National Trails Day at Cherrywood Green a Success

Thanks to about 15 volunteers from Friends of Cherrywood Green (FROG), the Sierra Club, and Americorps, we got a lot done at the National Trails Day work day on Saturday, June 6. The park is mulched, pruned and mowed to last a few weeks!

  • We were able to weed and mulch most of the trees.
  • Lopped low-hanging branches and suckers at most of the trees, leaving the job of pruning the fig trees at the AT&T utility boxes for a future lopping after the fig harvest; probably the 3rd or 4th week in July. All lopped branches were woven into the erosion control line along the top of the creek bank.
  • Placed four concrete footings for the bench, which Mark Schiff had reinforced, and is now back in place. More work will be done to keep the legs off the concrete and a better method will be installed to keep it secure. For now I have placed a bicycle cable and key lock there, for which I have the keys.
  • Got the concrete landing at the base of the stairs to the creek 99% completed. I will be filling in some concrete under it after the water goes down a few inches, and some work still needs to be done to prevent erosion under the concrete at the treads, but I am very happy to report that our stairs held up very well to the flood. The water came up at least 3/4 way up the stairs, and a lot of erosion occurred, but the stairs held remained intact.

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Photos by Jennifer Potter-Miller.
See more photos of Cherrywood Green on Flickr.

We decided to hold off on the creek clean-up until the fall. We have had some great silent helpers (Brent?) who I suspect have come out after the flood and picked up lots of stuff, because it was remarkably clean. There are, however, a lot of downed branches, the largest of which we should leave in place as habitat, but the smaller of which need to be collected and woven into our bank erosion control system. Some of us will be doing this over the summer.

Thanks again to all who participated, and to the Austin Parks Foundation for helping to organize the National Trails Day event!

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