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[  29-Oct-07] [Recommendations of Craftspeople and Service Providers ]
Please send new listings or comments (positive or otherwise), to Jules (for the time being).  Recommendations are neither verified nor endorsed by CNA.  ALERTS are in red. Entries earlier than 2003 are in blue.
Accountant Catering Furniture refin. Landscape Plumber Upholstery
Air conditioning Chimney Sweep Gas (full service) Locksmith Roofer Varmint Removal
Air duct cleaning Cleaner Gutters
Rug (see carpet)
Alterations Computer
Mold Remediation
Web design
Appliance rep. Concrete Hardwood floor Mortgage refinance Shoe repair Window (install)
Architect Contractor Hauling, clean-up Mover Sod Windows (wash)
Auto body Drywall Home Security Painter 
(int. & ext.)
Structural Engineer Wood refinishing
Auto mechan. Electrician
House inspector
Pastries Taxes  
Babysitter (also
 Pediatr'n Etc.)
Pediatrician Etc.
Yard work
Bike shop  
Enviro Constr
Insur. (auto)
Pest control Travel agent
Carpenter Fence
Insur. (home)
Pet sitter
Tree work
Carpet (clean)
Insur. Recovery
Piano Tuner
TV repair
Star Inspection Group (San Francisco) offers advice on making construction and remodeling estimates, on what to look for, etc  According to contractor Mike Carswell (see below), Austin runs some 40% lower than SF.

Accountant (personal taxes)    Top

Sam Jones, CPA 
1705 Schieffer Ave.

We recommend Sam. He's one of those folks whose marketing consists of a sign in his front yard (in the Schieffer section of CNA) during tax season. We found this neighborhood treasure for the first time this year and couldn't be more satisfied. Approachable, reasonably priced and knowledgeable, he prefers to limit his practice to personal returns. He also fixes string instruments on the side. Keep him in mind next time you're shopping for an accountant.  [Priscilla Boston, 2003 May]

Try Sam Jones at 1705 Schieffer Ave. Sam is a CPA, reasonably priced > and works from home in the 'hood. His phone number is 474.4208. (You can also see his handmade guitars.)  [Regina Rogoff -- Sam's wife, 2007 Jan]

We've been using Sam for years. Besides being capable, competent, thorough and an all-around nice guy, he can take a mess of papers you bring to him and they come out ordered and organized. He gets us through the whole tax prep experience without making us feel crummy about ourselves.  [Priscilla Boston, 2007 Jan]

Doug Tidwell 656-0111

I think my CPA is second to none, and very knowledgeable. I can't stump him, ever. And, as a Realtor who is self-employed, has a number of investments, depreciates, owns rental properties, etc, that is saying something! Call me if you would like more specific reasons. I will sing his praises all day. [Isaiah Tibbs, Broker, 1300 Crestwood Rd, 2005 Dec]

Call Doug Tidwell.  Tell him Isaiah sent you. He is VERY good at saving the small business-owner headaches as well as money. He's helped me with everything I've needed and my taxes are always quite low. In fact, I've recommended him to over a dozed people all of which say he was superior to their previous CPA. And he's reasonable! [Isaiah Tibbs, 2007 Jan]

Kristi Isacksen
›› Fully booked (Feb 3, 2007)
656-4359 She is wonderful.  She does everything from personal returns to small businesses to consulting for public companies.  She knows all the questions to ask that you don't think of yourself that save you time/money and her rates are very reasonable.  I have four friends with small businesses who use her and are extremely pleased. She is close to the neighborhood and has several clients that I know about in Cherrywood.  Besides all that, she is a great communicator and fun to work with.  [Frances Delaunes, 2006 Feb]
- - - - - -
Texas Protax Austin
339-6671 Recommended by Jason Burroughs and by Gwen.  See details at Property Tax Appraisal, help with...  (2006 Nov)

Air conditioning    Top

John Schlueter 345-6362    John is the best. He not only understands the theory underlying HVAC but also holds himself to a standard of perfection as an installer.  We have done several construction projects and have used many contractors, and there is no one I can recommend as highly.  The cost is reasonable for what you get. 
   John will regale you with stories of  the history of air conditioning; inundate you with all the options you have re ductwork, registers, air flow, return, placement of the various components, etc., and the ramifications of all options; and gleefully show you the fragile beauty of the inner workings of your A/C before he installs it. 
   A perfectionist, he can give the impression your situation will require you rebuild around perfect A/C.  Don't think he is trying to sell you more than you need.  As he continues -- with your gentle reminder that you aren't going to put 20 registers in the living room to maximize the air flow -- a reasonable solution will emerge. 
   I did want to alert you to his oddities. I can assure you that his workmanship, his knowledge and his honesty are absolutely top-of-the-line.  (I am a 15-year trial lawyer, and I can't find anything to quibble with re his workmanship, knowledge and honesty.)  [Lanny Vickery, 1998 Oct]
Strand Brothers
834-8627 Leyla and I have always been very happy with the service we have gotten over the years from Strand Brothers. They installed our original system back in '82, as well as a replacement in the mid 90's, and they have maintained our systems from the beginning. They are an honest, family owned and run firm and, if they were willing to perform maintenance on a system they didn't install, I am sure they would be very good. If they would not maintain a system they didn't install, I imagine that anyone they would recommend for this would be good. [Girard Kinney, 2003 Jun]
Wrigley Air Conditioning & Heating

5 years ago, we had our new central air conditoning and heating installed by Wrigley.  I recommend them highly.  They did an excellent job, at half the cost of the other estimates we were receiving (from McCullough, Strand, and one of the other big companies whose name I can't recall).  They even came out more than a year later when one of the vents wasn't blowing any air, determined that the duct had probably been kicked out of place by the drywall person who had repaired a crack in our ceiling during the interim, and refused to charge us to fix it! 
   My brother has since used Wrigley to do maintenance on his existing AC unit and he was also very satisified with their service and price. [Kathy Jones, 2003 Jun] I, too, recommend John Wrigley- he installed the AC system at our rent house about 4 years ago and, similar to Kathy's experience, was less expensive than Strand and did a good job.  But in my experience, there isn't anyone better than Strand, even if they may be more expensive than some. [Girard Kinney, 2003 Jun]

I, also, have used John Wrigley and his men for the past 10 years, not only in property management, but also for buyers and sellers whom I represent, as well as for my personal properties. He's timely, professional and competitive. [Kyle Ranne, 2005 Apr]

We have had great results with John Wrigley. They installed our central A/C & Heat and have provided good, affordable service to us and several family members. [Kathy Jones, 2005 Apr]

My AC was leaking badly and damaging my ceiling on Labor Day.  I called John (due to all his positive recommendations on this website) and he came right over, fixed it, and didn't charge much at all -- nothing extra for the holiday.  [Pam Tnner, 20054 Sep]

Total Comfort
  (Don Koenig)

We've also been very happy with Total Comfort - a full air conditioning and heating company run by Don Koenig and his son - a third generation Austinite.  Their phone number is 835-0267.  They replaced our fan motor at a reasonable price - the air conditioner has worked beautifully ever since. [Sasha Rasco, 2003 Jun]

My system stopped working in 99 degree weather! - Don came right out and fixed the problem.  He even rewired a bad breaker while he was here.  Very nice guy and knows what he is doing.  I highly recommend him.   [Rick Roemer, 2006 Jun]

I'm a huge fan of Total Comfort. Father & Son team, really nice guys, fair prices. Tell 'em I sent you. [Julia Halperin, 207 Mar]

Ditto on Total Comfort. I had them over last summer when my AC was not performing all that well (pretty typical in that heat, I guess). I told them I would buy a new unit if I needed it, and they looked at it, tweaked a couple of things, and told me it was just fine -- outdated, and certainly not as efficient as a new one would be, but completely functional. Many AC people would have taken the opportunity to sell a new unit instead. I was really impressed and when I do buy a new unit (soon) I fully intend to call them.
  [Nancy Gore. 2007 Mar]

QLS (Quality Living Services)
  (K.C. Walters) 
QLS was a life saver for us.  Saturday afternoon, of the Labor Day three day weekend, our AC died on us.  It was hot!  I called number after number in the yellow pages and only got answering machines.  QLS had a pager number.  Five minutes later I got a call back.  An half an hour later K.C. Walters pulls up in front of the house.  An hour later- cool breezes blowin'!
   We were so happy with their prompt, friendly and efficient service, we had them come back a week later to do needed system maintenance, including a furnace check.  The AC has never run so well and now we're ready for winter too.  Their prices were very reasonable, the work was very well done, and you couldn't ask for nicer, more courteous people to deal with. [Ray Jordan, 2003 Oct]
All Star Heating and Air
258-3222 They installed a complete system in our home.  It had window units when we bought it.  I also recommend them to my clients as they do great work at fair prices. [ Maxwell McDaniel, 2005 Apr]

Georgetown Service Co.
  ( Brian Schrock)

789-0446 We completely remodeled our house last spring and he was by far the best of all the contractors we dealt with, he is also very competitively priced.  We had only window units before also.  Subsequently family memebers used him also and were very pleased.
[Nichole Flanagan, 2005 Apr]
Tex-Air Service
  (Ed Chabarria)
771.8479 (cell)
I had a great experience with ed chabarria at tex-air service. nice guy, great price. [Mellie Price, 2005 Apr]
Tejas Air & Heat
  (Tyler Miloy)
576 4008

Tyler was recommended to us by an architect friend. He said Tyler is knowledgeable, competitively priced and a great guy. True on all counts! From the first call in to him describing the job, he told us the job wasn't complicated and shouldn't cost much (wow!) and he stuck to that. In addition, he worked around our erratic schedules and returned to fine-tune the AC/Heat unit a few times without complaint and always with a smile on his face! Cannot recommend him highly enough.  [Jennifer Elsner, August 2005]

I used the guy from Tejas AC/Heating.  He was great, exceptionally friendly.  Easy to reach.  Returns calls quickly.  Seems to know his stuff well.   [Pamela Tanner, 2006 Jan]

Strand Brothers .

My mom had to get a new air conditioner and used Strand Brothers because of the good things we had heard. They gave a quote for the installation; after it was installed, they said it would cost an extra $400 for an air return vent that had never been mentioned.

A few months after it was installed, it broke; when they came out they said an "unbreakable" piece was broken. They also told her that because it is "unbreakable" that it wasn't covered by any warranty (which doesn't make sense to me). Anyway, they ended up charging $950 dollars to replace this metal plate partly because it was impossible to get to (which is curious because they said to break this unbreakable piece would require a great amount of force which can't be possible in the location they mentioned). They were very unwilling to work with her or admit that they gave her a faulty piece. The new air conditioning unit has basically cost her and extra 1000 from what it was supposed to.

[Meaghan Bennett, Sept 2007]

Air duct cleaning    Top

Michael Smith 947-7769 I just had my air ducts cleaned by Michael and highly recommend his work. He was very thorough, reasonably priced, and wiped down everything after he was done.  [Kristin Morris, 2002 Nov]

Alterations    Top

Nelda's Tailors Inc.
   6929 Airport Blvd Ste 134

I've had success with Nelda's, which is in the shopping center at Airport Blvd. and North Lamar.  They did a good job altering my wedding dress, so I'd trust them with just about any project!  [Kathleen McTee, 2005 Dec]

I recently used Nelda's tailors on Airport, listed on our recommendations page. I had an overall bad experience with them however. They were very unorganized when I went in to be fitted, and there was no privacy. You were fitted in their waiting area in front of a line of people. They then lost my clothes for over a week. When they were finally done, the cost was much higher than I had anticipated, and one item still does not fit. I just thought that I should give others a warning about my bad experience there. It could have just been a bad day for them, but I'm not sure. [Michelle Honsinger, 2007 Mar]

Home Steam Cleaners
  2301 Manor Rd (at Cherrywood)
478-2586 Home Steam Cleaners has done all my alterations for ever.   Good service, reasonable,  and fast.  [Lex Dale Owens. 2005 Dec]

Home Steam Cleaners has the cheapest rate for zipper replacement--$ 8.00-9.00 vs. 12.00 and up elsewhere).
  [Adria Frizzi, 2005 Dec]
Martha's Tailor Shop
  1900 E. Oltorf, 78741
442-5122  I don't know a good seamstress, wish I did, but I take all my clothes to Martha's.  I also had her remake some pillowcases once. She always does a much better job than I could do (I've paid tailors who didn't) .  My things are always ready when she said they would be, fit me to a T, and her prices are more than reasonable. 
   She doesn't speak much English, but the last few times I've been in, her daughter was there working with her and she is fluent in English.  It's a good, steady business, though not in our neighborhood.  [Katy Johnsonius, 1999 Feb]

Appliance repair    Top

T&P Appliance

Please add my enthusiastic support for a great appliance repair man, Tim. His wife, Ronnie, answers the phone and schedules his appointments a section of town at a time. Tell her 'hello' for me.   [Jack Newman, 2005 Jun]

I'd like to second the recommendation for T&P Appliance.  We found a great old Chambers stove via Neighbor Net a while back (thanks, Elias) and hemmed and hawed about having it installed.  When we finally called, Tim came promptly, checked everything carefully, cleaned out the old iron burner parts, and showed me some features I didn't even know we had.   He was friendly, helpful, skilled and his price was very reasonable.  Now we're cooking with gas!  [Kathleen McTee. 2005 Dec]
Clifton's Appliance and Refrigeration Experts 255-8568

Though it sounds like a firm with a bunch of people, I think that Clifton works on his own so you get the main man every single time.  He charged me only $35 to come do a house call, check out my stove, and patiently answer all of the questions that I had (and I love to ask questions!)  [Blake Stephenson, 1998 Feb]

I called Clifton to fix a leaking clotheswasher. He found the problem immediately, $37.50. [Gordon Bennett, 1999 Aug]

I highly recommend Clifton.  He has repaired our refrigerator and dishwasher. Very reasonable. [Dena Garcia, 2003 Oct]

Appliance Exchange 
  (Tom Davidson)

I manage property all over town and have used Tom for 8 years.  He's honest, dependable AND reasonable.  What more do you want?  He can be reached at  or digital pager .  Feel free to mention my name. [Kyle Ranne, 2003 Oct]

Tom Davidson is the owner of Appliance Exchange. He is not in the "exchange" business anymore but he has always been an excellent repair technician. I have used his services for over 12 years and he is dependable, knowledgeable, fair and accurate in his diagnosis. He is also very adept at telling you if you're throwing good money after bad by making a particular repair. I highly recommend him. Feel free to mention my name. [Kyle Ranne, 2006 Nov]

WOW! Tom Davidson rules the repair world! He came over at 6:40, diagnosed the problem in a few seconds, and fixed it in under half an hour. He was fabulous. [<>. 2006 Nov]

Jerry's Home Appliance Service 415-7304

I called T&P but they were booked for a week.  They referred me to Jerry of Jerry's Home Appliance Service.  Jerry was quick, friendly (but not talk your ear off chatty), and up front about his charges.  I will call him first next time I have any apliance repair need. 
[ Sean Allen, 2006 Feb]

I'd like to put in a refresh for recommending Jerry's. Rather than his time and my money, he told me how to fix it myself on the phone. I haven't had that type of honesty in service in a long time (and I wish I had called months ago).  [Cara Choate, 2007 Jan]

Architect    Top

Girard Kinney
478-5042 (5 Kern Ramble)

472-5572 (1008 E. 6th, 78702)

