Upper Boggy Creek Design Guidelines

The following Neighborhood Design Guidelines provide a common basis for making consistent decisions about building and streetscape design that may affect the character of a neighborhood. Adherence to the guidelines is voluntary. They are not intended to limit development within the Upper Boggy Creek (UBC) Neighborhood Planning Area. Their intent is to provide ideas as to the appear- ance of new development, redevelopment, or remodeling should take. These guidelines primariliy focus on the streetscape— the publicly viewed area between the fronts of buildings along the street. This area includes the streets and side- walks (public rights-of-way), front yards, building facades or fronts, porches and driveways (private property).

Goals of The Design Guidelines

These goals provide the foundation for neighborhood design guidelines within City of Austin neighborhoods.

Goal 1: Respect the Prevailing Neighborhood Character

The Guidelines aim to reinforce those positive elements, patterns, and characteristics that exist within the neighborhood, that help create a unique sense of place within the city. The Guidelines serve as a framework for new development and provide sugges- tions as to how it may fit into the existing neighborhood character in terms of scale, mass, building patterns, and details. Following the Guidelines helps ensure the existing neighborhood character is preserved, maintained, complimented, or even enhanced.

Goal 2: Ensure Compatibility and Encourage Complementarity between Adjacent Land Uses

The Guidelines may indicate a neighborhood’s preference for increasing or decreasing the occurrence of certain types of land uses. Examples of this are as “encouraging more owner-occupied residential units”or “encouraging more nearby small-scale retail or grocery stores”. Creating easily accessible areas of mixed-use and neighborhood-oriented services can also minimize the need for residents to travel by car to get goods and services needed on a day-to-day basis.

Goal 3: Enhance and Enliven the Streetscape

The Guidelines also promote the design of safe, comfortable, and interesting streetscapes that help encourage walking, biking, and transit use. Key to achieving this goal is creating a sense of human scale in the buildings defining the streetscape. This is also achieved by providing accessible, adequately-sized and protected pathways. Additionally, safety is enhanced by increasing visibility from buildings to the sidewalk and street, “the eyes on the street”.

Detailed design guidelines for Blackland and Cherrywood

Detailed design guidelines for Duplex Nation (part of Cherrywood), Wilshire Wood/Delwood 1, and Commercial Design

Detailed design guidelines for Mixed Use Building and the Streetscape


UBC infill design tool

UBC Future Land Use Map

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