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Cherrywood Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 4631
Austin, TX 78765-4631
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CNA Steering Committee

Name Position
Jim Reed Chair
Jules Kniolek Vice Chair
Sarah Sweeney Secretary
Leyla Cohlmia Treasurer
Janine Gropp Member
Matt Harriger Member
Ben Leffler Member
Emily Schwartz Member
Jonathan Schwartz Member
Cyrus Tashakkori Member
Erin Tassoulas Programs


The Flea

Name Position
Janine Gropp Editor
Janine Gropp Layout
Mike Sullivan Theatre Pages
(Vacant) Reporter
(Vacant) Advertising
(Vacant) Distribution


Web Team

Name Position
(Vacant) Editor
Marilyn Fenn Webmaster, Designer
Terry Dyke Web Tech, Factotum, Interim Editor
Aaron Choate Systems Guru


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