While Kinney & Assoc. may be more visible for larger jobs (Arbor & Lincoln Cinemas, Zilker Hillside Theater) and consulting on even larger ones (Berstrom & Convention Center Hilton Hotels, Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge), Girard is 'long time Cherrywood and loves helping neighbors with even tiny projects.
     [Gordon Bennett, 2007 Jan]
Cass Cheesar  567-1478 
Cass, who lives in Cherrywood on Robinson, is currently helping us out with a kitchen update (new layout, new appliances & cabinets, etc). He has been very creative at finding the best ways to use space in an old house like ours, which is greatly appreciated. Additionally he has a thorough knowledge of construction and materials, so he can advise us beyond the traditional architect's role of simply drawing up plans. We feel he is reasonably priced.  [Olivia& Mike Derr, < >, 2002 Jul]
Fab Architecture
  Patrick Ousey 
469-0775 We renovated our house and made a 900 square foot addition back in 2000.  Patrick did the design for us.  He did a great job of integrating the existing house with the addition so that it appears seamless from both inside and outside.  We have received nothing but compliments from everyone that has visited our home.  He has done large and small projects in a wide range of styles.  [Chris Owan, 2003 Mar]
François Lévy
Francois lives on Robinson, and recently helped me on a renovation project.  His design showed me why I needed an architect: he came up with solutions to problems of remodeling an old house that had not crossed anywhere close to my mind.  He was very reasonably priced, did wonderful work and was extremely responsive.  The end result brings untold pleasure to my life day and night.  Perhaps the highest compliment I can give him is that I would catch my carpenter -- with whom I have worked for ten years and to whom I would trust any job -- standing around just staring at the design details at the end of the work day.  He is extremely particular, but told me that he would love to work with Francois again.  As it turns out, they are now working together on another project. [Lanny Vickery, 2003 Oct]]

Auto body shop    Top

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
G's Mobile Detail
   Patrick Garcia, operator
576-2128 Patrick did an amazing job clearing out my car while I was able to sit inside my house and take care of things.  Very recommended.
[Sharon Hernandez, 2007 Mar]
Anderson Lane 
Body Shop
Ask for Travis
1115 Anderson Ln (west of 
Lamar, near Anderson Sq.)
 459-1544 Does state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line, meticulous work, but they're expensive (where I went a couple of times when insurance paid for most of it) [Sharon Edmonson, 2000 Jun]
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Longhorn Auto Glass
3311 N. IH-35
443-9000 Fast and cheap. You can drop your car off, or they can come to you.  [Anita Prewitt, 2002 Nov] (Their ad says, "10% discount for senior citizens & students")
Austin Body Works
1310 East Sixth
(3 blocks west of Comal)
472-3522 I have always had good results from  ABW.  They are honest and do very good work.  [Girard Kinney, 2000 Jun]

Yes, Austin Body Works is honest! -- they refused to fiddle with my bent hood 'cause they said fixing would require almost total replacement -- we agreed it was not worth the cost. [David Humphreys, 2000 Jun]
Collision Specialists
North Lamar
(at St. Johns)
Where I went most recently (when I had to pay for most of it).  They did an excellent job for a fraction of Anderson Lane's estimate.  Unless you speak Spanish, however, call ahead and ask for the owner, David. [Sharon Edmonson, 2000 Jun]
Don's Paint & 
Body Shop
1006 West 12th
(west of Lamar)
476-5536 Family business that does good work. Don is retired now, but his three sons still run the place. Many of their clients have been using them for years, and they are frequently entrusted with total restorations of classic and antique cars. [Jack Newman, 2000 Jun]
Ele's Body and Paint 280-3722 Car hit a deer. Car looks great, no delay fixing it, respectful toward women. I-35 at Slaughter Creek Crossing south of the Slaughter and I 35 on the East side of the freeway. [Trudie Redding, 2000 Jun]
11108 N. Lamar
(south of Braker Ln near Kramer Ln)
835-9795 Usually does a good job.  Occasionally a little hasty BUT they've never given me any argument about making it right.  I think some of this is due to the shortage of good help and what help there is being spread thin.Jules Vieau [2000Jun]
822 Kramer Ln
(at Lamar)
836-4498 I've also heard  (around the corner from Heritage) is good.  My next-door neighbor (and, therefore, Cherrywood resident) works there. [Jules Vieau, 2000 Jun]
Springdale Body Shop
8505 SpringdaleRd
(at 290 W)
929-3020 Doyle Rogers' shop is excellent. [Mike Rosebery, 2000 Jun]
6614 N Lamar Blvd 78752
452-3373 Jeff's Body shop on Burnet is another good recommendation.  My husband rear ended me so both our cars were damaged and they did an excellent job.  They even negotiated w/our insurance to get approval to do more comprehensive body work that the insurance company said wasn't needed.  Now both cars look like new.  We will use them again.  [ Cindy Alewine, 2006, Apr ]
ALERT Fair warning:  I may be alone in this, but have used Ellis & Salazar for two wrecks (they are my direct repair shop for insurance) and both have been complete nightmares.  I still have problems unfixed from over a year ago and I have to go back to the shop on a monthly basis trying to get repairs made correctly.  At this point I may actually have to hire an attorney to get my car fixed.  Like I said, maybe I'm just unlucky, but the repairs, the service, their timeliness has all been despicable.  [Albert Lee, 2002 Jun]

Auto insurance    Top

State Farm
  (Steve Vinklarek)
  3700 North IH35

Steve took care of my claim quickly and cheaper than Nationwide.   I highly recommend him. [Lex Dale Owens, 2005 Apr]

Ditto [Jack Newman, 2005 Apr]

Auto mechanic    Top

  (Steve and Philip)
38½ & 
Always fair, honest, and dependable with us.  We have been using them for 8 years.  [Bill & Kathy Jones, 1998 Nov] My husband and I have been taking our vehicles here for many years.  We have found the two brothers who run it to be straightforward about when they will complete the work, reasonably priced, and honest about problems they cannot handle.  They value us as regular customers, which is important to us, and we have grown to trust their work and respect their opinions on repairing/replacing parts. I love not having to worry about whether I'm getting ripped off when I take my car in!  [Pam Schlumpberger, 1998 Nov]

I got the recommendation for Dura-Tune from your site and would like to add my endorsement.  They have been honest, thorough and patient in explaining what the problems and options were with my Cherokee.  They went out of their way to get a used driveshaft and saved me over $500. Great people to do business with. [Mark Eaton (Hyde Park), 2003 May]
Johnson #1
----------- M.E. "Gene" 
Johnson Texaco 
  "Bubba" &  Tommy
  (N of 45 th )

I have used them for 8 years.  They are competent, reliable mechanics and competitvely priced.  They will even take me home if they are not busy.  (Not affiliated with #2) [Nancy Goodman, 1998 Nov]

I use them for almost everything automotive.  Have for 20ears.  Still do.  Completely reliable.  [Gordon Bennett, 2007 Apr]

Johnson #2
------------ Gene Johnson 
Automotive Service
  wood & 
Richard (the owner) is a really nice guy, is willing to be self-denyingly honest (in other words he'll tell you if your car is really not worth putting any real money into it), AND he doesn't necessarily tell you what you want to hear about how long it'll take before it's ready (in other words he's honest about how many folks are ahead of you).  I think his prices are fair and he does a good job as well, AND he'll also give you a lift home.  Plus his mom lives in the neighborhood (Shieffer section). (Not affiliated with #1) [Priscilla Boston, 1998 Nov]

I would like to add my vote for Gene Johnson Automotive Service. Richard, the owner treated me extremely well the first time that I took my car there.  [Blake Stephenson, 1998 Nov]

Richard Johnson is the most honest auto mechanic I have ever dealt with. His service is outstanding and friendly. On occaision, I f he thinks the solution to my auto repair is something I can handle, he has explained the procedure and saved me $!  You may have to wait a couple of days to get your car back if he's busy, but it's well worth the wait! [J.C. Reyes, 1999 Jun]
These guys are a bastion of integrity in a field of crooks (Sears, Western Auto, Firestone, etc.).  Joe  lives in the neighborhood. [Monte Carter, 1998 Nov]
Shimek's Auto 
  Service (Ron 
824 Romeria
Ron Shimek charged $75 to examine a car I wanted to buy. It was THOROUGH!  WORTH EVERY PENNY  [Trudi Redding , 1999 Feb]

I've used Ron Shimek for repairs for 10+ years.  He has always FIXED the problem the first time (unlike the car dealership) and his prices seem very fair.  I've never been disappointed  [Jules Vieau, 1999 Mar]

Austin V[olvo] Shop
(Jollyville -- see map)


This is a recommendation for an auto mechanic, but he's not in our neighborhood. I know that a lot of neighbors have Volvos, so I thought it might be of interest. Andy at Austin V Shop (formerly shop manager of Austin Vol-Tech) has been a great resource for me for almost 10 years now. I bought my first volvo with him and have used his services for maintenance since that time. He's very friendly, knowledgeable, and honest. He's always conscious of costs and is good about discussing with me the really important fixes and the things that I can let go (all our cars are pretty old). His new shop is just off 183 around McNeil. His number is 250-5353 and he has a good web presence at
      [Christine Terrell, 2004 Apr]

Yost Automotive
Michael Yost
937 Reinli St
374-9678 Great all around mechanics. real nice guys recently voted most honest mechanics in a chronicle poll. Yost is just off the I-35 southbound feeder road right south of US 290 (on the long block of Reinli between Airport and IH35). [Cale Layton, 2004 Oct]

I second that! Michael Yost is one of the last honest mechanics out there. His rates are looow - and he won't charge you to fix something that doesn't need fixing. plus he'll get you in ASAP. I highly recommend him. [Betsy Levy, 2004 Oct]

I'll put in a third on Michael Yost. I have known him for many years. Very good work at very good prices. I'm unfortunately dropping my car off there tomorrow morning for a new clutch. [2004 Oct]

Groovy Automotive
(aka Express Automotive)
41st at Red River

450-0951 I have had really good experiences with Groovy Automotive. [Kevin Davis, 2004 Oct]

We also use Groovy and highly recommend them. Also, the Goodyear just east of them on 41st is excellent for tires and alignments. [Girard Kinney. 2004 Oct]

We've taken our vehicles there for 10+ years and have always been pleased. A couple of times we left w/ a $10-20 repair! Those guys are fast, good and groovy! They are across from HEB and It's A Grind, on the southeast corner.  [Craig High, 2006 Apr ]

ALERT: Two subquent posts mention being satisfied at first, but then complained Groovy botched a subsequent job and refused to make amends... [2006 Apr]

Drake Automotive & Transmission 2967 Manor Rd. (at Airport, SW corner) 542-3344

Love Groovy but that highway divider . . . Found Drake's Transmission (specialized in transmissions but does it all) on corner of Manor and Airport. Changed my oil, etc. for $25 while I sat in a comfy ez boy and read mags. Told me I did NOT need new brakes. Sent my son there next with a '96 Chevy which had been previously diagnosed with a trashed transmission. Drake told him it did NOT need a new transmission, just new points & plugs. All thumbs up for Drake   [Gael Sherman, 2006 Mar]

I have long been a happy client of Dura-Tune, and still trust Steve and Phil to do a good and honest job. However, they recently gave me a quote of $850 I didn't think was competitive (I think they are swamped with work), and so got another bid from Drake Automotive for $500 (same work). Drake did a good job, got it done quickly, found a couple of other small items of concern while he was under the hood and fixed them at no charge. Since then he has declined payment for putting in a water pump because it failed to fix a very puzzling overheating problem, which he eventually solved with great effort but little cost. He has a clean shop, comfortable waiting room with coffee and free smoked sausage wraps on Fridays! His prices are fair, he is competent and the shop is at Airport & Manor on the SW corner.  Please keep this guy in business!   [Jack newman, 2006 Aug]

Babysitter / Child Care (blue not verfied 2007 Apr)   (See also Pediatrician & more)   Top 

Contact e-mail may be parent, as requested
MrJohnnie 's Kid Events
Austin Kid's Directory
  A ton of stuff around town of interest to kids -- activities, birthday parties, camps, concerts, tickets, travel...
Natalie Borg (15 in 2005)
  Hollywood Av
473-8880 McCallum sophomore looking for babysitting gigs in the Cherrywood neighborhood. I am available most evenings and weekends, and have experience with children 2+ (my half-siblings). I am in the music program at McCallum and play on the soccer team, I would love to spend time with your sports- and music-loving kids! My rates are $3-$4/hour.
   [Diane Shelton (Mom), 2005 Dec]
Madison Chesnut
  French Pl
478-9318 Loves kids and has babysat for two families in the hood. Call her or her mom for more information and recommendations.
  [Kari Bourland (Mom), 2005 Dec]
Rebecca Mayfield
  Cherrywood Rd
466-2728 I live with my cousin Sonya Illig in Cherrywood. I am looking for an opportunity to nanny young children part-time. I come from a family of six children, and have been involved with child care for the past six years. For four years I cared for severely disabled children and infants as well as my own (fairly normal) younger siblings, this work included feeding, medicating, supporting therapeutic treatments, bathing, educating, and engaging in loving play. I am a skilled care taker, with a real love and knack for children. I am Red Cross certified in infant, child and adult CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver. I graduated from high school last year at age 16. I am age 17½. I have a driver’s license. I would love to be of service to anyone in the area.
  [Sonya Illig (Cousin), 2005 Dec]
Jillian Newman (16 in 2005)
  E. 37th St
478-3512 Jillian, a McCallum Senior, was at Kealing Magnet and Maplewood Elementary from Kinder through 6th grade. She’s in the McCallum music program, has been on the McCallum girls lacrosse team, the Austin Angelfish synchcronized swim team, Kealing girls basketball & volleyball, and was a Maplewood troop Girl Scout. Jillan has sat for our extensive family and and several times for neighbors. She is intelligent and capable, and would like opportunities to babysit for kids in this area. She is working toward a trip to NYC & Carnegie Hall with her McCallum orchestra this spring, and will also do odd jobs such as yard raking, garage cleaning, etc.
  [Jack Newman (Dad), 2007 Apr]
Regan Ryan-Holt
  Walnut St
476-2325 My mother Connie Ryan told me that there have been many requests recently for baby sitters. I am a new single mother of a 6 month old girl and a 21year resident of Cherrywood neighborhood. I am available to babysit during the day if I can bring my baby and in the evenings without her. I love kids, and have extensive experience. I was a lifeguard at Patterson Park through high school, taught swimming lessons at Patterson and Shipe park and have taken multiple CPR classes. Virginia Raymond knows me personally and as a babysitter of her children when they were young. Other references are available. Give me a call or email.
   [Connie Ryan (Mom), 2005 Dec]
Vieau daughter (15 in 2005)
  Cherrywood Rd
495-9569   [Leslie Vieau (Mom), 2005 Dec]
Katie Jordan and Nathan Jordan  
  French Place
477.2684 Maplewood and Kealing alums.  Senior and freshman at LBJ Magnet program.  Have babysitting experience in the neighborhood for several families.  Currently earning money for Spring 2007 trip to China with LBJ Band. 
  [ Jeanne Arbuckle, 2006 Jun]
Kid's Space (commercial)
   13376 N. Highway 183 #112
918-2562 Kid's Space is drop-in day care. They have 2 locations (Research & Round Rock). The owner is a very nice person! The staff has always been wonderful, and our friend who recommended it to us has a 5 year old who loves going there!  They are very reasonable.  You take out an annual membership for $25, then pay $5.75 per hour, or $5.25 if you purchase a block of time.  [Eric D. Headlee, 2005 Aug]


Ozone Bike Depot 
3204 Guadalupe
OLD It looks like a soulless stripmall shop, but these guys are local and amazingly friendly. When I brought my bike in for a fix, they tweaked it for free, and that took care of most of my problems. WHEN I decided I wanted to get it completely replaced, they found a used part in great condition instead of forcing me to buy a new (and expensive) one.  [David CHANGH, 2002 Mar] OLD
Bike shop    Top

