LUT Committee Meeting, September 3, 2013

The Cherrywood Land Use and Transportation (LUT) Committee met on September 3, 2013 at 7:15 p.m., at Taqueria Los Altos. The meeting was chaired by Girard Kinney and the agenda was the following:

7:15:  Introductions, approval of 07 August, 2013 Meeting notes (previously circulated)

7:25:  Additions, if any, and approval of current agenda

7:30:  Announcements (I will provide a brief update on active issues, and will call for other announcements from members)

7:40:  New cases, if any (currently I have no new cases, so this is a place holder)

7:50:  Discussion and possible Action regarding a recommendation to the Steering Committee about the composition of the LUT.  Members are reminded that originally there were three committees: CNA Planning and Zoning Committee (which had evolved from Mike Damal’s “Zoning 101” sessions), CNA Transportation Committee (chaired originally by Mark Lind and most recently by Tom Wald) and CNA Parks & Greenspace Committee (Chaired by me, hoping to provide an umbrella for the three emerging parks groups which eventually became FoPP, FROG and FLWR).

At one point in the early 2000s, the Planning and Zoning Committee changed its name to the Land Use Committee, adding the overall goals of the parks and greenspace committee, and attempting to provide a coordinating role among the three parks “friends” groups as well as addressing other greenspace events as they emerge.

When Tom Wald was no longer able to chair the Transportation Committee due to other transportation commitments and assignments in the community, the SC accepted the Land Use Committee’s offer to morph into the present Land Use and Transportation (LUT) committee.  And while most land use and transportation planners agree that the two are inextricably tied to one another, this does present an awesome number of issues, causing some to get short shrift.  I have proposes in the past, and would like to again propose that we consider keeping the LUT as an umbrella organization (committee, commission, whatever we want to call it), which would still report to, and be subordinate to, the Steering Committee, but that it would have three very active Sub Committees: Land Use Planning; Parks and Greenspace and Transportation.

For this idea to work there will need to be chairs for each of these new sub-committees, so it will only happen if champions of each come forward to take on the issues that fall under the purview of each.  And I am the first to say that this may be too ambitious; just know that we have about 50 of you who have expressed an interest in remaining involved in the LUT and we have more issues than can be effectively addressed with our current structure.

All ideas are welcome.

8:30: We also need to address our voting procedures and provide the newly formed CNA Organizational TF with our Mission, our Goals, our membership and, of the larger membership list, the Voting Members.  I will bring the wording of our Mission and goals as last written and out current membership to the meeting.

9:00: Adjourn

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