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Cherrywood Neighborhood Association (CNA) is for residents in Cherrywood 78722, a diverse, historic east-central neighborhood near Concordia University, Patterson Park, St. David's Hospital, and the University of Texas in Austin, TX. 78722.

The membership, which includes everyone over 18 who lives in the neighborhood, meets quarterly, typically at Maplewood Elementary School, 3808 Maplewood Avenue.:

A Steering Committee of 13 conducts more routine business according to the will of the general membership as expressed at general and special meetings. The Steering Committee meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday, typically at Asbury Methodist, 38½ & Cherrywood.  All meetings are open.  All members are invited.

For more information, please refer to the Bylaws and to current priojects and activities.  The purposes of the Association are threefold: to promote open discussion of neighborhood issues; to pursue solutions and actions favored by members; and to monitor and inform CNA members of private initiatives and public policies significant to Cherrywood.

Needless to say, circulation of blood makes the community body healthy.  If serving a 2-year term might be fun for you, think about giving some time to CNA.  It makes a difference for our standard of life.  With tasks divided 13 ways, no one is saddled with a disproportionate share.  New SC members are recruited in summer for election at the membership meeting in October. An application form for use by the Nominating Committee starts the ball rolling.(their interest is make suredifferent areas and interests are represented). It works well.  

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