Cherrywood Coffeehouse to Host Writing Salon: Interview with Austin Bat Cave’s Emily Smith

Interview with Austin Bat Cave’s Emily Smith

Written by Katie Haab

Austin Bat Cave logoAustin Bat Cave will host a writing salon at Cherrywood Coffeehouse on June 25. Join us for an evening of readings and performances of works-in-progress by local writers and artists. For more info., visit our Facebook page.

Tell us about this event–who will participate, what they will do. Are there still openings for readers?

The event will give the opportunity for writers of all sorts (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, theatre) and musicians to share with an audience an excerpt from a work-in-progress. This might be a page of a novel, a few paragraphs of a short story or essay, a scene from a play, or a new song—the only rule is that it cannot have previously been published. We still have a few spots open, if there are any other writers/musicians/performers out there looking to share their work!

Why do you think there’s a need for the Salon?

Writing is, for the most part, a lonely, isolating endeavor. You spend most of your time sitting at your desk or nearest coffee shop, pounding away at the keys, rewarding yourself for your hard work with a cup of coffee or cookie, taking brakes from your own work to consume as many stories, novels, essays, and/or articles as possible. Your most productive days you spend alone, the bulk of your social interactions taking place (a) over Facebook or (b) at the counter of a cafe.

Since moving here, I’ve often felt that musicians have it made: they have the ability to collaborate with others, to be in multiple bands, to jam with friends, and to share their work with others before an album is released or a music video premieres. Writers certainly have the ability to form their own community through writing groups and workshops, but it is something that usually happens in private, and it can be difficult to find one that works with you and your schedule.

Kalli Angel, another Austin Bat Cave volunteer, and I wanted to put on a salon so that writers and artists could come together, share their work, exchange ideas, and meet new people. We found the idea of the French Salon to be romantic and engaging, and wanted to start one of our own, Austin style (with musicians and beer).

I was also very much inspired by the success of local writer Owen Egerton’s One Page Salon, a monthly event that gives Austin writers the chance to read one page of a work-in-progress. The next is on July 1, at 7 pm, which is also the final day to donate to Owen and his wife, Jodi’s, Kickstarter campaign.

Why did you decide to do this event through Austin Bat Cave?

I have been teaching with Austin Bat Cave for the past two years, and I so admire what it tries to do within the community—to give kids power and voice through writing. Kalli and I met through ABC, and the Salon seemed like a perfect opportunity to raise a little bit of money for the organization and to show off the beautiful new anthologies.

What are the top four reasons that people should come out on June 26th?

1) to support ABC and its free programming for kids
2) to listen to the hilarious and clever Nicole Beckley emcee
3) to hear the works of Austin artists
4) to spend an evening at the lovely Cherrywood Coffeehouse

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