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[14-Aug-07] [Maplewood Elementary School ]   

06May17  06May17 FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES: *Plastic bags **Box tops ***Highland Mall purchases

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HEB bags are $1 a pound when we send off 50 pounds. It may not sound like much, but every little bit helps. If you ever have time to help roll HEB bags, call me at 708-1829. (Only HEB bags count.)

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Every box top collected is worth 10 cents. Find a downloadable list of eligible General Mills products you can print out and magnet to your refrigerator.  To help more join the booster club.  Our school earns bonuses for each booster club member we have. It's easy to help our school make money.

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This year our school won $2500 through your efforts from Highland Mall. Well the time has come again to make Maplewood Elementary a winner. From June 1 - October 31, show your Highland Mall receipts at the mall's Customer Service Center (under the staircase that's by the Food Court). Every dollar that you spend represents 1 point for our school. The four schools with the most points wins. You can show receipts from payments of your cell phone or even payments from your store credit cards. Please jump on board and help us out. You can start as early as June 1. If you have any questions, please contact Ursula Banks , 708-1829.

04OCT29Maplewood's Solar Science Lab Project. More info on the Solar Science Lab in an (Austin Chronicle article) .

04SEP28 How to donate to the School (from "Jack Newman" <>)

   There have been a couple of requests of me to determine the best way to get a donation to our Maplewood school in addition to the car wash and other similar events. Here is the correct procedure:

* Write the check to: Maplewood Elementary School

* Write a short note describing to what cause or project you intend the monies to be applied (thereare several ongoing efforts). Eg., If you want to specify the Science Lab fund, or new gym floor, or campus tree-plantings, etc., do so.

* Send the check with the letter to:

Jessica Andrew
Maplewood Elementary
3808 Maplewood Avenue
Austin, Texas 78722

Be sure to include your name and address, and Jessica will provide each donor with a letter for his or her records, acknowledging the gift, to allow it to be used as a deductible donation. If more information is needed, she will accept direct calls at 414-1306.

I have suggested to Jessica that a donations information page be added to Maplewood's website, to allow greater access and convenience for those motivated to directly and materially advance any cause benefiting the children there. She sent me to Jeffrey Potter, the campus webmaster, and he is considering the idea with Ms. Andrew's enthusiastic support. If this gets done, anyone will be able to review on-line all of the then-current projects which need funding. We will put this web address in the FLEA when available.

I hope this helps all who want to relieve the pressure on their bank accounts. Maplewood needs you! And thanks.

04OCT4 The new Moderator for the Maplewood PTA site < >. is Trina Robertson ( 

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