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04AUG3 Phoning for Help from Grande

I just discussed this with the very helpful Tech Support guy at Grandecom.

For anyone who does not know how to get through quickly, do this:

To get through quickly, dial 220-4880. Press 1 for English (I don't know whether pressing 2 for Spanish will get the same prompt service). Press 1 for Residential. When the new ad for their digital TV guide starts, press "0".

Twice this morning I have gotten Tech Support within a few seconds this way. First I spoke to Miguel about the fact that our TVs were glowing, even when OFF. He showed us how to go to MENU, then to Setup, then to Cable Box, where we changed the AC Setting from "Switched Off" to "Switched On". Now our TVs go completely OFF when we press POWER on our remote.

The second time I called, I got Richard. I told that I was disappointed to see that they had added the ads and that others in our neighborhood were similarly disappointed. He said that the only change they anticipate in the near future is that in a couple of weeks they will have a new and improved "Austin Sources" choice that will give us all kinds of local stuff. Regarding the Ads, he said they just come with the new "improvements". I asked him to pass on my objection to this and he said he would. He also said that the only way he sees a change would be if there were a big outcry. I told him I would at least appreciate much smaller ads if they had to be there.

I recommend that everyone who disapproves of the ads call them and ask them to document their objection. I think Grandecom is great, but I'm sure they are getting bucks for these ads or a much lower cost for the program guide by allowing them, so we may not be able to prevail here. But I think they do need to know when there is a complaint.

Girard Kinney

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