Development Services News: 3312 Robinson Ave


Due to a zoning code violation the developer of 3312 Robinson Avenue has been notified by the city to stop work on the project.  Subsequently the developer has applied for a Board of Adjustment (BoA) hearing asking for a variance to allow the violation to stand.

Neighbors on Robinson Ave. and adjacent streets as well as the Neighborhood Association have received official notice from the city regarding the variance hearing scheduled for September 28.

A team of residents has been formed to work on the issue and are in the process of investigating the matter and soliciting the nearby neighbors regarding the case.

To give us time to complete our work a request was made to the BoA to postpone the hearing until 10 October, to which the developer has said they will not oppose.

More news to come as the story unfolds.

Jules Kniolek

Chair, Cherrywood Neighborhood Association

Jules Kniolek

About Jules Kniolek

Currently funding life as a residential design-builder having done projects in and around Austin, Honduras and Greece. Previous method of sustainment was high tech chip design engineer and manager. I like to walk or ride my Harley to the book store to pick up a good read. Or outside of town to meditate by a creek. Or to a local club or historic dancehall to two-step or swing dance (throw in some lindy-hop and a zydeco here and there).

3 Responses to Development Services News: 3312 Robinson Ave

  • Herb Eling says:

    Nice picture. Says Cherrywood, early days. How early? North? Any information as to a street name, Impossible to pick anything out. No cars. Had to be after 1939 as that is about when it was subdivided, and the first houses went up around that time. Sometime during or a little after the war? Perhaps between all of us, there may be a way to make this picture part of our history. Herb Eling

  • Terry Dyke says:

    Shot in 1950 looking southwest, Werner Ave. in the foreground. Cherrywood history? Check it out:

  • Herb Eling says:

    Hi, Thanks. Back in the late 60’s and, at least, the early 70’s, when we moved into 3502 Lafayette Ave., ($45/mo), and then two doors up 3506 ($75/mo) there were these title, typewritten booklets of the properties, about 4″x7″, taking back the history of a property back to early 1800’s. I can’t find mine at the moment, but in total I had about 4 or them. The neighborhood Assn. covenants, still have that, was pretty heavy, but obviously as long since expired. If I find them, I can scan them and send them along. We bought our house on Breeze Terrace when our rent went up to a horrendous $95/mo. and since we were at UT on the GI bill it was great to have PI/TI wrapped into $127/mo. A lot has changed in the neighborhood. Check around, some of the older folks in there should have their little booklets. Herb

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