EAST Meets Best (of Cherrywood)

Written by Sarah Biggerstaff

My friend and I used Caitlin Alexander’s colorful Cherrywood EAST map to find every studio on foot during the first cold and rainy weekend of EAST. Each studio was unparalleled in uniqueness and exhibited a different take on what art means or could mean today.

On of our favorite moments took place at Studio 43 at French Place. Christine Nall had created a magnificent and welcoming installation called “Divide by Six” in her backyard, where we gathered in a circle with other EAST visitors and Cherrywood neighbors to enjoy the mango margaritas and hot chocolate so graciously provided by the host. We were strangers brought together by an art installation, which of course provoked great conversation and laughter amongst us.

EAST was an inspiring and eye-opening experience that made me even more grateful and proud to live in Cherrywood.

EAST Meets Best (of Cherrywood)

Photo by Sarah Biggerstaff

See more photos of the 2015 East Austin Studio Tour in Cherrywood on Flickr.

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