CNA General Meeting May 2016

Cherrywood Neighborhood Association General Meeting

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Time: 6:30 PM
Place: Asbury/Servant Church, 1605 East 38th 1/2 Street

Meeting called to order at 6:40 PM

Members present

Meaghan Bludau, John Christian, Leyla Cohlmia, Daniel Culotta, Dudeman Delahon, Terry Dyke, David Greene, Janine Gropp, Madeline Haynes, Rich Heyman, Katie Hobson, Dana Houghton, Jenny Houghton, Girard Kinney, Jules  Kniolek, Ryan Ofsthun, Doug Parker, Vicki Parker, Karen Paup, Jennifer Potter, Jim Reed, Jason Shaub, Jonathan Smith, Mike Sullivan, Sarah Sweeney, Cyrus Tashakkori, Erin Tassoulas, Eric Vogt, Mr Wiccit, Kay Yu

Reading of agenda
Agenda displayed on the screen and printed copies distributed

Welcoming remarks from the Chair
Mr. Kniolek greeted the assembly and members introduced themselves.

Steering Committee update

Treasurer’s report
Acting treasurer Terry Dyke reported a balance of $6,661.72 as of May 11.

Hazardous waste pickup
Mr. Dyke announced that the next quarterly household hazardous waste collection is scheduled for Saturday, June 4, 10 AM – 3 PM at Cherrywood Green. Members may bring items for disposal at the City facility. Discarded electronics of all kinds may be also be brought for recycling. CNA volunteers will haul the collected items to the facility during its weekday hours.

Development Services
Mr. Kniolek provided an update on the new Development Services program, describing how CNA members can now post building and zoning questions on the website and get answers from a Development Services volunteer:

Neighbornet update
Mr. Greene, outgoing moderator for the CNA neighborhood listserv, introduced Jim Reed as his replacement and demonstrated key features and operations on the listserv website.

CodeNext update
Rich Heyman presented a summary of the City of Austin’s project Code Next, whose purpose is to overhaul the complex and sometimes ambiguous land development code.


Resolution opposing digital billboards
Motion from Mr. Greene to adopt the resolution as amended (attached)
Vote: 30 in favor; 0 against
Resolved: Motion carried

Resolutions to propose bylaws amendments
Motion from the floor to adopt the following:

Resolved that a task of identifying items for an update to Article II: Purpose be referred to a Purpose Review committee, constituted by the CNA general assembly, which will report its results at the August 2016 general meeting in order to begin deliberations on an amendment.

Subsidiary motion from Mr. Heyman to strike “items for” and replace with “a process for”
Vote: 19 in favor; 0 against; 2 abstentions
Resolved: Subsidiary motion carried
Vote on main motion: 6 in favor; 10 against; 0 abstentions
Resolved: Main motion failed

Motion from the floor to adopt the following:

Resolved that a task for reviewing CNA bylaws Articles IV: Membership and V: Meetings of the Membership be referred to the Steering Committee, and shall include drafting proposed amendment language to be presented for consideration and possible adoption at the August 2016 general meeting.

Subsidiary motion from Ms. Potter to postpone until August 2016 general meeting.
Vote: 14 in favor; 1 against; 0 abstentions
Resolved: Motion carried

SC vacancies election from the floor
Motion from Mr. Kinney to elect Jim Reed and Cyrus Tashakkori to the Steering Committee.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus


Neighborhood rock musician Dudeman played while sandwiches donated by the Cherrywood Coffeehouse were served and neighbors socialized before the meeting was called to order.


Jennifer Potter, new chair of Friends of Patterson Park, announced that the organization continues to be active and described a number of its recent events. [See ]

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Submitted by Terry Dyke, Secretary

Attachment: Resolution in Opposition to Digital Billboards


Resolution in Opposition to Digital Billboards

Whereas billboards in general, and digital billboards in particular, have negative impact on the character and value of adjacent properties; and,

Whereas  billboards are distracting to drivers and make driving in our city less safe, and there is a mountain of evidence that digital billboards increase the distraction and make driving even less safe; and,

Whereas  Austin stands with San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth and approximately 85% of all other Texas cities that currently prohibit new digital billboards. Four States, known for beauty and tourism (Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, and Vermont) prohibit all billboards, digital and non-digital; and,

Whereas  digital billboards are energy hogs, by some estimates using thirty times per sign face as the average residence; and,

Whereas, in addition to Austin being touted as “weird,” residents understand why they and others are drawn to the region: the scenic beauty of the city and the Hill Country; and,

Whereas, billboards, and especially digital ones, block the views of our beautiful natural and built environment; even Houston has been much more successful in controlling the visual pollution that billboards, especially digital billboards, represent.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association opposes billboards and digital billboards in particular.



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