Member Info

Member Info

All Cherrywood neighbors are invited to register for the website.  All users will initially be registered as Subscribers.  Neighbors who would like to contribute blog posts can request to become Contributors.*  There are several levels of users at this site, each with increasing levels of capabilities:

  1. Subscriber: Everyone who registers and is verified by an administrator will receive email notifications whenever a new blog post is published.  Subscribers may edit their own profile and recommend a business the easy way (see instructions below; link to submit a Recommendation).
  2. Contributor:* In addition to editing your profile and adding business recommendations, Contributors may write and edit posts, and add a featured image to your post (if you do it the easy way).
  3. Administrators will approve and publish Contributors’ posts and all recommendations.

Except for administrative-level users, all registered users of the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association website can log in to the site without fear of breaking anything, as your access is limited to the unbreakable (as far as we know).  🙂

*You do not need to register for the website to write blog posts for it.  You may contact the website editor to post a story for you without having to register.

Here are all the links and instructions regarding membership on the site.  A good place to start is with the Flowchart.