Cherrywood Supports Alternate Uses of Hancock Golf Course

At the May 15 General Meeting, the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association voted to support a resolution regarding the repurposing of the Hancock Golf Course. The resolution reads as follows, and was sent to the City of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Whereas the Hancock Golf Course has a low level of usage that results in a significant operating deficit, and

Whereas some residents of the neighborhoods near the park have expressed support for maintaining and improving the golf course, and

Whereas other residents have expressed interest in uses of this city parkland of more than forty acres that would serve people in the area who do not play golf, including families with children, and

Whereas the history of the Hancock Golf Course is a part of the history of the City of Austin that should be publicly recognized,

Therefore be it resolved that the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association urges the City of Austin Department of Parks and Recreation (PARD), the Golf Association, and concerned citizens to work together to improve the golf course and attract more golfers, and

That two years after the installation currently underway of a system providing reclaimed water to irrigate the course, PARD should reevaluate the situation and determine whether usage and revenues from the course have increased and are expected to increase enough to pay the maintenance costs in the future, and

That on the other hand, if continued operation of the golf course is projected to cause a substantial deficit, PARD should consider uses of this parkland which would serve a larger proportion of the residents of Central Austin, uses which could include a putting green and driving range for golf practice and instruction as well as a nature trail along the creek, a softball diamond, and other facilities providing opportunities for outdoor recreation for all ages, and

That historical designation should be sought for the Recreation Center which serves the golf course and other community activities, but not for the entire golf course, and

That a plaque should be placed in a prominent position within the park describing the origins and historical significance of the Hancock Golf Course.

CNA Hancock Golf Course Resolution PDF.

The neighborhood association received notice this week that the irrigation project has been completed and the golf course has received approval to begin utilizing the reclaimed water.  The Parks and Recreation Department’s Golf Division is planning to review whether the improvements to the golf course do impact its revenue in the next two years, and Cherrywood will follow this matter closely.

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