Frequently Asked Questions

Some folks find the site hard to navigate. “Where do I find X?,” they ask. So I post some answers to Frequently Asked Questions. I hope they help. Address your new question to the Webslave. I will answer it here.

Q – What is the menu (at left)?
A – Direct links to frequently visited pages. They’re in the green space. First is APD: City phones. Last is Traffic.

Q – What are the drop-down menus (top)?
A – Direct links to all pages, grouped by CNA, Communications, Links, and Calendar. They’re on a green “navigation bar” (navbar) atop every Cherrywood page. No matter where you are in the site, a navbar menu can send you straight to another page.

Q – Can I search the site?
A – Yes. Choose [GOOGLE ADVANCED] at the to of the page. Combine Cherrywood with your other search terms. If this finds too much, add 78722.

Q – Can I ask for help?
A – Yes. E-mail the Webslave.

Q – What if I forget the URL?
A – Just open Cherrywood.Org

Q – Is the info current? How often is this site updated?
A – As soon as new info is received by the Webslave. So mostly yes.