Ozone Bike Depot
  3204 Guadalupe NEW
302-1164 It looks like a soulless strip mall shop, butthese guys are local and amazingly friendly. When I brought my bike in for a fix, they tweaked it for free, and that took care most of my proglems.  When I decided I wanted to get it completely replaced, they found a used part in great condition instead of forcing me to buy a new (and expensive) one.  [David Chang, 2002 Mar]

Carpenter/Cabinet maker  Top

Patrick Maxwell 791-8600 (c) He recently did the cabinets in our kitchen remodel, and they are beautiful. He is very meticulous and professional, yet very reasonable in his prices. Anyone who is interested is welcome to stop by our house to see his work. You are welcome to post my cell (663-3542) and our address: 3412 Hollywood if anyone wants to contact us to talk about either of these recommendations.
[ Michelle Honsinger, 2006 Jul]
Shane Bray 748-1246 Not only is he on the "Concierge List" at Coldwell Banker, but I've used him for jobs both large and small and he's dependable, trustworthy and does quality work.  He won't be the cheapest but you will be pleased with the result. [Kyle Ranne, 2006 Feb]

Carpet cleaning    Top

Austonian Fine Rug & Carpet      Care
812 W. N. Loop, #103
454-8300 Try this place--I've had great results!   [Isie Gordon, 2005 Feb]
Deep Eddy
6509 Burnet Ln
452-9916 Deep Eddy has always been one of the best in town. I've used them for years. [Sharon H, 2005 Feb]

Catering    Top

Go Go Gourmet
    Tristan Callaway and Craig Long
3505 N. IH35
542-9860 I use them repeatedly for events in the neighborhood at at UT.  They do CHULA's annual Art Fair.  In March 2007 they catered the SxSW Organizing Committee's meeting at Trinity Methodist.  They do a great job.  {Gordon Bennett, 2007 Apr]
At Your Service 
Alfred Engstrand
1224 Corona Dr. 78723
663-0155 (mobile)
Catered the Mueller Neighborhoods Coalition Aug. 17, 2001 Celebration for Representative Dukes and Mayor Watson at the Austin Studios.  Their spread looked inviting and tasted great.  Two big salads, sandwiches, beer, & soft drinks.  Just what the occasion demanded.  [G. Bennett 2001 Aug]
Prairie Rock Catering 
Deborah DeWitt
441-0111 Catering for all sizes of parties.  Intimate dinners to 5000+. You tell them what you need and they can do it.  Chef is European and American trained.  Everything I have had so far is SOOOO delicious.  I have experienced their food and service for 7 years!  [Lisa Fuka, 2002 Oct]
Global Cuisine Personal Chef Service
Adam Tyner
< >
762-8482 Adam provides all of the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleanup of weekly meals in the client's home.  He works with clients to customize menus according to wants and needs of all types.  He also does private catering.  Adam's food is delicious,.  He leaves the kitchen sparkling clean!  He is a heck of a nice guy, pleasant to work with.  He is a graduate of culinary school.  This service is quite affordable and very cost-effective for singles or families. I absolutely recommend him!

[Erika Allbright, 2004 Mar]

Teresa Noll
(French Place neighbor)

I am expanding my personal chef business and would like to offer my services to you. I have been in the restaurant industry since 1983 and have done special event and catering for 15 years. Now I’d like to offer gourmet meals to a select group of clients so I can provide the highest quality of service and food.
[Teresa, 2005 Feb]

Teresa has been just terrific in providing meals for two (delivered to our door) these past several months.  The food is fantastic (reminds me of Castle Hill restaurant)and it is health oriented.  The price has been unbelievably low, too. We heartily recommend Teresa.
[Michael McClendon, 2005 Jun]

Chimney Sweep    Top

Austin-German Sweeps 
(Pat Powers)
458-3583 I found a good one.  Pat came out today and cleaned and inspected our fireplace and changed our gas starter.  He did a great job.  He was extremely thorough and clean.  Every employee of the company is an active or retired FIREFIGHTER! and is a Certified Chimney Sweep by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) .  [Frances DeLaune, 2001 Sep]

Cleaner    Top

aaa bbb ccc

Computer    Top

Computer Recycling Project (City of Austin)    
Uptime Computing 
(Jake Knobloch)  701 Brazos St. #500
(and Wilshire Woods neighbor)
633 4309 


Jake is a Wilshire Wood resident (4200 Wildwood) and NeighborNet subscriber (  Uptime's Website says their services include onsite support, home & business , networking, security, repairs, and upgrades.  "We fix virtually any hardware or software issues with computers and networking equipment."  Also, "We can build most any system you need. And the best part is, we can do it at a lower price." Alternate e-mail ( [Gordon Bennett, 2003 Mar]

Jake came to my rescue this past summer on a computer network problem.  He's a really nice, professional guy.  Two thumbs up. [Leslie, Ardenwood Road, 2003 Mar]

Jake helped us on short notice and at a fair price with laptop computer repairs and provided complimentary follow-up help by phone.  Jake was very friendly and knowlegeable.  [Michael McClendonm, 2005 Jun]

CompuZone (Mac specialists)
(Srini and Ramana Tatineni)
8015 Shoal Creek Blvd,
Suite 111, Austin 78757
419 7071 Authorized HP dealer and an authorized Apple (hooray!) reseller. The business is operated by two brothers, Srini and Ramana Tatineni. If you have an unresolved computer issue, these guys are a wonderful resource. I would not trade my business with them for all the large box stores! I'm an Apple user, and I bought my last computer from them and the experience was very positive. They really are knowledgeable and they will take the time to help you solve your problems. I know if you have an Apple Computer issue, they have an in-house service facility. Want to rent a computer? They lease, at least their card says they do. [Kirby McDaniel 2004 Sep]

Amen, to what Kirby says about CompuZone. Inside that anonymous generic techy name are people with soul and patience. What would my and my husband's and kids' lives have looked like but for Srini and Ramana? It's too ugly to think about. [Verginia Raymond 2004 Sep]

I rented computers from them for SXSW for several years in a row, and they were great. Srini went the extra mile a couple of times helping me out of last-minute jams -- an adaptor here, a monitor there, etc.
Totally recommended. [Terry Dyke 2004 Sep]

Happy Mac
601A East 53rd

Whitney Tracy, Happy Mac owner began peforming magic on our machines several years ago when we received a hot tip on his great ability to quietly figure out what's going on with our contraptions and to give prudent advice on how to handle ticklish upgrades. Service is definitely their name: but HM also offers 1 on 1 advice too!
[ Dolly Ensey, 2006 Apr ]

Happy Mac is NOT expensive. I had to use their services two months ago and was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the prices were. My problem was a little odd, and Whitney Tracey (owner) worked very hard to resolve it--I was impressed with his efficiency and willingness to accommodate me. In short, Happy Mac is wonderful, and I highly recommend them!
[Anne-Marie , 2007 Feb]

Humblebee PC
Brandon Boggs
771-5649 I have been VERY pleased with Brandon Boggs at Humblebee PC. He is very competent and also very nice.
[ Erika Allbright, 2006 April ]
Laboratory Computer
5400 N. Lamar #101
< >
419-7422 Try Laboratory Computer, North Lamar, near North Loop. They seem nice and helpful, locally owned, knowledgeable and reasonably priced.  [ Pascal Simon. 2006 Apr ]

- - - - - - - - - - - -
EPI Services

   (John Gerhart)

264-1728 John does free troubleshooting over the phone, and makes house calls. If it can't be repaired in your home, he can pick it up and drop it off. The service was good and the price was very reasonable. John even followed up with me later to make sure everything was all right. They also sell reconditioned printers and refill toner cartridges.  [Jules Vieau, 2005 May]
Fry's  Electronics
12707 N. Mopac Expressway
Austin TX 78727 (right north of Parmer)
733-7000 I know it is a big box store but I had a very nice experience. They were so so kind and really got to the bottom of it for me and didn't charge much at all. I was very pleasantly surprised. [Erica on Dancy , 2007 Feb]

Concrete work    Top

Rusty Crain 990-4988 
I used Rusty Crain recently and he was well-priced, considerate of my needs, respectful and pleasant, kept me informed about scheduling matters that could impact on his ability to get to my short, he was great.  I called several of his references, and they all said that would be what I could expect, and they were right!  [Katy Johnsonius, 1999 May]
DH Martin
Driveways, foundations.  These guys are awesome. Responsive, quick and competitively priced.  [Lisa Fuka, 2002 Oct]

Contractors    Top

Almost Perfect Construction
(Joe Zakes)
1104 Reagan 
Terrace, 78704
Did a top-notch complete remodeling of my kitchen and a lot of other long-needed miscellaneous repairs this last winter. He had an ad in the last issue of The Flea . [Mike Conner, 2001 Nov]
Austin Assn. of
The Austin Association of Remodeling Contractors ffers a free referral hotline (451-8041) for both residential and commercial consumers.  Call from 8:30 to 5:30, Mon-Fri; messages may be left after hours.  When calling, please have the following ready: 

    Your name, address, and telephone number. 
    Type of remodeling work you need done. 
    How you heard about the referral hotline. 

For most remodeling jobs, the AARC will supply you with the names of three contractors.  Contractors are selected on a rotating basis. 

[Michael McClendon, 1998 Oct]
Michelle Stogner  784-4564  I recommend. She has done quite a bit of work in our neighborhood.  ["William McLeroy" <>, 2001 July]
Luxutek Construction
and Remodeling
(Sergio Guadarrama)
567-2697 Sergio and his team are extremely dependable and the quality of their work very high. Most importantly, Sergio will work with you to get everything exactly as you want it. [Jeri Spence, 2003 Mar]
Dillo Construction
(Dylan Martin)
692-9212 Dylan and his dad, Chris Martin (3302 Lafayette) are partners in Dillo Construction...  //g
Scott Collard Home Improvements
440-0999 The price was competitive, and there were no hidden charges except extra stuff that we decided to add in mid-project. The work was outstanding, and he was very easy to talk to and work with. He subbed out the plumbing and electricity, and a couple other minor parts, and his firm did the carpentry and primary construction. I'd very highly recommend him.
      [Brent Lyles, 2004 May]
Doug Yatt 346-9431 (h)
217-8171 (c)
He is a friend who has helped us out on a number of projects, and I have put him in contact with a number of other people who have been very pleased with his work. He is willing to either do all of the work or work beside you to get the job done. You are welcome to post my cell (663-3542) and our address: 3412 Hollywood if anyone wants to contact us to talk about either of these recommendations. I'm not sure if that's customary or not.   [ Michelle Honsinger, 2006 Jul]
"Jim Dandy"
    Jim Cardwell

For a long time, Jim Cardwell was on the recommendations list as a plumber, electrician, or both (can't remember off the top of my head, but he is very good at both). He did work on my house countless times, was very reasonable, and is so honest you could buy cattle from him over the phone. Well, he's slowly but surely moving into more of a "general contracting" business, and I can't think of anybody better suited for the task than an honest tradesman who is an expert at the two things that could potentially mess you up the worst. So I thought I would share with the group that if you have any major remodeling coming up, you should consider giving Jim a call. [ Harold Cook, 2005 Apr]

Alejandro Tirado 563-0229

Did a range of work for us (electrical, construction, cabinetry, painting). Our expectations were far exceeded, the craftsmanship was excellent, and we had a great working relationship during the project. Alejandro really understood our objectives and helped us execute some architectural details that we had not yet worked out. He did quite a bit of work himself, was on site a lot, kept the job site clean and was sensitive to our crazy family needs (two kids). His price was very competitive and he can accomodate both small jobs and large jobs. I would work with him again, for sure. Please tell him Maddie Kadas recommended him (and that I said hello). [Maddie Kadas, Oct 2007]

Mike Carswell 789-2688 cell

Mike was the contractor on my addition (bedroom, bath, laundry room, deck) completed in November 2003. He did a great job and it blends in very nicely with the original 1939 house (and I'm still happy with it 4 years later). Mike is very honest and knowledgeable and has done other projects in the neighborhood. [Kari Bourland, Dec 2007]

Drywall repair    Top
Steve Hubbard 632-9883 Steve did excellent work on repairing the multiple cracks, bumps and uneven walls and corners in my house.  Attention to detail and reasonably priced.  Highly recommend.    [Jen Smith, 2005 May]

Electrician    Top

Greg Evans
   and Derek Bruner

Greg and and his partner Derek gave us an estimate for 10 hours to replace damaged and substandard boxes -- and that's what they charged us for (even though it was more like 14 man hours at the end of the day). Because the work took longer than expected (ah, the joys of an old house) -- they tested all the new breakers. Later that day we discovered that an entire branch circuit (about half of our downstairs) wasn't working. I called Greg, and at 8:30 p.m. He and Derek returned to diagnose the problem. They are really good at what they do, very articulate and courteous, careful about cleaning up -- and in our neighborhood. [Debra Haas, 2006 May]

I recently used the services of Greg for a new switch box and much more. He was professional, prompt and well priced. And he lives in our hood. [Jim Reed, 2007 Jan]

Dan Jacobson 266-7186

We used him for electrical work on remodeling and subsequently on upgrading old circuits and adding power to our detached garage.  He works hard, tries to keep his rates reasonable, and is an interesting character.  When I first met him he rode a bicycle to jobs (truck now).  Recommend  without reservation.  [Jules Vieau, 1998 Dec]
Dan did a great job at a reasonable rate in helping me rewire the telephone lines in my house.  I recommend him highly.  [Blake Stephenson, 1999 May]
Dan did a great job adding a new outlet to my bedroom and a light in my closet. His rates are better than any electrician I've ever worked with. [Tom Hudson, 2001Mar]

Add us to the list of good reviews for electrician Dan Jacobson.  He replaced several lights and outlets, and installed a ceiling fan and new outlet for us last fall, doing a great job at a very reasonable price. He'll chat your ear off, but he's a smart & amusing fellow. [Kathy McTee, 2002 Mar]

You can add my good recommendation to Dan Jacobson - electrician.  We did a complete kitchen remodel in late 2003 and he was very reasonably priced and very accomodating schedule-wise.  He did great work and made several nice recommendations on types of lights and where to find them locally.  [Chad Hamilton. 2004Oct]

The first time I met Dan Jacobson was about '86 and he was doing electrical work from his bicycle (he has since bought a small truck since he moved out of the city).  He is the only person I ever call and respect him both as an electrician and a person.  He is very economical, efficient, thorough and his prices are more than reasonable.  He can also carry on an intelligent conversation about topics from postmodernism to scientific worldviews.   [Danney Ursery, 2004 Nov]  I posted a response about Dan Jacobson in 2004 and still use him.  He is the best electrician I have used; I still highly recommend him. If you want to update my original date or add this second recommendation, that is fine.  [Updated 2006 July]

We used Dan Jacobson for some electrical chores around the house.  He replaced a ceiling fan, outlets, installed security lights and a new porch light. He was professional and did a great job at a fair price.  I would highly recommend him. [Cyndi Stein, 2005 Apr]

Although Dan was unable to immediately visit my home (I'd expect a good tradesman to have a busy schedule) he was prompt in returning my call and was generous with his time on the phone in helping me troubleshoot the problem on my own.  Dan was referred to me by a neighbor who hired him for multiple large projects and I would not hestitate to call on him again.  [Joan Wagner, 2004 Jan]

S & J Installation 
(Steve Cunningham)
663-1555 S & J did a good job & are reasonably priced, for electrical, phone, or cable installation [Susan Schauwecker, 2000 Apr]
Kubelka Electric
  Eugene J. Kubelka
445-0140 Residential and commercial electrical service, 29 years experience.   Eugene is simply the best. Gifted electrician and the nicest person you'll ever meet. He's done a variety of jobs for us over the past 8 years, everything from adding new outlets to majoring rewiring.  
[Leslie Lawson, 2004Nov]
Tim Bridges 699-8686

Feel free to call my guy. [Maxwell McDaniel, 2007 Jan]

