October 2013 Mueller Update

Written by Rick Krivoniak

The City plans to conduct traffic counts for our area during October to determine the impact that new Mueller streets and development are having on our local traffic. Some changes are likely by year’s end; once the counts are in and if the State-mandated “triggers” required for signalization are met, the City can install signals within a month if the infrastructure is in place, as is the case at Mueller Blvd’s intersections with both 51st Street and Barbara Jordan Blvd.

WPNA continues to work with Home Depot, Catellus and the City to find a solution to discourage traffic exiting the westernmost driveway onto 51st from the Home Depot and attempting to access Cameron road across 5 lanes of traffic. The proposed affordable housing project proposed for Barbara Jordan and Berkman did not qualify for State tax credits, so it is on indefinite hold at this time.

The next RMMAPIAC meeting is Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 6PM in Meeting Room 1 of the Carver Library, 1161 Angelina Street. Please send Mueller-related questions & comments to .

10/1 Redistricting and Windsor Park
As the City moves to implement the 10/1 City Council system, Mueller residents have expressed a desire to be included in an east-Austin district, reflective of the 1990s goals set for integrating Mueller’s redevelopment into the community. Each of the 10 districts must contain roughly 80,000 residents, about 5 times the population of Windsor Park. In accordance with the Voting Rights Act, at least two districts, and probably four, must be “opportunity districts,” drawn to allow a minority-majority population and provide the chance for diversity on the City Council. Austin’s minority residents are so dispersed that few options exist in mapping those districts. Windsor Park may be affected because of its adjacency to two of these districts.

Currently, Travis County Voting Precinct 135 at Messiah Lutheran Church is where voters from Mueller, Delwood II and the part of Windsor Park south of Briarcliff between Cameron and Berkman cast their ballots on Election Day. The three areas are likely to be tied together by that precinct and included in a City Council district that is predominantly west of IH35. Though the criteria for creating districts encourage keeping neighborhoods intact, Windsor Park is so geographically large and racially diverse that it may not be possible for our area. However since voting machines can be programmed to determine distinct districts within a voting precinct, the ICRC does have that option.

At this time, no maps have been created or released by the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC). More information about that group is available at www.austintexas.gov/department/10-one. The City Charter prohibits ICRC members from communicating with or receiving communications about redistricting matters from anyone other than staff outside of a public hearing. More sessions are planned for November, but no dates or locations have yet been announced. December 1 is the target date for the ICRC to complete maps.

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