Keeping the “Green” in Cherrywood Green

Written by Mike Damal

Cherrywood GreenThe early summer rains really put the green in Cherrywood Green.  Now that we are in the heat of the summer, it still is an inviting place but not as verdant as in May or June.   The Chinquapin Oak that was planted last fall is now clearly stressed.  Most of the leaves have wilted, will it survive or not?  Perhaps this struggling oak is a good analogy for Cherrywood Green.  When we had the rains, the tree looked healthy, strong, as if it had a good future.  Once the rains stopped, it was quickly stressed by our hot summers, still not established enough to get through the heat of the summer.   I give the tree a better than even chance to survive, however it will need constant monitoring and twice weekly waterings (if we don’t get any rain) to survive.

The water fountain has also been out of service and we were able to get one of the spigots working, and are looking for replacement parts for the button control for the other spigot.

It was written in a neighborhood publication a while back that there are “many” volunteers for Cherrywood Green.  Right now we have three volunteers who actively take care of the Green. However, if one of these volunteers stopped helping, there would be noticeable change; if two or more stopped helping, the Green would fall into disrepair and would not be the same place we enjoy today-showing immediate stress just like our oak tree.

The Green is a focal point for Cherrywood–book fairs, parades, cookie socials, and other gatherings are held there on a regular basis. We really don’t have another place that is as well located and inviting for outdoor gatherings in the neighborhood.  We would love for more neighbors to help keep maintain it! Email me to talk about what you can contribute, or just help out when you are nearby by doing some weeding, mowing, pruning, or litter removal.  Friends of the Green or FROG is the official group dedicated to maintaining Cherrywood Green. If you wish to be added to this list please email me at . We appreciate any help we can get!


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See more photos of Cherrywood Green on Flickr.

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