In July 2005, I hired Tim Bridges who works for Hal Lemons.  During a six month period, we had five different electricians working at the house intermittently.  I had to constantly ask them to come back to work on the wiring, as well as give me written bids and receipts. Finally after we passed the city inspection we discovered that 27 outlet plugs and switches did not work properly. Due to their unprofessionalism I would certainly not recommend them to others in need of an electrician. [Pat Pilkington, 2007 Jan]

Aussie Electric (may be named "Southern Cross Electric" now)
  Grant Campbell
775-8774 (c)

Grant's a master electrician. I have used him for minor repairs as well as complete rewires, including new service panels. All his work is done properly and in sync with building codes. He takes care of pulling permits with the city, etc. Tell Grant I referred you.
[Kyle Ranne, 2007 Jan]

I can also recommend Grant Campbell. He upgraded and moved the main service panel on my French Pl. house when I bought it in 2004. He also installed the mast that I think the original person was interested in. He also did a lot of work on my parent's house in Allandale. As best as I can tell, he did a good job, sent me an invoice like a proper company, etc. [Johan A. van Zanten, 2007 Jan]

Environmental Construction Materials    Top

Environmental Depot
 9914 Hwy 290 West
288.6161 Mission: To provide the new construction and remodeling industry with building/interior design material and home products that are green, environmentally friendly, ecologically safe, and non-toxic. The sponsor is Environmental Construction Outfitters. Their first warehouse is in The Bronx, NY. A new one has recently opened in Austin. The location a couple miles past Oak Hill on the road to Driftwood.  [Gordon Bennett, 2004 Dec]
   310 Comal (#1)
   7434 North Lamar (#2)
478-2165 (#1) 225-9264 (#2)
Mission: "Shelter is a basic human need.  As the costs of building materials escalate, housing maintenance and improvements become increasingly unaffordable. Austin Habitat for Humanity's RE-store, a building materials recycling center, addresses this problem by providing good quality building materials at greatly reduced prices as well as supporting the housing projects of Austin Habitat for Humanity." They salvage what is reusable from older homes being demolished -- doors, windows, fixtures, hardware, cabinets, tiles, etc. And of course they do demolision.
   The downtown store is on E 4th Street 7 blocks east of IH35. The north store is on N Lamar halfway between Airport Blvd and Hwy 183. [Gordon Bennett. 2004 Dec]


Patrington Harrigton 476-8305
I had Patrick Harrington build a fence and 8-ft gate for me.  It looks great and he did it really quickly. (I got his name from the handyman section but he does fences too.) [Michele Ostrow, 2003. Jun]

Foundation    Top

House Leveling 
1120 E. 52nd, 78723 
444-5438 I have been involved in many house levelings, and no longer look for a small contractor in this field. CENTEX House Leveling is very professional, and will give you a free estimate, along with a drawing of your floorplan/foundation showing current and proposed piers, beams, stringers, etc.. 

In the past, they have also also given a 10% discount for work referred to them by a property management firm. If you wish, I can perform that little service for you. 

[Jack Newman, 2001 Nov]
[Comments on: 
- Able Stabalizing ALERT!
- Level Check]
I know this is a little late, but I 100% agree with Jack. I, like Rebecca, am a REALTOR so I come in contact with a lot of different homes and foundation problems. My husband and I bought a "fix-it-upper" home and the previous owner had foundation work done by a company out of town. They had bids from Centex (Austin), AAA Foundation (San Antonio), Able Stablizing (Austin/Dallas)... they chose Able b/c it was cheaper.... and guess what??? Now they're being sued. It is NOT WORTH saving the extra money to have someone do a cruddy job.... or not to finish the work correctly. It may look good now - but will it in 6 months or a year - or 2 years. 

I know Centex did a house years ago over on LaFayette that I just re-sold last year.... piers were snug as a bug after many, many years. 

Another newer-to-Austin company is Level Check . They have a great reputation in Houston and came and aligned with a local company that has been in Austin forever. Both stand behind their work, and level check let's you pay off the work over a years time, I believe. The market mainly to Realtors, but you can tell them a Realtor recommended them. 

Stick with a local company, it's easier to pin them down if something goes wrong. Able Stablizing has a local phone number/address, but it's really just an office building that allows companies to rent a mailbox and phone extension from them... they are really out of Dallas.

Here's the number: 
Level Check : 866-538-3525 
Oh - they are all over the state...and that's nice because they're large enough to handle any warranty work. You'd hate to have a company go belly-up because they're so small... and you're left with having to pay another company on top of the one that left with your money.... which is what we are doing - and the first company was paid $18,000.... ugh! 

["JoAnne McKinney" <>, 2001 Dec] Centex has done good work in the past, and they will give a 10% discount if
the work is referred to them by a property management company. If you wish,
we will do that little referral for you. All performance issues will be, of course, between you and Centex exclusively. [Jack Newman, 2004 Jan] Centex is the best, hands down! Call them, take Jack up on his offer. [Paul Reddam, 2004 Jan]
Ironhourse Fndn Repair 
(Frank Check)
I would like to recommend Ironhourse for all pier and beam work that you need.  They are out of San Antonio and I met their salesperson while doing some slab foundation repair.  They are infinitely less expensive than Centex or any other Austin based repair company that I have worked with....and I've worked with a bunch.... They do great work and would appreciate you telling them that I referred you.   Frank will give you a free estimate and it doesn't take them long to get over here.  They are working in Austin alot anyway.  [Rebecca Kohout, 2001 Dec]
(A comparative note from Isabel Headrick, 2004 Jan)
- Austin House Leveling
- Capital Foundations
- LevelCheck
- Centex
Here's my situation: we have a crack in our slab foundation. Not a huge one, but enough to allow a highway for tree roaches and kitchen-cabinet-replacement prevention. Several months ago we solicited the advice of an engineer. Based on the fact that if we were to repair our foundation the proper way the walls of our house would crumble, he advised us to hire a foundation contractor to inject an epoxy into the crack and to, as it were, continue surfing the waves of Austin's clay soils in our cinder-block canoe. As this is much cheaper, we were delighted.
He gave us two names: Austin House Leveling and Capital Foundations . AHL came out and quoted $900.  Then Greg Okorn of Capital gave me a ballpark figure of $300. This was in August.
Since then I have called the office literally seven or eight times asking for him to send me a bid or at least call me back. Pleading, begging, threatening. Each time his secretary is apologetic and says she put the message on his desk; each time I have been left waiting. No other contractor (including LevelCheck and Centex ) except AHL does this type of job AND since I put out the request for recommendations, I have gotten several recommendations for Capital .
Do I swallow my pride and call him once (twice, five times) more? Or do I pay the $900 to the guy who's at least willing to call me back?

Gas (full service pump)    Top

Gene Johnson Texaco 453-7376 4801 Airport (N of 45 th )
Northwest Hills Texaco 3635 North Hills Drive (catty-corner from Murchison Middle School)


The Austin Gutterman 450-1821 Good work, reasonable and fast.  [Monte Carter, 2001 Jun]
Mike Carswell   (See Contractors)
Lone Star Seamless
  (Mike Esser)
751-1725 I highly recommend Mike.  We had him come out to give us an estimate and his by far was the lowest in price. Thankfully, it is also the highest in quality. Mike was great to have around the day of installation and before then he worked with us on how to keep costs low, by us doing some primer and dismantling work up front. His work and parts are guaranteed for longer than his competitors and he also offered us some other helpful advice about another home improvement job we were undertaking. I don't have a negative thing to say about his service.  [ Jennifer Elsner, 2005 Jul ]
Austin Gutter King
276-9480 Highly recommended.  [Elias Haslanger, 2006 Mar]
Spectrum Rain Gutters 228-7983 We recently had gutters added to the house by Spectrum. They were recommended by a contractor friend of mine and I'm very glad I called them. They gave an estimate that was very affordable and then when they learned I was eager to get the job done, they showed up at 4:30pm on Friday and had the job totally done by nightfall. Now that is customer service!
Very highly recommended!   [TJ and Jessica Tudderll, 2006 Jun]

Handyman (also see Carpenter )    Top

John Norris 512-295-6601 
  (Buda home) 
Honest, competent all-around handyman.  [Jack Newman, 1998 Nov]
Faux For All 
  Sherie Zebrowski
751-2783 (c) 
249-7763 (o)
This business does it all from faux painting to look like marble and more to regular painting. They can also do "handyman" and deck work (cleaning, repairing and sealing). We had them clean and seal the deck and patch a wall that already had a faux finish on it.  The paint job was impeccable.  They did a thorough job on the deck too. [Lisa Fuka, 2002Oct]
Toby Hamilton
789-7068 (m)
Toby helped me with some fixes needed after a botched remodeling job, installing (among other things) a plywood sheet to enclose a room addition my remodelers had left open to the elements. I recommended him to a friend whose roof and fireplace needed repairs, and he did an excellent job there as well. Toby's a great person to work with: friendly, honest, easy to contact, returns calls promptly. He's also extremely knowledgeable and quite reasonable priced. I feel confident he could handle just about any job thrown his way, and I definitely intend to keep using him over the next several months. Highly recommended.  [Nancy Gore. 2002Oct]
Glen Moss 825-3307

Glen has done very acceptable work for clients of mine who were preparing a house to get it ready to put it up for sale,.   [Jack Newman, 2004 Dec]

I contacted Glen Moss (Moss Oak Construction) about repairing a broken window pane and he sent someone from his crew within 24 hours. The service was extremely prompt, friendly and professional.
[Megan Scarborough, 2005 Apr]

Casey "Wink" Miller
< >

Great handyman; who also specializes in Green Building/Contracting and Older Home Refurbishments.  Tell him Tadd sent ya. [Tadd Balfour, 2005, Jun]
SW cautions: Be wary of hiring Casey Miller. He did a paint job for me, did a pretty good job, but had a raging fit when I asked him to clean up afterwards - scraps of dried scraped paint on the floor, rags, etc. I ended up vacuuming myself while he stood there raging. I wanted to make sure there was no paint on the floor, as I had had a terrible experience with a previous painter (Texas Best Painters). Casey insisted there couldn't possibly be as he had used tarps to cover it, yet I watched him paint a door jamb with no tarp cover on the floor. He also did not finish one window. [2005 Jun]
TB responds: The story Wink tells of you isn't very flattering either, and if you've had previous bad experiences with another painter, that may indicate a recurring pattern. He is a good guy, has great references, and if you met him, you would understand this. Hire him or not, but one person's experiences are very subjective, so take them with a grain of salt. Just wanted to defend him as he isn't on NN to defend himself and has done good work for me in the past. [2005 Jun]

"Jim Dandy"
    Jim Cardwell

I highly recommend Jim as a handyman. I have hired him for several years to do electrical and plumbing jobs as well as repairing my old windows, installing overhead fans, carpentry and tile work. He also did an excellent job putting in a french drain so I no longer have water going under my house when it floods and he installed an sprinkler system in my yard that works great. Jim is reasonably priced and dependable.  [Kristin Morris, 2005 Aug]

Sanford Krones
< >
(cell, so actually a
  local call)
You may have seen the mail from Amy Averett regarding Sanford who is living in the 'hood and recovering from the New Orleans flood. I decided to give Sanford a try, and he is painting my house. He removed the 20 year old Sears siding; I am so happy to be seeing real wood! He has done a great job. He is very knowledgeable, has been very dependable, and has kept a very clean worksite, which I really appreciate. Coming from New Orleans, he knows a lot about water damage, mold, and such, which has been helpful. He is also a welder and has done all sorts of construction. If anyone wants to take a closer look at my paint job, let me know

Sanford has had 3 disasters in a row-lost a lot of his tools and equipment in the flood, had his wallet stolen, then totaled his car!!! I know a lot of people stepped forward to offer him assistance, but what he wants most is work! If you have work, especially in the neighborhood since his wheels are his bike for now, give him a call or email.  [Jane Walton, 2006 Apr]

Clyde Burns. 990-2640 We use a man named Clyde Burns. He is an older fellow, "retired", who just likes to do handiwork to keep himself busy. He's quite reasonable, honest and just a nice all-around fellow. The one limitation is that since he is older and works by himself, he might not be able to do really heavy stuff, or might need assistance if large things need to be moved. Other than that, he will do odd jobs by the hour, or give you a bid for well-defined projects. If you do contact him feel free to let him know I recommended him. Or, if you would like to talk to me more about him first I can be reached at 474-8961. [Anna Battenhouse, 2006 July]
Kris Schultz    I'm new to the neighborhood (i moved onto 38 1/2 street in april) and just wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself. my name is Kris, and I paint houses and do handyperson type work. I'd love to take on work in the neighborhood. It would be a great way to meet some of my new neighbors, and it would be nice to get some extra work close to home. if anyone needs work done, please email me. I have references available, if needed. I'm also a dog lover, and am an experienced pet sitter/dog walker, if anyone is looking for someone to give their favorite critters some TLC. (I also have references for this.) [Kris Schultz, 2006 July]

Hardwood Floors    Top

Custom Hardwood Floors 
257-2030 Dave is honest and does good work.  I am very pleased with the job he did for me on Kirkwood.  The floor is beautiful.  If you want to see his work, I would be glad to show it to you.  I don't want to bore everyone with the details.  Email me if you want more information. Andy Simmons, < >, 2001 Dec
Quality Wood Flooring 
(Victor Serrano)
415-4512 The guy who refinished my floors was good.  [, 2002 Feb]
Randy Walsh Wood Floor Mechanic 247-5933 office
633-1489 mobile

We just had our floors refinished about a year ago.  The guy did a great job.  He seemed to take a lot of time and care go make sure that he did the job right.  Having had floors refinished a couple of times, I believe, like Girard said, you get what you pay for, so don't necessarily try and go lowest bid.  Also, don't go just on my or any others single recommendation. Ask for a list of recent customers to contact to see if they were satisfied [Chris Owan, 2003 Oct]

Highly recommended! Excellent work, professional, dependable and reasonable. We got 5 estimates -- 4 of them wanted lots of $$$$ to replace rather than repair our damaged floors. Randy willingly took on the repair job, did great work for a very reasonable price.  Our floors are now BEAUTIFUL, probably nicer than they've ever been. We are very happy with his work. [Anita Prewett, Jan. 2007]

Did an excellent job refinishing my original hardwood parquet floors that others told me weren't worth saving. I am very pleased with the way the floors look and enjoyed working with Randy. [Kathy Goodwin. 2004 Apr]

  Hardwood Flooring
Cash Kristynik 801-3844 (cl)
They have redone 2 floors in the past year (E. 34th St & LaFayette) and they were gorgeous and very reasonably priced! I also was impressed with their ability to match new to old wood in filling in the floor furnace area. You would never know if someone didn't point it out!  [JoAnne McKinney, 2003 Nov]
Darryl's Floorss
   Steve or Vicky
272-4666. We have used Daryl's floors for many projects--they do a great job and are very reasonable [Isabelle Headrick, 2007 Feb]
ALERT Watch out for Artisan Hardwood Floors  < > I was very unhappy with the work done by Artisan Floors and their unresponsiveness.  [Regina Rogoff, 2003 Oct]

Hauling & Clean-up (also see Yard Work )    Top

Joe Bashara
775-7668  We have a wonderful clean-up/hauling guy.  ["William McLeroy" <>, 2001 Jul] I also recommend Joe Bashara for hauling and clean-up. He came over the day after I called and hauled a bunch of brush from my yard. His rates are very reasonable.  [Kristin Morris, 2003 Oct]

Another thumbs up to Joe Bashara who did an excellent job at a fair  price. He also scheduled us in within 24 hours of his return call! He  was out of commission due to a heart attack a few months ago, but fit  as a fiddle now, ready to serve Cherrywood again. He loves our  neighborhood and the people in it, so if you need hauling services  call him without a doubt.  [Jennifer Elsner, 2006 Mar]

