.

Upper Boggy Creek Planning Area