New Parenting Toolkit in Cherrywood

Written by Emily Mathon

“When my kids get older…then I’ll do the things I love for myself…” Sound familiar? These were words spoken by one mother of two at a recent workshop I offered here in the Cherrywood neighborhood.

Often parents of young children are overwhelmed, overtired, and maxed out. On top of the demands on your time and your bodies, there is likely a pervasive feeling of guilt that seeps into your thoughts: “Am I doing enough?”, ”Am I doing this right?” and other self-critical assessments. Additionally, being a depleted parent can impact you physically (headaches, difficulty sleeping, and muscle pain), emotionally (irritability & sadness) and behaviorally (overeating & angry outbursts).

Taking time to nurture yourself will make massively impact both your experience as a parent and your ability to parent.  One immediate action you can take is to identify ONE thing that you, as a parent, will do for yourself. It may not be committing to hiring a personal trainer for 6 months. Perhaps it is taking a shower…all by yourself…every day. Maybe it is taking 5 minutes before your head hits the pillow to write three unique things you were grateful for that day. It could be turning the phone off for the first hour of the day. What about asking a close friend for help? There are tons of small ways you can take care of yourself when raising children.

Find out more about my workshops and courses by visiting my facebook page ( or send me an email for more information . The full Redirecting Children’s Behavior course is starting on Monday, January 27th!

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