Home Security    Top

  Home Security
We use Brinks, and have been happy with them.  [Leslie Vieau, 2001May]
10000 Metric Blvd
977-5100 I'm afraid I lost track of who recommended this service -- g

Homeowner's Insurance    Top

Texas Home Market Assistance Program
(click for Web site)
I spent some time yesterday trying to get quotes for homeowners  insurance. If anyone else is considering doing the same thing, I  might be able to save you a little time. ** USAA ** has temporarily  stopped writing policies for currently owned homes in Texas. ** Amica **,  which was recommended by Eric Headlee, will not write policies for Texas homes with pier and beam foundations. ** Farmers ** will not write  policies for Texas homes unless all plumbing is PVC and all  electrical is copper wire. If you are denied coverage by two  insurance companies (we were "denied" by those three), you qualify to  receive assistance from the ** Texas Home Market Assistance Program **, which will help you get quotes from insurance companies  that can cover your house. I never called them and instead decided  to stick with the coverage I have for at least another year.  [Jenny Hodgkins, 2002 Jun]

House Inspector    Top

Housecheck Inspections
  ( Paul Coffey)
497-7155 Highly experienced (knows older homes very well). Extremely throrough and detailed both during the inspection. Very professional before, during and after the inspection Very flexible, even though he has a busy and successful business.  Uncommonly thoughtful (had beverages for us in his truck, encouraged questions and for us to walk around with him while he did the inspection, etc.).  Well-prepared (He handed us a digital camera and told us to take up to 250 pictures of whatever we wanted, THEN at the end of the inspection
he burned a CD and handed it to us!!).  Extremely friendly, polite, courteous with a great sense of humor.  He's just a dream of an inspector and we can't recommend him enough.    [The Thorpes, 2005 Apr]

Housekeeper    Top

Francisca Aguilar 804-1067 She does an amazing job and has a couple of clients in our neighborhood.  Very thorough.  Limited English, I think, so if you need a translator, contact me (Sharon). She is easiest to reach after 6 or on weekends.  [Sharon Hernandez, 2007 Mar]
Marlen Gonzalez 698-9617 I would like to recommend Marlen. She is a young girl who works with her sisters, and is very friendly. She is trying to get her new business up and running. Her phone number is 698-9617  [Michelle Honsinger, 2007 Mar]
Martha Navarro   743-1432

If you're looking for a good housecleaner, let me recommend Martha Navarro, who did a wonderful, reasonably priced job for us yesterday.  She is eager for more clients. [ Joanna Brooks, 2005 May ]

I tried Martha today and she is amazing!!  Her husband came with her and they moved mountains.  Very thorough!!   And very reasonable.  [Pam Tanner, 2005 May]

We have used Marta since Dec 05 and find her reliable, hard-work, and trustworthy.  She is the 3rd housekeeper we have used over the past ten or twelve years, and she is the best of the three.  [Danney Ursery, 2006 July]

Paula Anderson 458-4883
(797-5499 mobile)
Reliable, thorough, honest, also very good with animals for those people who have pets.  [Helen Davis, 1998 Oct] We used Paula Anderson for several years.  She is very thorough and honest.  Her rates got too high for us, but I would recommend her highly. [Kathy Jones. 2000 Aug]
Ana Segura
928 8063 I tutor Ana in English and she cleans my house. She is very considerate, dependable and thorough. Her husband recently lost his job and she is looking to increase her clientele. She will provide additional references and reasonable rates.  [Rebecca Bearden, 2002 Mar]
Blanca Solano 326-8751 Blanca  cleans my house each week, and she also cleans my ex-husband's family's house.  She is good, dependable, cooperative, and reasonably-priced.  She would like to add two houses a week to her agenda.  [Katy Johnsonius, 1999 Sep]
Loretta Tubbs 458-1835 We use Loretta.  I recently asked her if she would entertain more work, or whether she had a friend that might be interested, and I think she said she had a friend who was looking for work.  [Priscilla Boston, 2000 Sep]
Leticia Renteria 491-0754 She comes weekly, is pleasant, likes kids, dependable, reasonably priced and looking for more homes to clean.  (I'm moving to DC at end of Aug, so while i'm willing to be a reference, I'm not in town.)  [Katie Haag, , 2002 July]
Patty Palinski Our housecleaner is Patty.  She cleans for us twice a month.  I know that she's currently looking for some new clients, especially in our area.  She's nice and will clean to your specifications.  E-mail her at and tell her we sent you
.  [Kathy McTee, 2002 Jul]
Martha Rodriguez  312-0134 Martha has been helping me with house work for over three years and in that time I have found her work excellent and her integrity impeccable.  She is dependable, flexible and always willing to help in the ways that make the most difference in my busy life. [Jeri Spence, 2003 Mar]
Erica Albright 469-9208 Erica has been keeping house for us for a couple of years now.  She also works for others in the neighborhood, and has lived here herself for many years.   She does a fantastic job, is extremely reasonable and reliable and is a person of utmost integrity. [Lanny Vickery, 2003 Mar]
Chryssa Belgard
220-4613 Hey neighbors. I just wanted to tell you about a cleaning lady who is excellent and very reasonable. Chryssa charges $12.50 an hour.  [Linda Thyberg, 1510 Wilshire Blvd, 2003 Apr]
Esperanza Esperanza has been cleaning our house on Cherrywood weekly now for 3 or 4 years.  She's very honest and reliable and does good work. She has Thursdays available and is looking for two more clients in the neighborhood (morning and afternoon).  She speaks only Spanish. If you're a Spanish speaker and interested, let me know and I'll give her your name and number.  [Sharon Hanson , , 2003 Aug]
Ana (Call Ulla) Our wonderful and very reliable cleaning lady, Ana asked me to ask around my neighborhood for clients. She has every second Thursday and every second Saturday available. She charges us $55 for an 1100 sft. home and does a great job. She has been with us for almost 4 years. She speaks english very well, and you may email me for her phone number if you are interested. [Ulla Sharman < >, 2003 Aug]

Insurance Collector    Top

Rory Martin 
Insurance Recovery Assistant
258-9161 A co-worker was having trouble collecting from her insurance company (mold damage I think).  This man helped her collect, and it may be appropriate to add him to our list of referrals. My friend said he charged her $50 for 2 1/2 hrs.  Very reasonable, she said it was definitly worth it.  [Kathy Jones, 2001 May]

Landscaping    Top

Stan Powers 892-9250 Good.  Pretty much a one man operation, but can do large or small projects at reasonable prices.  [Helen Davis, 1998 Oct]
Pitt  244-1271 (see under Contractor )
New Vista
Roland Purdue
Another good tree/yard/landscape person .  Roland usually responds promptly.  He and his crew did a great job removing a large dead tree and cleaning up some other dead wood in my yard.  Very reasonable. [Catherine Wilson, 1999 Aug]
Big Red Sun  480-9749 I recommend.  ["William McLeroy" <>, 2001 Jul]
Wood Landscape and Irrigation
  (Kraig Wood)
I work with a woman whose husband has a landscaping and irrigation system company. We haven't used his services ourselves, but I can tell you he is a good person and I what he's done at their house, including a terrific dry creek bed/runoff solution they put into their front yard.   [Priscilla Boston, 2005 Apr]
Wayne Bonham 698-8099 My friend and fellow artist Wayne Bonham has a second business doing tree and lawn care, including planting, specializing in landscaping with Texas natives.  He also sells quality firewood in season.  Wayne's a hard-working, smart guy, and incredibly ethical as well
[Kathleen McTee, 2005Jun]
Dig It
  (Laurie Kemp & Josh Henderson)
565-5193 We recently had to turn to landscape designers to hard scape and regrade our backyard (flooding issues). In the process we also decided to hire Dig It for aesthetic landscaping too. are a husband and wife team that worked miracles, created beauty and maximized our usable outdoor space – PLUS were a delight to have around! They do garden design, landscape planning, small jobs and big, maintenance... they are also a wealth of knowledge.If you are looking for honest, eager and talented folks to spruce up, transform (or something in between) your outside space, I couldn't recommend a better team. OH! and to top this off they are an incredible value, not cheap, but worth every penny. We feel we got so much for the fees charged, above and beyond! They patched a sagging fence, redirected our water source... Enough said. [Jennifer Elsner, 2005 Jul]
Capitol Landscaping
   Russell Womack
626.6622 Russell is an honest, hardworking, creative landscape contractor, and is committed to doing good work.  Most of his work is for repeat customers, but the current lull tells him he must reach out to some new customers.  His website is informative and geared to the homeowner.  But he also does work for Architects, Landscape Architects, Developers and Contractors.  If you have any need for a landscape contractor, give him a call.   [Father-in-Law, Girard Kinner, 2005 Jul]

Locksmith    Top

The Lock Doc 
  8211 Stillwood Ln 
444-4333 The "Lock Doc" people were less expensive than other locksmiths I called when looking for someone to re-key our new house. Both the dispatcher and the person who showed up were really pleasant. They came over that same day rather than making me set up an appointment and take off from work to be home. I think they did a great job and their rates were reasonable. [Kim Cameron, 2002 Dec]

Massage    Top

Gallery Massage 
2832 E. MLK Suite 102-C
294-6797 This is a husband and wife team providing table massage at their place of business, your home or office. I was worked on by Donice Hiatt at a chair massage she set up at a restaurant and she does a good job at reasonable rates.  [Marshall Bruni , 2001 Aug]

Mold Remediation    Top

TurnKey  Indoor Air Quality
1207 West 40th, 78757
377-4900    If you want an honest, professional assesment of the situation in  your home, call Turnkey and Associates.
They really know what they  are doing. There are a lot of people trying to take advantage of  this situation, but you can trust these guys to tell you the truth.  For those of you who have not seen peer reviewed medical documents  pertaining to aflatoxin exposure here is a link. [Teresa Van Deusen, 2003 Jan]
Blackmon Mooring Steamatic Had these guys in on my insurance agent's advice. They were helpful and provided some good general mold advice, but they were unable to find the source of my problem. When they arranged for equipment pickup, they promised a partial refund for hours not used. Was billed full amount, even after my multiple follow-ups. Eventually the supervisor did not return my phone call. Not recommended. [D. Chang, 2004 Jan]

Mortgage refinance    Top

Network Mortgage 
(Pam Stevenson)
328-4471 I want to add a strong recommendation to our neighborhood website about a mortgage broker who I worked with recently on a refinance of my house. Suffice to say that I have never received such helpful, professional service when buying or refinancing a house (I've done it four times before). 
    Pam went above and beyond the call of duty in accommodating my time availability and schedule, looking for ways to cut costs, and explaining different options about the way the loan might be best drawn up. 
    As interest rates have continued to drop, I know many are opting to refinance. The service Pam provided was both friendly and professional in a way that I knew I was in the best hands possible. I want to pass this on to others who are thinking of refinancing.  [Stacey Abel, 3212 French Pl., , 2002 Nov]
Tricoast Funding
   ( Gavin Wilson )
680-5207 We just refinanced our house.  Gavin Wilson was very thorough in researching how to get us the best deal suited to our needs.  He also did a good job keeping us informed throughout the process and explained all of the terms and procedures very clearly.  He also made sure our interests were protected when a couple of issues arose along the way.  I would definitely recommend him to others.
       [Amy Averett, 2004 May]

Mover    Top

Tejas Moving
  ( Johnnie Walker)

458-5595 Tejas isd a neighborhood business (on Airport). Johnnie Walker's kids go to Maplewood. It is a very competent moving service. Johnnie has been moving people for over 20 years, and takes great pri. de in doing a great job. All of his helpers are experienced as well, and know how to take care of fine furniture.
. [Jack Newman, 2004 Aug]

Painter (house)    Top

John Wakeman 784-6589

John's work is very good; he does what is needed with an eye toward keeping your costs low – he won't try to sell you on unnecessary work or materials. John was very considerate of our wishes – if it didn't look right, he fixed it. He just recently repainted the inside of our house and did it with the minimum amount of disruption to our daily lives.
   A few years ago when we repainted the outside, we'd lost touch with him, but serendipitously reconnected with him at about the time another painter stopped showing up to complete painting the exterior. Even though the other painter had covered the exterior (mostly) with paint, John made it look much better – he's that good.
   John's helper, Norman , has been with John for the 10+ years we've known him; I suspect that speaks to their honesty and congeniality. Besides doing good work they're both pleasant people.
   The only downside I can think of is they keep pretty busy.  [Jules Vieau, 2005 May]

Bill Arrieta
(Bill's Painting)
440-8521 Bill Arrieta painted my kitchen and did an excellent job at a reasonable price. [Mike Conner, 2000 Apr]
Andrew Black 291-1472 "Drew" was a pleasure to work  with.  Not only did he do a great job on my exterior porch and interior rooms, he dealt well with the fact that I had a dog - a very spoiled dog at that! [Joan Gruszka, 2000 Apr]
Ofelia Sarabia 835-6213 Recently painted the outside of my house.  They did quality work and were competitive (but not cheap).  [Kari Bourland, 1998 Nov]
S&M Paint 
Steve Rehberg
453-0204 A meticulous turnkey jobber.  Get a solid estimate. 
  (S&M are brothers' names, not sexual preference!)  [Monte Carter, 1998 Nov]
Jean-Luc Friang 452-8005 My friend. Less experienced, but very conscientious. A good man to work WITH. [Monte Carter, 1998 Nov]
Southern Painting 
(Rob Ellis)
267-6200 One of the smartest home-owner decisions I've ever made was to hire the guys at Southern Painting to paint our house and shed. Rob Ellis was the very kind and amiable guy who came over to give the estimate, and kept in touch throughout the process to make sure we were happy. He provided abundant info about the precise nature of the job, gave a reasonable estimate, and left a very professional booklet full of references and additional info. The crew arrived two weeks before we thought they'd be able to get to us, and all of them were totally professional and precise. They spent as much time prepping the house as they did painting it, which is the most important part of the job but is often overlooked. They came back a few days later to touch up in places, and cheerfully put the screens back in place for me. I'm thoroughly impressed with them and can't wait to get them back to do the inside of the house. (Another bonus: you don't pay them until they are done, there's nothing up front.)  Our house is at 3504 Hollywood Ave if you'd like to see the job they did.  [Kim Cameron, 2002 Aug]
(consolidated) Thanks to everybody who recommended house painters to me. For everybody else
who's looking for painters, the list is -

Dan Werley 261-9141 (interior & exterior painting, sheetrock repair)
Cheryl Hanson 762-8103
Steve Mignone 440-7637 (painting only)
Rob Ellis 267-6200 (painting & exterior repair work)

All the above were recommended as being attentive to quality, dependable, and reasonably priced.

[Becky Weaver, 2003 Apr]
Scarmardo Painting Inc. 452-1508 Repainted my ceilings, walls and woodwork. They did an excellent job.
      [Kathy Goodwin, 2004 Apr]
Alex Thompson 476-3310 Interior house painting - including trim and cabinetry.  Does excellent work.  He's attentive to details, clean, prompt and affordable.  For me Alex painted 3 large ceilings and didn't miss a lick.  He lives off Lafayette. [Bethany Andrée, 2003 Jul]
= ALERT = canvases
DAVID ORTIZ has taken advance payments and not performed the work [PR, 2001Mar]
   (George Perez)
292 3655

Siding -- trim -- caulking -- puttying -- power washing.  George Perez painted my house (EXTERIOR) and he and his assistant did a very nice job. Recommended. [Kirby McDaniel. 2005 Apr]

I recently used the Cherrywood website to get a recommendation for someone to paint the outside of my house.  I chose George of George's Painting and was completely satisfied with his work and professionalism.  Feel free to add my name to this as a recommendation for him.   [Emily Wilson, 2005 May.  Have a look-see -- 2114 Rountree Dr.]

