Pascal Simon and Bake Austin: A Sweet Addition to Cherrywood

By Gabriel Lund
Originally published in the May 2018 issue of The Flea

Bake Austin. Photo by Zoe Wenger.

Someone who might even be considered famous is living right here in Cherrywood neighborhood. Her name is Pascal Simon and she owns a business called Bake Austin. Pascal’s monthly baking show can be found on KXAN-TV’s “Studio 512”. And she’s also written a book with baking tips and recipes called Bake Austin Kids.

At Bake Austin, adults and kids ages 8 and up learn how to make all sorts of treats in Pascal’s home kitchen. Everything gets made from scratch, and students get to take home the treats they’ve made. Because Pascal grew up in Germany, the recipes found at Bake Austin are unique, and inspired by her childhood. She says the inspiration for Bake Austin’s way of bringing community together through baking comes from the German tradition of “Kaffeeklatsch,” a gathering of family and friends over cake, coffee, and good conversation.

Pascal says she shares her “vision of interconnectedness by creating experiences and memories through building a strong community of mostly young bakers.” Classes at Bake Austin are a great way for kids in Cherrywood to meet other kids that live in the same neighborhood, and for some families it’s even close enough to walk.

And Bake Austin’s community loves Pascal so much, that when the mother of two’s air conditioning stopped working in 2016, friends and neighbors started a go-fund-me campaign to help her buy a new air conditioner. Pascal has also given back to the community by helping to make the giant mosaic mural at the Shipe Park pool.

My brother and I have had fun taking classes with Pascal many times over the years. We first met her when she was the art teacher at Austin Home Base Community School. My brother Max says his favorite baking class with Pascal is a “tie between when we made teeny mini cupcakes and when we decorated unicorn poptarts that we made from scratch.” I’d have to say the thing I’m most proud of baking with Pascal is the homemade tortellini with herb-filling that I made last week. It was so cool to bring home food that my whole family ate for dinner!

Pascal’s been baking her whole life and her classes keep getting more popular. Maybe it’s time to take a stroll down 38 ½ street and meet a neighbor who’ll send you home with something in your hands that’s tasty and easy to share with family and friends. Learn more about Pascal and her business at .

Gabriel Lund is a student-reporter for the Flea. He is 10 years old, a lover of baked goods and baseball, and a silver medalist in the Math Pentathlon Tournament. Photo credit: Zoe Wenger.

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