Boys Bikini Bike Wash 2013

Written by Chelsea Davis Cross posted from the in.gredients website)

Sometimes, all you need is boys (I mean men…) in short shorts to fundraise some money. We teamed up with the folks from Windmill Bicycles, East Side Compost Pedallers and HOPE Farmers Market to put on this ridiculously awesome event to raise money for the HOPE Mobile Farm Stand.

With the mobile farm stand, individuals, community gardens and small urban & rural farms can apply to sell their crates of bumper crops or small baskets of garden veggies to sell to the Farm Stand. Funds raised by the project go directly towards supporting HOPE Farmers’ Market and their food stamp acceptance program. The farm stand is bicycle powered, so it will go where farmers markets and fresh produce isn’t readily available.

We’re smitten with the farm stand and its goal of bringing more fresh food to our neighborhood. Our silliness raised over $400 for the event, which we count as an overall win

The pictures of the event really speak for themselves… You’re welcome.

Boys bikini bike wash 2013

Photo courtesy of in.gredients. For more photos visit their website.

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