Pastry Chef    Top

Maria Rico 263-5050 Excellent pastry chef doing business out of her home as "The Pastry Queen" -- spectacular cakes, cookies, and all kinds of pastry -- supplies Whole Foods with some of their specialties -- does birthday & wedding cakes -- great for when you need something truly special and you have the time to plan...
   Order 10-14 days ahead... [Kirby McDaniel, 2000 Jan]

Pediatrician + Women's Medicine, Doula, Midwife, Etc.  (see also Babysitter)   Top

Dr. Paige Suffredini 531-5437 I cannot recommend more Dr. Paige Suffredini and her practice group with Austin Diagnostic Clinic.  She moved mountains for my family during my toddler son's heart surgery.  I would avoid Dr. Karen Teel who missed my son's heart condition altogether and has the bedside manner of Big Nurse.  [ Madaleine Kadas, 2005 Ju]
Dr. Ari Brown 454-4545 Our pediatrician is Dr. Ari Brown (Capital Pediatric Group) and we absolutely love her. She is a published author (Baby 911) and is frequently on shows like "Good morning America" dispensing pediatric advice. She is wonderful.
   Here is her bio. Dr. Ari Brown , M.D., F.A.A.P graduated magna cum laude from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor's degree in child development. After receiving her medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine, she completed her pediatric residency at Harvard Medical School/Boston Children's Hospital. She has additional training in developmental and behavioral pediatrics. She entered private practice in 1995.
   Dr. Brown has received numerous awards including Austin's Favorite Pediatrician in 2004 from Austin Family Magazine. She is an active voice for children's health issues and is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Texas Medical Association. Her book, Baby 411: Clear Answers and Smart Advice for your Baby's First Year (Windsor Peak, 2003), is a national bestselling parenting guide for infants. Dr. Brown has appeared on the NBC Today Show and has been quoted in numerous parenting magazines and the Wall Street Journal.   [Eric Headlee, 2005 Jul]
Pie Kirby
  My new wife, Pie Kirby is a midwife here in central Texas but practices mainly in the Waco/Killeen area and approximately a 60 mile radius therein. Please feel free to email her at for very practical, knowledgeable pediatric advice.  She is well respected in the midwifery community among her peers, doctors and clients.   [Kyle Ranne, 2005 Jul]
Central Family Practice
  801 W. 34th Street, Ste 102
Connie Ryan
  3206 Walnut, 78722
476-2325 (h)
371-9260 (Clinic)
Connie, in her midwife incarnation, and from her neighborhood business, cared for many women in the neighborhood and babies born in this neighborhood. Pre-natal, natal, post-natal, and then she graduated from midwife to RN. Not enough for her, so Connie became a nurse practitioner. Connie is a humane health care practitioner. How sad so many of us were when we had our final babies and thought, boo hoo, no more Connie. But Connie in nurse practitioner form appeared for us, magically again.
    Women: imagine your annual exam with attention to your physical and emotional comfort: fuzzy socks and soft pretty cotton fabric and inspiring beautiful things to look at on the ceiling instead of lying uncomfortably and self-consciously in crude crinkly paper and feeling dehumanized staring at the ceiling tiles.  Imagine never be made to feel ashamed of your body, your weight, your anything. Imagine the physical mental spiritual and emotional aspects of your health acknowledged and respected. Imagine a sane and caring and knowledgeable blend of Western science-based medicine and "alternative" therapies, taking the best from both. Imagine a knowledgeable and caring, trained and experienced woman listening to you and advising you intelligently about herbs, hormones, stress, diet, sexuality, different needs at different points in your life. Connie is an expert on mid-life transitions, peri-menopause and menopause.
    Her health care is no longer a home business in the neighborhood. But this is still neighborhood business.
 [Virginia Raumond, 2005 Jul]
Dawn Martin
821-9221 Doula.  Detals

Pest Control    Top

Greater Austin 
Pest Control
(Tom Deba)
867-9079 Honest and competent, and will give you all existing alternatives, either available from him or he will refer you to the best source. [Jack Newman, 1999 Jun]
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Critter Ridder
263-1578 We used Critter Ridder this summer on the recommendation of some friends to get rid of opossums in the attic. They did a great job, were very thorough and have a 3 year warranty.  [Mike & Olivia Derr, 2002 Oct]
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
ABC Pest Control
837-9500 ABC Pest Control came out yesterday to do the exclusion and set traps. As far as I can tell (I don't want to crawl around on the roof much in the rain) they did a very thorough job of blocking all the means of entry into our attic. They will be checking the (live) traps tomorrow and again on Monday. 

They charged us about $325 for the work. But I understand from talking to others who have had this done that price is very dependent on how much exclusion work they have to do -- things like installing screens, patching holes, etc. 

[Stan Gunn, 2002 Oct]
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Austin Wildlife Removal
  (Gary Bauhof )

He did great work for me a couple of years ago, including coming immediately when the trap needed removing.  He was reasonable in his rates, sealed my house, and took care of, in his words, some of the largest rats he had seen.  Also, he came for another problem a year later and did not charge me.  I was very pleased with his work.  Good luck-  [Julie Alexander, 2002 Nov]

After attempting to get the afore mentioned Anthony on the phone 4 times, we called Gary Bauhof. He was prompt and available for an inspection of our attic within the hour. He did a thorough survey and deduced that we had rats. His course of action was conservative yet thorough: Set traps and seal off the entry points. He did a beautiful job of sealing, matching our roof material as well as give us a reasonable price for the seals and 7-10 days of trapping & removal ($225 total). Within 2 days, and setting off only 2 traps, we seem to be in the clear. He is informative & a delight too boot (a plus since we saw him every day for a week +). I cannot recommend him highly enough. [Jennifer Elsner, 2004 Aug]

I also can't recommend Gary highly enough. He was prompt, courteous and quickly found all the openings in my house that were allowing lots of rats (ugh!) into my attic. The rate for his work seems incredibly reasonable considering he spent a day sealing up many openings and then coming over daily for 10 days to haul off the disgusting critters. My house is finally quiet!  [Kristin Morris, 2005 Oct]

  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Austin Reptile Service
  (Tim Owen)
837-6253 I woke up this morning to find a 3 foot snake in my 2 year olds bed.  I screamed.  It quickly slithered away to hide under the bed. I called ARS because I had seen them at the library doing a show for children.  Within 30 minutes Tim was at our house and in another 15 minutes the snake was headed back to the creek. 
   Tim also does shows for kids birthday parties and schools.  He is very kid friendly.  His shows work.  My 4 year old responded to the crisis with, "don't worry Mom.  It's probably a good snake." [Lisa Fuka. 2003 Sep]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(Anthony Polvado)
(848-4962) For a raccoon rummaging around in our attic, Anthony first identified the access point and sealed it with heavy wire fabric.  This proved sufficient in this case.  Cost almost nothing.  If necessary, Anthony's plan was to trap the coon, release somewhere 20 miles away, and seal other possible access points for maybe $500.
   By contrast, Critter Ridders gave me an estimate of $2400.  Gary Bauhof (see above) was less expensive, but felt it was necessary immediately to move to trapping and sealing, and to put away the captured critter. [Gordon Bennett, 2004 Jan]
2004 Aug]A+ Pest Control 989-0282 A+ pest services gave us a pretty good quote on setting a trap for a racoon and then removing it (They release the animals that they trap in a forested area, with the exception of rats).  The person who helped us was named Jori, and it was under $100.  [Tom Blackburn, 2002 Nov]
Term-Trol Exterminating 
(Kitty Kestenbaum)
< >
836-3309 One-woman operation, leader in the Texas IPM movement (chemical-free "Integrated Pest Management") including termite barriers, two-time winner of the Austin Chronicle "best" poll, featured on Jim Swift's "On the Porch," helped end mindless spraying of schools by AISD, and one of the most competent people I know. [Gordon Bennett, 1999 Jun]
ABC Pest & 
Lawn Services
837-9500 1st-class big company ~ will do traditional or chem-free as a customer prefers ~ contracts some termite work to Chem-Free Organic Pest Control, I think...  [Gordon Bennett, 2000 Sep]
Pest Control

As a Realtor, I have recommended them for the last 8 years. 
I use them on my own homes as well, of course!  They are courteous, prompt, fair & reasonable.  Work is guaranteed & Chet, the owner knows the business!  His office manager, Pam is very accommodating to fit your schedule, as well.  [Kyle Ranne, 2000 Sep]

I second the favorable comments already on the board about Research Pest Control.  I've used them for six years and have found everyone I've dealt with there to be responsive, dependable,  friendly, and reasonable in their prices.  [T.I. Farmer, 2005 Jul]

Chem-Free Organic Pest Control
9519 N Ih 35

I had great success with Chem-Free.  Reasonable, less environmental impact, courteous. [Marilyn Fenn, 2006 Apr ]

I, too, love Chem Free.  They have good organic/low-impact options for all but termite control (for which organic is, unfortunately, either unavailable or not very effective.  Sounds like possibly carpenter ants which are very common here, and they got rid of some I had, too. [ Isaiah Tibbs, 2006 Apr ]

Pet sitter    Top

Jon Peters 762-8554 Jon and his girlfirend live right off Manor and have sat for our dogs and cat a few times. He is great with our animals which includes a cat that likes to escape from the house and dogs that also can be escape artists and not always friendly to everyone...but they love Jon! He is affordable, reliable, trustworthy and also brought in our mail and watered the plants!  [ T.J. Palvino, DVM, 2007 Jan]
Pet Watch 
   Dianne Midgette
699 3575
3206 Dancy
One of our Cherrywood neighbors has started a pet-sitting business.  We can recommend her highly since she has cared for our 4 footed family members on several occasions. She really loves animals and they know it.  [Catherine Wilson, 1999 Jan] I'd like to second the recommendation of Diane Midgette as a Pet sitter on the Cherrywood website.  Diane has taken care of our pack (dogs and cats), including a dog that needs frequent medication, for the last couple of years.  She is completely reliable, affordable, and has been available every time we've needed her services.  Another friend swears that Diane is the only person that her sickly and temperamental cat will respond to. [Amy Averett <>, 2002 Apr]
Katie Jordan and Nathan Jordan  
  French Place
477.2684 Maplewood and Kealing alums.  Senior and freshman at LBJ Magnet program.  Have pet sitting experience in the neighborhood for several families.  Currently earning money for Spring 2007 trip to China with LBJ Band.    [Jeanne Arbuckle, 2006 Jun]
Furry Godmothers
   Jody Hunsaker-Haller
   Kris DeForest
707-PETS We ended up using Furry Godmothers, one of whom lives in the neighborhood, and could not have been more pleased. They left a journal each time they visited our dogs. They were petted, walked, fed and just generally loved during each visit, and I am sure Buster and Laika got plenty of love an attention while we were gone. So, we will certainly use the Furry Godmothers in the future. [Kristee Humphrey, 2002 Dec]
Canine Hilton
  7509 East MLK Blvd.
926-8905 I went there today and was met by and educated by the most wonderful people. They are a boarding kennel, training facility, and pet food store all in one. I bought some Felidae (the cat food I found after much research to be the best for my cats) plus they gave me free samples and suggested books to read on up on how to take care of my animals. When I got home my cats flipped out for Felidae and I am absolutely sure that I am getting it for them from now on, and hoping to keep them from making any more trips to the vet. [Kat Hemrich, 2002 Oct]

David Langston
1505 Ridgehaven Dr,

467-2360 When a friend let me down at the last minute I was frantic to find a reliable, trustworthy petsitter to look after my 5 month old Labrador, Buffy for the weekend. David Langston fitted the bill perfectly. He was reassuring, courteous, professional and reasonably priced. I had no qualms about leaving my "best friend" and home in his capable care. And he's local!! [Elizabeth Alexander, 2004 Jun]
The Pet Nannies
470-1774 If anyone is seeking a responsible pet sitter, my friend Tanya is available. She can be reached at (512) 470-1774 and is currently living in the neighborhood. She is associated with The Pet Nannies, a business specializing in pet care. She did a great job with my animals when I was out of town. [Deborah , 2005 Nov]
4800 Burnet Rd, Building F, 78756
300-2267 We've had such a hard time finding reliable pet sitters that we like that we've been using Camp4Paws on Burnet around 49th -- we absolutely love them.  We absolutely love them. They offer doggie/kitty daycare and overnight care as well. 
[Amy Brotman, 2006 Jul]

Piano Tuner    Top

The Keyboard Consortium
Dan King
280-3035 Piano repair specialist. Fabulous. [Shani Snoddy, 2004 Oct]

Plumber    Top

Double E 
255-5557 Butch is fantastic.  He's been taking care of our houses for many years.  [Catherine Wilson, 2001 Mar]
Bazemore Plumbing 
(Davey Bazemore)
(h, Creedmore) 
(pager, Austin)

He's never failed to respond to a page within 10 minutes, he's honest and very good.   Worked for me in 3 different houses (and completely re-plumbed mine in Cherrywood area) over 8 years.  He works by himself unless it's a big job.  I'm almost afraid to have you list him becaue he might get too busy and not get to me as fast as he does.  He's a jewel.  [Margaret Mills-Barrow, 2001 Mar]

Davey Bazemore came highly recommended by several people and now I know why. He replaced our sewage line and replaced a lot of the galvanized steel with new copper pipes under the house. He was friendly, knowledgeable, showed up when he was supposed to, and did exactly the work that was expected. His prices were reasonable and the quality was excellent. I really can't speak highly enough of him. [Stan Gunn, 2003 Jan]

I cannot recommend Davey Bazemore, of Bazemore Plumbing, highly enough.  I originally found him on the Cherrywood Recommended list.  He replaced all the old pipes under our house a few years ago and did a great job at a very reasonable price.  We have used him several times since.  He is extremely reliable and very pleasant to work with.  My sister has used him on her home and reports similar kudos.  You can find Davey under Plumbers on the Recommeded List at  He is quick to answer his pager and I've found that to be the best way to get in touch with him. [Kathy Jones, 2004 Jan]

Bazemore Plumbing just finished up a sewage line replacement and he and his crew did a very good job. He stuck to his quote even though they ran into rocks while trenching.  They are busy so don't wait until you absolutely need the service. [Marshall Bruni, 2004 Mar]

Davey and his crew have done work for us for years, and just completed yet another small plumbing task in a timely and efficient manner.  Honest, reliable, customer-oriented and always good work. [Lanny Vickery, 2006 Mar]

Blackwell Plumbing 
(Bob Blackwell)
447-8050 BP recently replaced my sewer line.  They were reasonable ($1600 vs another estimate for $ 4200), explained everything, did a good job.  [Kari Bourland ,2001 Mar]

In 1984 Bob Blackwell failed to take out a permit for a job he started at our home (he had been recommended), and cut a structural beam that required an engineer to repair -- we fired him... [Gordon Bennett, 2001 Mar]
Gary Davis 
  Plumbing Company

8210 Rockwood, 78758

451 3341 I had to have my sewer line replaced.  I got a bid of $2025, based on $40/ft, for a 50-70 foot run, and I had an extra cleanout installed at the city tap.  So far the installation has been good.  They did not repave my driveway of course.  A cut had to be made through my asphalt driveway. Mr. Davis is an older gentleman who came by  with the PVC and was on site with his laborers for at least part of the work.  [Kirby McDaniel, 2001May].
L.C. Parker 626-9383 (c)

We had the ENTIRE plumbing removed and replaced by a very professional, respectful and honest plumber a few months ago. He was sure to leave the water working each day and promised us he'd finish in three days. When he ran into some delays, he stayed until 9pm and then came in the next morning (Sunday) to finish up the job. Now I don't know a whole lot of plumbers, but I doubt they're many that would do that. [TJ and Jess Russell, 2005 Nov]

