Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Planning Area Residential Design Guidelines

New residential construction, single- or multifamily, should blend into the existing character of the different neighborhoods-Delwood I and II, Wilshire Wood, Cherrywood, Rogers-Washington-Holy Cross, and Blackland. Contemporary interpretations of existing nearby single family homes are encouraged. Such construction does not need to mimic the existing residences, but should have architectural considerations in style, massing, and/or materials that complement nearby and adjacent homes. Houses that place emphasis on the garage door— snout houses— and that do not respect the architecture of the respective neighborhoods is highly discouraged.

The single-family houses in the Upper Boggy Creek (UBC) Neighborhood Plan- ning Area reflect building traditions and styles that start in the late nineteenth century and span the entirety of the twentieth. The variety creates distinct neigh- borhoods and it is easy to tell when you have left one neighborhood or even one part of a neighborhood and entered another.

Design Guidelines for Blackland, Rogers-Washington-Holy-Cross, and Cherrywood (PDF)

Design Guidelines for Wilshire Wood/Delwood 1 and Delwood 2 (PDF)



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