Patterson Park Community Garden

A group of neighbors from Cherrywood, Schieffer/Willowbrook, and Wilshire Wood/Delwood One is working on creating a community garden in the southeast corner of Patterson Park. It will be an all-organic vegetable garden located in the Southeast corner of the park near the intersection of Airport Blvd. and Schieffer Ave.  The garden is planned to have 48 plots, with three dedicated for affordable usage and the community.  Produce from the community plot(s) is planned to be donated to local food banks and/or the Ronald McDonald house at Mueller.

The design of the garden has evolved over three years of interaction with area neighborhood groups and individuals and reflects the feedback of the community to keep the garden as open and as visually appealing as possible.  The garden will feature an ornamental, organically-shaped fence line facing into the park, with low-water native plants along the perimeter.

While gardening is a central feature of the proposed community garden, the primary objective of the garden is to promote greater community interaction within the surrounding area.

The community garden task force is currently working on City of Austin approval and on fundraising for the construction of the garden.  To date we have raised over $3500 in donations, pledges, and in-kind donations to go along with a major grant from the Austin Parks Foundation, if approved.  The goal is to have City of Austin approval and major fundraising efforts complete by end of May 2013, with construction of the garden planned to start in spring 2014.

For more information, or to put your name on the list of potential garden plot owners, please contact Mark Smolen at

Proposed Patterson Park community garden