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Holy Cross



Wilshire Wood
Delwood I

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UBC Neighborhood Plan (Approved by City Councl Aug. 2002.     Map      Bylaws (revised Dec. 3—, 2003)        Planning Team (Jan. 2007)                          

Next Planning Team Meeting
- - - - -
May 15 (Tue) St. George's Episcopal (4301 N. IH35) Kleberg Hall 6:30p

== AGENDA (5/10 draft) ==

  1. Welcome our new members from Cherrywood Neighborhood Association:
    • Wade McElroy, who replaces Rick Cofer
    • Tom Wald (new Alternate)
  2. Vote on revised Bylaws for the Planning Team
    • The latest draft for consideration May 15:  PDF   DOC
    • Previous draft) Committee PROPOSAL for Apr 17 vote (Our present bylaws, Section 13, Amendments, provide: "These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of a quorum at a regular UBCPT meeting, providing that a resolution proposing the amendment has been adopted at a preceding regular meeting and that notice of the proposed amendment has been given in the call for the meeting at which the amendment shall be voted upon.")
  3. Pick (or appoint) new person to fill the SECRETARY position
  4. Update on Vertical Mixed Use
    • (For reference -- I stumbled on this site, and found it interesting) MYTHS and FACTS About Affordable and High Density HOUSING (a Report by California Planning Roundtable, California Department of Housing and Community Development, 2002.  12pp, 4MB)
    • On-line stuff (City VMU site, MFI graphic from Karen Paup, UBC map, C'wood Task Force recommendations, ANC East moratorium petition)

Please let me know if you have any other agenda items to add.

- Jay Velgos
  Chair, UBC Planning Team

Meeting locations:  2100 Alamo St. (Rec Center)  |  Asbury Methodist  |  Clementine Coffee Bar  |  Genesis Presbyterian  |  Taqueria Los Altos  |  Vortex Theater  |  St. George's

TOD:  COA site   |    ECT   |   St. Paul MN site

Streetcar route (Draft 4/27/06)

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06Dec2 Redeemer negotiation list .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

BARBER Marian <> 479-8168 (h), 743-7398 (w)
BENNETT Gordon <> 477-7195 (h)
CLARKSON Judith <> 495-9207 (h)
GUEVARA Mahala <> 300-9793 (h)
HARDY Annie <> 495-1582 (h), 577-0828 (m)
HOUSTON Ora <> 474-7571 (o)
KINNEY Girard <> 478-5042, 472-5572 (o)
MARSHALL Lavon <> 474-6009 (h)
McCARVER Bo <> 474-6009 (h)
RIVERA Jane <> 4772352 (h)
VOGT richard <> 731-0393 (h)
WAY Scott <> 834-6256 (w), 589-0284 (m)


(Gordon Bennett), (Amy Brotman), (Tammy Carter), (Bonnie Cullum), (Ora Houston), (Girard Kinney), (Stephen Kreger), (Leslie Lawson), (Bo McCarver), (Wade McElroy), (Lavon Marshall), (Johnnie Overton), (Lex Dale Owens), (Ken Ronsonette), (Billy Thogersen), (Isaiah Tibbs), (Aurelio Torres), (Jay Velgos), (Desiny Villareal), (Harold Cook), (Jack Newman), (Tom Wald), (Jim Walker), (Mark Walters)

06Jan29 A general local neighborhood activists list (not specific to UBC)

"Bonnie" <>, "Stephen Kreger" <>,"Bonnie Cullum" <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, "Valerie Romness" <>, "Thor Harris" <>, <>, "Stacey" <>, <>, "Ronsonette@Grandecom. Net" <>, "Pohlman, Joyce" <>, "Marva Overton" <>, "Walter Moreau" <>, "Mark Boyden" <>, <>, "Lewis, Dianna" <>, <>, "Lea McCarver" <>, "KG Ensey" <>, "Kendra Peters" <>, "Kathy Tyler" <>, "joseph mccormick" <>, "John Henneberger" <>, "Joel G Martinez" <>, <>, "jane" <>, <>, "Isabelle Headrick" <>, "Heather Way" <>, "Harold Cook" <>, "graypanthers" <>, "grant gurley" <>, "GNDC" <>, "Fred Fuchs" <>, "Frank Fernandez" <>, <>, "Elizabeth Mueller" <>, <>, "Dusty McCormick" <>, "Dohn Larson" <>, <>, "David Baird" <>, "daniel llanes" <>, <>, <>, "GBennett" <>, "Karen Paup" <>,

