Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan Vision and Goals

The Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Planning Area seeks to be an attractive, human-scaled, pedestrian- and cyclist-oriented group of neighborhoods. The neighborhoods also seek to limit commercial encroachment into residential areas, reduce the negative effects of traffic, enhance the physical and environmental beauty, and preserve and enhance the existing unique character of each distinct neighborhood.

Goal One: Community Character

Preserve the character of each neighborhood in the Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Planning Area.

Goal Two: Land Use

Ensure that the new businesses and commercial development within the Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Planning Area is neighborhood-appropriate, neighborhood-scaled, neighborhood-friendly, and serves the nearby neighborhoods.

Goal Three: Housing

Promote the rehabilitation of existing housing and construction of new housing to be compatible with the surrounding neighborhood and architecture for a variety of income levels.

Goal Four: Transportation

Improve the quality of residential streets and commercial corridors to make them safe, accessible, and attractive to all forms of transportation. Residential and commercial streets and transit facilities should

• Emphasize pedestrian and bicycle safety
• Serve pedestrian and bicycle convenience
• Encourage public transit use
• Allow residents ready ingress and egress from the neighborhood
• Limit through-traffic to roads designed for the purpose
• Be compatible with the residential / mixed-use character of our neighborhoods.

Goal Five: Parks, Open Spaces, and the Environment

Achieve and maintain a healthy, sustainable, robust, functional, and aesthetically beautiful parks and greenspace system within the planning area. The park system should provide active and passive recreational opportunities for all residents.

Goal Six: Services

Develop and provide for a range of services that enhance the cultural, social and educational fabric of the neighborhood.

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