Our sewer line recently backed up and the first company (a chain) we called came out, tried to snake it a little bit then concluded our old sewer pipes (orangeburg) had collapsed and needed to be replaced to the tune of $1500. We called LC for a second bid, he came out right away, doubted the original conclusion, snaked it himself - spent more time with it - and cleared and treated our sewer line for a very reasonable price and a 30 day guarantee. He also fixed a couple other nagging plumbing problems in the house. Very courteous and professional.  [Jim and Scheleen, Breeze Terrace,2005 Nov]

I'd like to add a recommendation for L. C. Parker, a plumber whom we found on NeighborNet. We called him at 9p about a stopped-up sink and got a next-day appointment. He was communicative when he was going to be a little late, friendly when he showed up, and did a professional, thorough job at a low price. We'll use him again when we need plumbing services. Thanks to the other Cherrywoodians who used him and recommended him. Finding honest, competent service people is a headache, and the list makes this part of life much easier.  [Kathleen McTee, 2005 Dec]

L.C. just did a job at our house the day before this - it was also a next-day appointment, and he came and snaked out our sewer lines and made what to me would have been a lot of work seem like nothing. He's courteous, polite and professional, an all around nice guy. [Thad Martin, 2005 Dec]

Another kudo for L.C. Parker.  He came out and cleared out a backed up sewer line early April 2006.  He came the day after I called, spent about 3 hours clearing the back-up and was very courteous and honest.  Highly recommend L.C. [Eva Riquelme, 2006 Apr]
David Graves 801.7879 (cell)
303-4105 (h)
He lives in Bastrop, but most of his work is in Austin.  I know he is covered up right now (I have been trying to get him to do a project for weeks), but if you can wait for him it is worth it; he and his son Tod are very good, reasonable, and honest. 
[Girard Kinney, 2006 Jan]
Eziquiel Juarez 300-5925 (cell) Eziquiel is looking for work right now (end of May 2006) and you can probably negotiate a good price for anything, including replumbing house with copper from the old galvanized pipes, installation of new main sewer lines, or smaller things too, such as dishwasher install, disposal install, leaks, toilet or vanity install.  Eziquiel has done all for me, excellent work at a substantial savings of "company" plumbers, whom have charged me more and not done as good as work.  Eziquiel can appear a little excentic/scatterbrained at times, but he does excellent work..  Tell him that I gave this recommendation.  [Mike Damal, 2006 May]
Eagle Plumbing 825-2824 My good friend is a master plumber .  [Kyle Ranne, 2006 May]

Roofer    Top

Ridge Roofing

469-688-0928 I had Ridge Roofing do a house for me a couple of years ago and was very happy with their work and price. It was the standard shingle and tar roof (another neighborhood) and it came out great. They were easy to work with, did their work on time, and followed up when needed. I shopped around a bit and they were lower than the other bids I got.  [Jason Burroughs, 2007 May]
Key Signature Roofing
5555 N. Lamar, Suite E117
Austin, TX 78751

Key Signature did the roof on my home addition that I have just completed. They removed and replaced the existing roof on my existing house and detached garage, and installed the new roof on my addition. As an architect, and as a person that some would say is difficult to please, I will say that my experience with them was outstanding. They do things “by the book,” meaning technically correct and in strict accordance with industry standards. I was very impressed with every aspect of their work. I would strongly, strongly recommend that you at least have them come out and take a look at your project. They will generate a detailed roof report covering every aspect of your particular situation, along with a very detailed cost estimate. They seem to be in a different league than any other roofer I've come across.  Anyone is welcome to call me to hear more. 636-2655. Or drive by my house at 3007 Lafayette and take a look.
[Glenn Reed, 2007 May]

We have engaged them partly on Glenn's recommendation.  It's been raining, so they've not yet begun.   TBC...  
[Gordon Bennett, 2007 May]


Dan White Screens & Things
   5210 W Highway 290
   Austin, TX 78735
892-2150 If your screens/door are removable, you can take them to Dan White screens. He does a great job for us, and his prices can't be beat.
   [Kathy Jones, 2007 Mar]

Shoe Repair    Top

Shoe Repair 
Delwood Center
John R. Salazar did an excellent good job of repairing a woman's sandal for me. When I presented the shoe for repair, he introduced himself and asked how he could help me. Today, often times one is greeted with a gruff "What's your last name? as they hurriedly write down your name on the receipt stub & thrust the stub in your face and move on to the next customer; not here at Sammies Shoe Repair. 

Instead, Salazar listened carefully as I explained the problem. As with many sandals these days, the strap had pulled out of it's place & was not wearable, despite being manufactured by a very reputable shoe company. He took the time to carefully examine the sandal, followed up with an explanation of my options & each option's success rate, approximately how much it would cost and when it would be ready. He insisted that I take my time in deciding what I would like to do. When I picked up the sandal, not only was the strap securely in place, but the repair price was less than what he quoted. Highly recommended for their professional manner & craftsmanship. And besides the shop is right here in the neighborhood on your way to work. A good deal all 

[Dolly Ensey, 2001Jul]

Sod      Top

(looking for rec
-- folks have asked)
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Structural Engineer    Top

Jerry Garcia PE
- - - -
Winter Vic PE
Jerry Garcia PE, Structures 
499-0919 (work)
320-8521 (fax)
1018 West 11th St. Austin TX 78701
- - - -
Winter Vic PE, Winter Engineering
372-8216 x2 (work)
345-9926 (fax)
9020 Capital of Texas Highway North,
No 575.  Austin TX 78759
I don't know if these two have specific experience with your situation, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either, and am confident they can help you out. [François Lévy, 2004 Jan (see above under Architect)]

Tile    Top

Travis Tile Sales 478-8705
3811 Airport
Travis Tile Sales at 38th & Airport is a long-time Austin company and neighborhood business.  In the past they have always been willing to share a list of good tile people. [Girard Kinney, 2000 Jan] They did this for me several years ago -- the guy did a fine job. [Gordon Bennett, 2000 Jan]

Travel agent    Top

Pinnacle of Travel 
  Pam Williams
918-1515 I have used her for well over 10 years. She has helped me with all the corporate travel I've had to schedule and has helped me immensely with my personal travel as well.  Highly recommended!  [Nancy Glass, 1998 Dec]
Unique Travel 
Suzette or Barny


Family owned and operated, and professional. 

[Barbara Mink, 1998 Dec]

Tree work    Top

Ralph White 441-2621 1101 Jewell St, 78704 My old friend, late of Bad Livers fame, is a wonderful inexpensive tree guy. Fun to watch him with only a casual rope high up in my dying elms. Not for those with heart conditions.  [Gale Greenleaf 5-99]

I would like to add an additional recommendation for Ralph White, tree-trimmer. He did a great job on removing some old branches and at a very reasonable price. Nice guy, too. [Gilbert Wildin  (474 - 8453), 2001 Sep] Ralph White: Excellent, cheerful, and affordable. Sorted out a thorny limb problem in a tight corner. [D. Chang, 2004 Jan]
Tree Trimming & Removal 
(Steve Bruce)
383-TREE His card says that his Tree Trimming and Removal business does large or 
difficult take-downs, survey brush cutting, roof/construction clearing and 
land clearing.  It says that they also do Natural Disaster Cleanup and 24 Hour Emergency Response.  Hopefully we won't need any of THAT. But he is quite a personable young man, has a good crew and did a good job for me.  [Kirby McDaniel <>, 2002 May ] 

Quoted us a price for removing a small tree, set up a time to do it, and never showed up. Also never called to explain or apologize. He really left us up a creek because the plumber had arranged his schedule around the tree removal. [Stan Gunn, 2003 Jan]
Dan's Tree  Service
(Dan Effenger)
(750-0592 mobile)
Because of the complexity of the job (dead tree looming ominously over house, and a live 20' crepe myrtle knocked over & needing to be saved), we ultimately ended up turning to a licensed and bonded arborist.
   After getting several quotes, we chose Dan's Tree Service.  Not the cheapest, but they ended up doing a very good job & were creative about how we could keep costs down.     [Steve Barney, 1999 Aug]

I had a 50-60' pecan fall on my house a few years ago, and I got bids from four companies. Dan's was the second cheapest and fast, clean, and competent. The cheapest guy didn't seem to know what he was doing. My guy, Ralph White, is unavailable until mid-September anyway. [Gale Greenleaf. 1999 Aug]
Texas Tree Care
(They Might Be Monkeys)
Nevic Donnelly

Nevic Donnelly and his motley crew did a nice job trimming and removing trees all around our lot in October 2001. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services -- I got the ref from a friend of mine in South Austin, who had them work on her huge live oaks.  We had a full day's work done by a three man crew, and spent lots of money, but it was well worth it.  [Kathy McTee, 2002 Mar] Nevic showed up two hours after I called and took down the tree in question. A rock in the middle of the tree ate through three of his chainsaw blades before it came down, but he stuck to his original quote for the work. He was very nice and really came through for us. [Stan Gunn, 2003 Jan] Nevic did a lot of work on all of the trees in my yard, including removing 3 of them.  Even though they turned out to be in worse shape than he originally thought (unfortunately), he stuck to his original quote.  He also comes by periodically to check on them at no charge.  I would recommend him to anyone with tree work. [Michele Ostrow, 2003 Jun]

Nevic cut a tremendous amount of dead wood from my oak trees at a very fair price.  Nevic does much of the work himself, knows a lot about trees, and takes pride in his work.  He also lives nearby.  I recommend Nevic heartily. [Michael McClendon. 2004 Jan]

Would you please put something new on the web site about the Might Be Monkeys guys.   I used them for a large tree removal and I promised them that I would put something nice and new on the web site.... something that says how 'handsome' and 'nice' and 'efficient' they were.    They insisted that I put the HANDSOME part on there.. you might add 'humorous, too. 
[Rebecca Kohout, 2005 Jun]

Keith Babberney 924-1245 I highly recommend Keith. Very thoughtful, reasonable, no BS kind of guy. A good addition to CNA recommendations page. [Isabel Headrick, 2003 Jun]

I also highly recommend Keith Babberney of Arborworks. Keith is very reasonable as well and does a great job. [Kirby McDaniel <>, 2004 Aug]
Black Forest Tree Serv.
Brad Bradsher

... WONDERFUL TREE SERVICE.  We are one of the blessed families in the neighborhood who've been chosen by the herons to nest in our trees. However, the Spring before last they chose a branch right over our front deck - which became extremely problematic when their milkshake sized droppings drew thousands of flies right outside our door - which translated into maggots that got into our toddler's toys, our animals food. Further - we couldn't even use the front porch anymore - or even the front door because we'd get attacked on the scale of a horror movie. So the NEXT year when I noticed the herons choosing the very same branch on which to build their nest ......I called the US Fish and Wildlife Service (since these are federally protected birds) to try and come up with a healthy solution for everybody. Janean Romines, a Wildlife Damage Management Biologist at 854-9613 (another wonderful person) told me that this had happened a few times before to families with children - so I needed to get someone with a cherry picker to meet her there to relocate the nest to another tree. At this point I began calling tree services. I lost count of the number of tree service "professionals" who either laughed at the prospect of spending money to move a bird's nest - OR the many who told me in various ways to "just get a BB gun or a sling shot and take care of the problem once and for all."
   Then I called Brad Bradsher. Brad responded immediately and enthusiastically. He met Janean and I on our site. We found him to be incredibly environmentally and wildlife conscious. He was knowlegable, professional, and gentle - and so impressed Janean that she called me the next day to get his number for similar issues in the future. He's like this country-fied Zen Tree Man who didn't hestitate to expound on his philosophy on the "soul of trees" and how "karma comes right back to you when you do good works for people, animals, and the environment." (We were fortunate that this year the herons chose another tree in our yard a little further from our front deck and door.)

   I recently called him again when the tree that was planted when my daughter was born went into shock from the drought. He volunteered to - and did - come out that very night - a weekend night - to give it "emergency injections of vitamins" and has been checking on it every day since. He is also scheduled to do some proactive maintenance on some of the older trees in our yard. [Stacey Abel, 2003 Aug]

  M y husband and I also received very professional service from Black Forest Tree service, and the Brad Bradsher that we worked with was knowledgeable, had crews working under him, and had plenty of expensive, heavy equipment printed with his company name. [Audrey Gray, 2006 Jan]

   I too worked with brad, and he's a really good guy. did extremely good work, was very professional. [Lisa Tipps, 2006 Jan]

   I just wanted to add an additional praise to Brad Bradsher from Black Forest Tree Service. He was very attentive to my needs and worked with me in making sure I was satisfied with the work at my rental property in South Austin .  He promptly returned to the rental property when I had questions about the finished product.  He is very reasonably priced and also very customer oriented.  I would recommend his work to anyone.  Thanks again Brad!  [Kim Greene, 2006 Nov]

Scott George 587-7764 (c)

He did some work for me yesterday and I was very pleased.  Scott is competent, reasonably priced and courteous. I had an Afghan pine tree which was put in ten years ago by the former owner of my house, and it had, as many of them have, died.  Austin is not really suited for pines.  Scott removed it, trimmed some branches from some other trees, hauled away all the debris.  Very good. [Kirby McDaniel, 2004 Aug]

I, too, have had excellent experience with Scott George.  I've found him to be skilled, conscientious, reasonably-priced, and flexible.   (One time, when I was limited on cash, he agreed to do a lot more trimming in exchange for leaving the site clean-up for me.  Scott prefers to leave the yard clean, but he understood my situation.)   He's also friendly and is an all-around good fellow--an Austin asset. [T.I. Farmer, 2005 Jul]

Alfornso Tree Experts
    (Alfonso Vital)
699 3795 (cell)

Alfonso has taken care of my large trees for the 3 years I have lived here.  He is reasonable, reliable, and hauls away the excess wood.
Our trees are one of our most valuable assets to our property. [Carol Scott, Bradwood . 2005 Dec]

Alfonso did an excellent job at a reasonable price, removing a large elm tree that had was leaning toward a house, and intertwined with the electrical service cable.  This was a complicated job to remove this tree.  He gave me a good estimate and removed the tree the next day, left the site clean, and was prompt with all appointments.  Highly recommended.   [Mike Damal, 2006 May]

TV/Electronics Repair    Top

Austin Stereo  
5448 Burnet Road, Suite 5, 78756

I am happy to have the opportunity to recommend Mike at Austin Stereo Service (off Burnet Road). Mike is a rare find - honest and straightforward and very knowledgeable. He's done four or five small repairs for me in the past ten years, and I always find myself very satisfied with his work.   [Glenn Reed, 2005 Dec]

I have used Austin Stereo for many years. Mike is very reasonable, and will tell you what you need to know about your ailing electronic gear.   [Jack Newman, 2005 Dec]

In about 2002, I took my vintage-1992 JVC bookshelf stereo to Austin Stereo when it stopped playing CDs. Mike told me he wasn't sure it'd be cost-effective to repair it, but that he'd try, if he could find the right parts. He did fix it, charging what seemed to me to be very little -- about $50 total if I remember right; certainly a lot less than I'd have spent to replace it. He wasn't bubbly or chatty and definitely not a "sales personality", which in my book is a plus. And my stereo is still playing CDs today, in almost 2006.
  [Emily Force, 2005 Dec]

My six year old Bose stereo recently stopped working and I took it to a place that was supposed to be a "wizard" at electronic repairs.  They kept the unit a month and charged me $25 just to say it couldn't be repaired. On a friends recommendation I took it to Austin Stereo and within two weeks and for a very reasonable price my unit was back at home and working fine. They were friendly, did good work, and reasonable.  [Danney Usery, 2006 July]

