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The austin area regional transit Concept

aart> is regional.
  The idea is to start with three questions:

  • Where will 1,000,000 new arrivals in the next century want to live? 
  • And how will transit affect everyone's choice? 
  • How will Austin look in 2056?
If Austin is more compact, we will preserve more land for agriculture, ecology, and greenspace. 
Doing so would resemble ECT's "Scenario D," preferred by half the 12,000 people surveyed.  ECT agrees that Scenario D needs "an efficient, effective and reliable system" of "roads, transit and trails."  The aart> idea is a preferred design for "Scenario D" succeed.  The approach would be feasible in Austin.  It is inspired by one of the world's better urban transit systems, in the populous Bavarian capital of Munich.

Envision Central Texas
Capital Metro
= ECT home aart> description (3pp, 20K) = Cap Metro home
= Preferred growth scenario
    (where we would like people to be)
= aart> map (100K) = "All Systems Go" home
   - Long-Range Transit Plan
= ECT findings (survey results) = aart> map (high resolution, 7M)
   - Downtown Detail  (Cross-Town Connector)
= Saltillo station (11-acre master plan)
= ECT findings illustrated (60pp, 3M)
   with special attention to transportation
= Munich regional rail (schnellbahn) S-Bahn
= Munich transit system overview
= Legislation and goals (2003)
= MLK/Manor Road station area (aerial photos)
   - Transit Oriented Development (general)
  = Munich urban rail (untergrundbahn) U-Bahn = Capital Area Regional Transit Coordination Committee (coming soon)

= Munich system maps:
    - Simple (1975)
    - All rail (2005) All lines go through the center.
    - All mode (2006)
    - Trams

= Street car proposal (Spring 2006)
   - Portland streetcar (Oregon, opened 2001)
   - Maps:  Ride & Dine  |  Stop & Shop
   - Photo (how Manor Rd might look!)  
= FasTracks (Denver / Boulder)
  = Alliance for Public Transportation (Austin area lobbying arm on behalf of regional transit thinking, formed in 2006)  

= Sound Transit (about architects' role, Puget Sound)

= Camden-Trenton NJ River LINE (about light passenger traffic sharing tracks with heavier freight traffic)

  = Seaholm Station Study (Carter-Burgess presentation to City Council Jan 25, 2007 (32pp. 3M)
   - "East curve" (aerial photo)
ASA Rail
Trans-Texas Corridor
= Austin - San Antonio Commuter Rail District
   - Map  (1p, 1M)
= Home = Austin Chronicle (June 2006; 16pp, 3M)
   - Public Presentation (57pp, 3M)

= Interactive map (Internet Explorer best)
   - PDF (IH35 corridor only)
= R/UDAT  (Downtown redevelopment)
  = Corridor Watch (critical perspective)  
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