Faces of the neighborhood


Ryan O, Wiccit, Dudeman

The young show us how it’s done. Ryan O, Wiccit and Dudeman (shown at right) unite to ignite the neighborhood with six hours of music by 11 neighborhood bands on a beautiful September Saturday afternoon.

It all started about a year ago when Wiccit suggested that a street party be considered to showcase neighborhood musical talent.  His idea quickly gained favorable support and he was ready to rock n’ roll – then reality set in.

Where?  You say you’re going to have amplified music?  Ok then you will need city permits. You will need electricity.  How will you reach out to the neighbors?  Do you have a stage?  The list of the who, what, when, where and how of it quickly grew.  That’s when Ryan O. raised his hand and offered to “help out.”

Before long they were down at the city offices navigating the bureaucracy and long path marked by red tape necessary to host a public event in Austin, Texas.  Fairly quickly they realized the hands on work to organize the event was going to require 1) more money than they had, 2) more time than they expected and 3) more than their six hands to pull it off.

As more people got interested,  periodic meetings were organized at Cherrywood Coffee House and before you know it ( a few months later) the team was into site planning, neighborhood reach-out meetings, resource planning, band recruiting, equipment procurement,  waste planning, internal negotiations among themselves, external negotiations with the city and neighbors, and on and on and on they went never allowing the red tape and magnitude of the task to get in their way.  It was daunting and sometimes discouraging – but they persevered and THEY MADE IT HAPPEN!

I am personally hugely impressed by the hard work, tenacity and passion of these young people and how this loosely knit group organized themselves into a cooperative team that navigated the city processes and neighborhood associations to bring us together and entertain us all afternoon.

Many, many thanks go out to all the bands that played for us in the 100 degree heat.  Many, many thanks go out to the very appreciative neighbors that came and went – and the ones that stayed for the entire six hour musical and very entertaining display of neighborhood talent.

Ryan, Wiccit, Dudeman and the rest of the team I cannot thank you enough for bringing the neighbors together in a way that is unprecedented in the history of the community. You brightened the day of many.  You are gems with many facets.

You thought it.  You proposed it.  You worked it.  YOU DID IT!

Sincerely and forever gratefully yours,

Jules Kniolek, One Very Impressed Neighbor


Jules Kniolek

About Jules Kniolek

Currently funding life as a residential design-builder having done projects in and around Austin, Honduras and Greece. Previous method of sustainment was high tech chip design engineer and manager. I like to walk or ride my Harley to the book store to pick up a good read. Or outside of town to meditate by a creek. Or to a local club or historic dancehall to two-step or swing dance (throw in some lindy-hop and a zydeco here and there).

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