Upholsterer    Top

Weber Upholstery
Cedar Park
335-0661 I've use Weber and they were fantastic! They recovered a couch, armchair and ottoman. You have to get your fabric elsewhere and they can help you estimate what you will need. They even took my extra fabric and made pillows to match the ottoman... didn't even charge me! Very nice guys and they pick up and deliver. [Deneen Bowen, 2003 Jun]
Under Cover
Sabrina Stewart

There is a great upholstery person right in our neighborhood.  She made a cover for a chaise lounge for me and did a great job! [Kathy Jones, 2003 Jun]

Another thumbs up to Sabrina who worked with us to resolve a couch we designed. In addition to creating a well crafted cover and pillows, she connected us with great local suppliers of foam and fabric. She also fielded the many phone calls, emails and delivery challenges with grace and charm, a pleasure to work with and a great value too. [Jennifer Elsner, August 2005]

Rene Trepagnier  473-8630  I highly recommend her for upholstery work. She lives in the neighborhood and did a beautiful job on my old chair. She finished the chair quickly and was reasonably priced. She also made a great pillow with the extra material for free.  [Kristin Morris, 2003 Jul] W

We just had Rene Trepagnier do some upholstery repair and she did an incredible job at a very reasonable price.  She was prompt in her work and very pleasant to deal with. [Tom Kolker, 2004 Feb]

Vet    Top

  Animal Clinic

3701 Guadalupe

Dr. Mark Cotnam and his crew are wonderful with cats and dogs (I have both). I've been going there for years.  [Pierrette Moreno <> 2001May ]

Ditto.  Dr. Cotnam and his vet assistants are wonderful.  My four cats and German Shepard are pleased.   [ Frances DeLaune <> 2001May] I second this nomination...  [ Chad Hamilton <  >, 2001May]
Rob Abraham's Vet Clinic  475-5879 
503 West 18th, 78701
... has always been very good to us and our four-leggeds  [ Jack Newman, 2001May ]

Riverside Vet
1421 Arena Dr, 78741


Dr. Meyer at Riverside Vet has taken wonderful care of my family's cats and dogs for many years and he's affordable.
            [Alexandra Garcia, 2004 Mar]
I would like to put in a good word for Dr. Meyer, too.  He tried mightily to save our hamster (Fluffy!) from losing its hair, and charged very little.  His office is just south of the river.
            [Michael McClendon, 2004 Mar]

University Animal Clinic
3701 Guadalupe

We really like the staff there and the prices seem reasonable.
           [Megan Sitar, 2004 Mar]

Austin Veterinary Hospital
2908 N.IH 35 - that's on the westside frontage road, a block or so south of St. David's Hospital
476-9191 I LOVE my vet and am very glad to recommend her. She is Dr. Deborah Besch at Austin Veterinary Hospital (it sounds like an emergency place but is a regular vet office). Dr. Besch is competent and caring with the animals. She is friendly and pleasant to deal with, as is her staff. I am VERY happy with them. To make it even better, they are right around the corne
           [Erika Allbright, 2004 Mar]

Dr. Deborah Besch at Austin Veterinary Hospital is FANTASTIC. She is straightforward, patient, calm, calming, caring, "conservative" in a good way (no unnecessary antibiotics, for instance), seemingly up on the latest vet science, clear, accomodating, flexible, and (unfortunately) very very busy because the word is out. Oh, and she LISTENS. If you can get your critter an appointment with her, you and the critter are both in luck. If she practiced human medicine, she'd be my doc for sure. Call a week or more ahead when you can. The support staffers at AVH are also wonderful, and I'm not just saying that because one of them lives across the street!
  [Emily Force, 2005 Dec]

Dr. Michael Mullen

479-7282 Three of my friends use this mobile vet and love him.  He's a hoot, personality-wise, too. He charges for travel time, but his services rates are a little cheaper, so it nets out to be about the same price as you would pay taking your pet to a vet office. But, it all happens in your house, at your convenience.
           [Leslie Vieau, 2004 Jun]
Dr. Leeanne Jakubowsky
288-2809 She comes to your house and also has a clinic at her home. She has been my vet for a few years now and is compassionate, kind and a wonderful doctor.
[Isie Gordon. 2004 Jul]
  ALERT My German Shepherd, Opus, had an accident in the park over the holiday that caused a puncture and a bad limp in his right rear leg.  I took him to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic across from the North Central Market on Lamar.  The doctor barely examined my dog, was patronizing, made the dog cry during treatment (this is quite a feat), injected too much of the wrong kind of sedative, and generally made me feel my animal had received inadequate care.

This morning I took my dog to my regular veterinarian.  After a thorough examination and x-rays, in turns out my dog's knee is BROKEN.  No x-rays were taken at the Emergency Clinic, no examination done that would have revealed this injury.  I talked to my vet about the treatment we were turns out the Emergency Clinic we went to has been for sale for years and may not even be sterile.  I can assure you it wasn't clean.

  [Samantha Krukowski (and Opus), 4003 Cherrywood, 2003Jan]

Web design    Top

Marilyn Fenn

Marilyn is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer doing Web design from her Cherrywood home.  "Marilyn's new site design features such geeky stuff as streamlined tableless CSS-P design, database-driven art gallery pages and random quotes. Marilyn designed and coded all of the elements within this site, except for database design and coding created by husband Terry Dyke."

Her art.  Her graphic designs.  The Web site creation and development firm she operates with Terry.  [2007 May]

Elias Haslanger
  Be glad to contribute to any project. Currently work for Critical Mass but would love to take on some local projects.
Miriana Ilieva
Geoff Potter
Mellie Price
  Monsterbit media [read: me!] does web design, awesome programming, and low cost web hosting. I'll give an unbeatable discount to any neighborhood folks and businesses - I've been in the hood for about 8 years now. oh, and I love to work with other designers and programmers too if it's good for the project!

I tend to focus on supporting small and cottage businesses since I'm an entrepreneur myself. But I have a 10-year history of doing work for non-profits, political organizations, and arts and entertainment type work. Projects include: Earth and Sky Radio, Stubb's, Front Gate Tickets. Check out the portfolio and company philosophy. Feel free to email me with questions!
  David Chang
371-0610 I needed a website for a huge reunion concert - Sparkleworks handled all the digital aspects of the event - website, online guest book, print collateral, newspaper ads, photo galleries, and a full-sized concert poster, all on a tiny budget. They even designed and registered our website so that it comes up first when you search for us on Google and other search engines. I loved their work and professionalism. Dave Chang is so creative, words can't say how pleased I was with his work.  I'd like to recommend him to anyone looking for a web designer ....he's tops...   [Rebecca Kohout, 2005 October ]

Window installation and replacement    Top

  Home Glass 
  and Mirror
443-5914 We had four windows replaced in our living room this year (top & bottom, eight pieces of glass total).  They charged us $280 for this job (single pane glass replacing old, cloudy double panes).
    I also had them replace an old mirror over my kitchen sink, and they made three glass table tops for us.  All their work was excellent and prices very reasonable.  Mr. Kullenberg is a gentleman around 60+ years old and has had this business for over 40 years.  [Kathy Jones, 1998 Oct]
(Monte's advice) Find a trusted carpenter for this job.  Companies that specialize in this are bareley more reputable than the aluminum siding "tin men" of yore.  And if you live in Duplex Nation, PLEASE don't replace your steel windows with single-hung aluminum crap.  I'm sure you've seen the results close-by and realize how awful it looks.
   For wood windows and doors and vinyl windows, check Grand Openings at 989-9400 .  I worked for these folks for three years and can vouch for them without hesitation.  They may also be able to reccommend a good carpenter. [Monte Carter. 1998 Nov]

Window washing    Top

Richard's Window 
Richard Dubin
576-7754 Richard did an excellent job on every window in my house.  I have recommended him to several other neighbors.  [Mike Conner, 2001Apr]

Following Mike's recommendation, I contacted Richard about doing my windows. His bid (all windows, upstairs and down, inside and out, including skylights) was significantly lower than the others, he got the job done promptly and his workmanship was top-notch. One of my best friends is an engineer and the most persnickety guy I know. He has washed his own windows (in Westlake) for years because "no one else does it the right way." After observing Richard working on my windows, he asked for his number and commented that Richard was a perfectionist, and every bit as good as he himself. [Lanny Vickery, 2001 Jun]

I would like to reaffirm that Richard's Window Service still does a great job.  Richard did my whole house inside and out last week, and now the light shines in!
     [Lisa Tipps, 2004 May]
Sunshine Window Cleaning  244-7557 They did a great job on my house with 17 windows @ $125 and cleaned inside & out, glass doors and mirror wall in bathroom... They cleaned them last July & still look great! [Jacqueline Powell Coffey, 2001Apr]

Wood refinishing    Top

Michael's Wood Creations
  Michael & Cindy Mears
10606 Etta Lane
512-442-4100 I had THE greatest guys who worked MIRACLES on my family heirloom Steinway that our movers had SLAUGHTERED!!! They do professional cosmetic touch-ups and refinishing. They do both commerical & residential work . [Shani Snoddy, 2004 Oct]
Furniture Rejuvenators
   605 W 37th St
450-0242 I have used Furniture Rejuvenators for years. Fair prices, sound advice. He's not too far away at 605 W 37th St (just west of Guadalupe) 450-0242.  Don't know if he does housecalls, but he does has native honey for sale!  [Priscilla Boston, 2004 Nov]

Yard work (also see Hauling )    Top

Coach's Lawn Service
  (John Plyler)
  1022 E. 7th St, 78702-3219
472-4210 At my work we use Coach's Lawn Service. We like John a lot. His wife, Suzie, used to be the director of Open Door East.
[Isabel Headrick, 2005 Jun]

Clean Air Lawn Care

After researching the subject, I was horrified to learn that gasoline powered lawn equiptment is responsible for over 5% of urban air pollution .  Although I opted to get an electric mower of my own, I found this electric only lawn care service that is now in Austin. 
[Frances DeLaune, 2007 May]
Paula Ruiz   Paula Ruiz is great I have her doing 5 of my properties!  [Kate Walters, 2007 May]
Alex De La Garza 472-6183 (h)
797-9691 (c)

I've got a 15 year old with a lawn mower who would love to mow for you! He has experience, and has two pretty regular gigs in the neighborhood. He mows and weed eats (or uses a weed eater, however you like to think of such things). He's at that awkward age, too young to look for a regular job, too old to just sit around, and with a strong need to be gainfully employed. He'll do other things too, haul things, rake leaves, entertain kids, play classical guitar, whatever you might need.  [Denise (Mom) :-), 2006 Apr ]

I am one of Alex's regular gigs and highly recommend him.  He is very reliable and goes the extra mile to take care of little details that aren't specifically requested of him. [ Frances DeLaune, 2006 Apr ]

Alex did a PHENOMENAL job on our weedy, doggy backyard wasteland this afternoon.  If he can make our yard look this good, I can only imagine the fine work he does on a "normal" space!  Call him up, before his whole summer's booked.  You won't regret the decision.
[Kathleen McTee, 2003 Apr]
Chon Landscaping 563-9854 A number of our neighbors use Chon. They come in with a small crew, have a new rider mower, are fast and neat. I have used Chon for our  trees with GREAT satisfaction, their prices are quite reasonable and they leave the yard very nice and neat. I think his son runs the yard maintenance crew.   [Priscilla Boston, 2007 May]
Robert Martinez 1-512-787-9092 1-512-639-5675 I've used Robert off and on for years. He's absolutely meticulous.  You have to actually dial the "1-512."  Robert lives in one of the small surrounding towns (Manor or Elgin, I think).    [Nancy Gore, 2007 May]
Charles Banks, Jr. 708-1829 He is a Kealing student, former Maplewood student that does lawn work with his father to earn money for extra things he wants to do. He mows my lawn and does an awesome job.  He's a great kid and has a great family.  I would recommend him hands down over others I have used; he doesn't cost an arm and a leg and does a great job.  [Shani Snoddy, 2007 May]
Billy Hamborsky 479-6436 Billy (Trudie Redding's brother) a neighborhood resident in need of work has been doing an excellent job cleaning the area along 38½ in front of Fiesta. He is looking for more work (yard/garage clean up or minor tree trimming)   [Pauline Porter, 2006 Jan]

We have just recently used Billy Hamborsky we got his name off the Cherrywood Recommended list.  He was very dependable and very thourough.  In addition to the yardwork he also did a small painting job for us.  Very good work!  [Jenifer Davis, 2007 May]

* Becky posts a grievance. David Kettler rejoins. I don't have a way to resolve it, so let me just present it.    Top
WARNING! I cannot recommend Kettler Roofing. They re-roofed my house after a hailstorm last year, and:
   1) Though the person inspecting the roof for a quote noted to me that there were two layers of shingles that needed to be removed, I got a quote for removal of one layer of shingles. So my final bill was higher than expected.
   2) Someone left a soda can on my chimney in plain view of the street; I had to call someone back out to remove it as I am unable to climb up on the roof
   3) They did not do a good job flashing around the chimney, and it leaked. I called, they said they'd come out to look at it, and I didn't hear from them for several months. I got a lot of water damage to my ceiling.
   4) When I called back and they finally came out, they wanted to either jury-rig it, or have me pay them to fix the work. My husband talked them out of charging us, and they fixed it at no charge.
   5) They improperly installed the drip edges of the roofing so they were behind the fascia boards. To keep the fascia boards from rotting, we have to pry up the drip edges, re-install the fascia boards, and re-attach the drip edge.
     [Becky Weaver, 2004 Dec]

I would like to reply to the complaint listed by Becky Weaver.

   We do care about our customers, and we strive to please everyone of them. Like many instances of this type, there are two sides to the story. While her complaints are not totally without basis, she doesn't present a balanced picture of what took place with her job. The first thing she mentions is that we bid tearing off one layer of roofing when she had two. This is true, but she even says that she knew she had two layers. This misunderstanding could have been avoided if she had communicated this to us.
   Also, we would have taken the loss if the Weavers had been paying for it out of pocket, but the reroof was being paid for by insurance, so none of the additional cost was being borne by them. Ms. Weaver complains that a coke can was left on top of her chimney. That is also true, and not good, but as soon as she called to tell me about it, I sent someone over immediately to remove it. She complains that her chimney flashing leaked. That is true, but it was leaking before we started the job, also. We clearly state in both our letter to the customer, that if the chimney flashing has to be replaced, it will be an extra charge. We thought we could salvage the existing chimney flashing and save the customer some money, but we were wrong.
   When the existing flashing did not function as desired, I was  willing to pay the additional costs involved in coming back in after the fact, but felt that the Weavers should have paid the price that the flashing would have cost if it had been installed at the time the roofing job was done. Finally, in an effort to satisfy them, and in consideration of the fact that the ceiling around the fireplace may have been incrementally worsened by the additional leakage, we agreed to bear the entire cost of replacing the chimney flashing, even though the cost of doing so exceeded the profit of the entire job.
   Finally, Ms Weaver attempts to blame us for the faulty construction of her house. Anyone who knows anything about roofing or construction will know that normally it would be impossible to put drip edge "behind" the facia boards, as the decking and the facia boards are tight against each other, (go check your own eave, and see!), but on the Weaver residence the facia boards were installed far below the decking. We did not install the drip edge incorrectly. Had I known that the Weavers were going to remove and reinstall their facia boards to correct this construction defect, I would have not installed the drip edge at all, and their job would have been easier, but installing the drip edge did not worsen the situation in anyway, as Ms Weaver alleges.
   I am very sorry, that Ms Weaver remains unhappy with us despite all the trouble and expense that we have gone to, unfortunately there's no pleasing all the people, all the time. However, we have roofed over 4000 Austin homes in my 34 years in business here, and the vast majority of our customers are completely satisfied, as attested to by our clean record with the BBB.
      [Sincerely yours, David Kettler Kettler Roofing Co., 2005 Apr]

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