05Sep13 Team e-mail (including in the blue row, the new Austin Heights NA between the RR and Airport, between Manor and MLK), Stephen Kreger <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jack Newman <>, Harold Cook <>
Bryan Robison <>, Emily Wilson <>, Shelby O'Brien <>

05Aug28  Team e-mail

Desiny Villarreal <>, Ora Houston <>, Stephen Kreger <>, Jay Velgos <>, Lex Dale Owens <>, Randall <>, Gordon Bennett <>, Mark Walters <>, Leslie Lawson <>, Aorelio Torres <>, Johnnie Overton <>, Lavon Marshall <>, Bonnie Cullum <>, Bo McCarver <>, Sarah Swanson <>, CNA-SC <CNA-SC@YahooGroups.Com>, Stephen Kreger <>, Mark Walters <>, Jim Walker <>, Priscilla Boston <>, Megan Woodburn <>

05Mar1 Team E-Mail

"Bo McCarver" <>, "Girard Kinney" <>, <>, "Desiny Villarreal" <>, "Stephen Kreger" <>, "Jay Velgos" <>, "Lex Dale Owens" <>, "Randall" <>, "Mark Walters" <>, "Leslie Lawson" <>, "Aorelio Torres" <>, "Johnnie Overton" <>, "Lavon Marshall" <>, "Bonnie Cullum" <>, "Bonnie Cullum" <>, "Sarah Swanson" <>, "GBennett" <>

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From creating the Plan in 2002 ...

Planning Team Minutes / Decision Record-2002

#1 2000 Oct. 10 #2 Oct. 24 #3 Nov. 14 #4 Nov. 28 #5 Dec. 19 #6 2001 Jan. 9
#7 Jan. 23 #8 Feb. 13 #9 Mar 13 #10 Mar 27 #11 April 10 #12 April 24
#13 May 8 $14 May 22 #15 June 12 #16 June 26 #17 #18
#19 Aug 8 #20 Aug 14 #21 Aug. 21 #22 Aug. 28 #23 Sep. 11 #24 Sep. 25
#25 Oct. 9 #26 Oct. 16 #27 Oct. 23 #28 Oct. 30 #29 Nov. 6 #30 Nov. 13
#31 Nov. 27 #32 Dec. 4 #33 Dec. 11 #34 Dec. 18 #35 2002 Jan. 8 #36
#37 #38 #39 #40  #?? 02Jun18

Memos-2002     [Top]

  • Plan-Speak and Plain-Speak : a proposal to make our Plan understandable (G. Bennett, 9/20)
  • Upper Boggy Creek Bikeway (D. Westenbarger, May). HTML  Color brochure . 2 pages, PDF
  • "In-Fill" Land Use Options (G. Bennett, 6/1). 2 pages, PDF.  Outlines re-zoning choices. 
  • Recommendations for Organizing and Writing Our Plan (G. Bennett, 6/30). 5 pages, PDF 
  • "Improving the Odds..." (interim report of the Austin Equity Commission, 6/28/01). 110 pages, PDF 
  • Public Improvement District idea: A PID is an area of tenants/property owners whose majority wishes to pay an extra tax per year to have improved and extended services such as extra police patrols, extra landscaping, irrigation and precision mowing to name a few. The PID fee is tax-deductable. Properties within a PID tend to maintain their values much better than non-PID areas. The state of Texas allows neighborhoods through PIDs to collect extra taxes for neighborhood amenities.
  • The "Corner Store" re-zoning option (see "In-Fill" Land Use Options above).  Reply to an e-mail question lists 13 rules that apply to this proposed use.  (G. Bennett, 7/22) 

