Propositions for CNA Voters at May 2016 General Meeting

1. Resolution in Opposition to Digital Billboards
Whereas Scenic Austin opposes billboards in general and currently opposes digital billboards,

Be it resolved that the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association expresses its support for Scenic Austin’s position, and that in particular, the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association opposes digital billboards.

2. Resolution to Review Bylaws Article II
Resolved that a task of identifying items for an update to Article II: Purpose be referred to a Purpose Review committee, constituted by the CNA general assembly, which will report its results at the August 2016 general meeting in order to begin deliberations on an amendment.

3. Resolution to Review Bylaws Articles IV and V
Resolved that a task for reviewing CNA bylaws Articles IV: Membership and V: Meetings of the Membership be referred to the Steering Committee, and shall include drafting proposed amendment language to be presented for consideration and possible adoption at the August 2016 general meeting.

CNA members who wish to vote on the bylaws review resolutions may find the bylaws here for ready reference and study. Voters who would like to “go deep” may want to note Article XII, which acts to incorporate Robert’s Rules of Order into CNA rules.

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