How to Create a New Post the Easy Way

Contributors can create a new post the easy way on an uncluttered, unconfusing page. Log in, then from the page “Easy Posting Instructions,” click on “Create New Post.” The rest may appear self-explanatory, but in case it’s not, scroll down below the image for instructions.

Image of the Create New Post page

Image of the Create New Post page


You can fill in the following fields:

  1. Featured image: an image to accompany the story; upload from your computer.  The image should be a minimum of 150 x 150 pixels, but can be larger.
  2. Enter the title.
  3. Select a category.
  4. Enter the text of your story.  Some text formatting options are available on the toolbar.
  5. Enter a few tags that are relevant to your story.
  6. Click “Submit.”

You are done, and a reviewer will review and publish your post or contact you.  There’s a menu at the bottom of the page for other easy options.