Maps-2002     [Top]

  • Cherrywood @ 38-1/2 intersection (D. Westenbarger)
  • Transit-oriented development Diagrams
  • Upper Boggy Creek Bikeway
  • Chronology-2002     [Top]
       <> Planning Team Leader ~ Steve Kreger (Cherrywood) <>
       <> Co-Leader ~ Bo McCarver (Blacklands) <>

    SURVEY of all residents, businesses, and property owners scheduled for mid-January 
       <> The instrument will have 4 pages with mostly standardized questions (for comparisons across neighborhoods), though some could be customized ~ and as space allows, some of our own questions will be added...
       <> A subcommittee will look over the questions, consult with Planning staff, and make recommendations ~ email suggestions to the Subcommittee Chair, Lyn Estabrook <>
       <> The City needs a month's lead time to prepare the survey forms, so we have to decide on all modifications at the Dec11 meeting...

       <> Attending tonight at Bo McCarver's invitation was John Rishling, Associate VP for Campus Planning and Facilities at UT ~ having this major institutional "neighbor" involved should prove of enormous help, especially with transportation issues...

    NEXT ...
       <> LAND Use Survey ~ what's involved will be introduced Dec11, the last meeting until the New Year...
       <> DUE ~ Cameras with Urban Design photos for the City to develop and process (300 or so photos will be digitalized and burned onto a CD)...

       To clearly distinguish the 4-neighborhood Plan, the Team decided to refer to the Cherrywood Planning Area hereafter as the UPPER BOGGY CREEK PLANNING AREA (Blackland ~ Cherrywood ~ Wilshire Woods ~ Delwood-2)...

       Some new participants joined the effort this time...

       A Planning Team Leader will be chosen in about a month, and  a Memorandum of Understanding signed laying out what the City and us neighbors respectively will undertake to contriubute...

       The process began sloppily, as it must ~ a few minutes of brainstorming to reveal items we would like to see included in the Plan yielded a diverse list (everything from a Stop sign at one intersection, to a Vision of the residential character of this whole area in 25 years, and how we would like to relate to Smart Growth)...

       This list, after some deliberation, will inform a neighborhood survey to factor in first responses from folks in general...

       Then further distillation...

       Until the Planning Team creates its own communications channel, you may email suggestions of items you might favor to City Planner Gina Copic <>....

    Future meetings will occur every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 6:30p at the School.  The next one will be Oct. 24...

       20 very interested neighbors attended this time, the core I presume of the Neighborhood Planning Team (NPT) ~ 2 from Blackland, 1 from Wilshire Wood, and 17 from Cherrywood ~ plus 3 City Planning staff (who appeared to be shell-shocked from the contentious nature of previous NPTs ~ they will quickly appreciate this group is different... 

       Occasionally productive discussion dwelled on how to proceed, how to insure the NPT is sufficiently representative, communications, and what to call the 4-neighborhood planning area...

       My vote for the most philosophically interesting conundrum ~ whether neighborhood homeless should be represented...

       Attendees were optimistic that participation would grow as tasks become more tangible.  The next meeting should choose an NPT; decide on a name; articulate main issues in the three areas of land use, transportation, and "urban design;" and perhaps set up an adjunct process to handle problems with existing remedies, not requiring planning as such.  If all goes as scheduled, a draft plan should emerge next May and be ready for a general vote in July.

       Michael McClendon started the ball rolling by volunteering to deliver to every local business an invitation to join the discussion

       Mailings to the whole planning area will be infrequent.  Notices by mail or email to the 100 or so people who signed the roster will be regular.  Visit the web site anytime at <> | Neighborhood Plan...

       Stay tuned ~ while the beginnings have been amorphous, this project will soon take shape...

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