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This interactive page is for providing answers to your residential development-related questions.

If you have a question about the City permitting process, zoning, allowable development on your property, or even some basic construction questions, post it in the comments section below and we will do our best to respond with an informative answer.

Disclaimers apply, though: this is not meant to replace advice from your design professional or builder, and definitely can’t serve as legal advice.

Development Services is a CNA program aimed at helping Cherrywood residents with zoning, building code, or building permit issues that they may need to deal with. The program includes Permit Alert, an online application that helps us monitor the City’s database system for new building permit applications to make sure builders stay consistent with the City’s complex zoning and building rules.

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  • Editor
    Editor says:

    Development Services News: 3312 Robinson Ave.

    Due to a zoning code violation the developer of 3312 Robinson Avenue has been notified by the city to stop work on the project. Subsequently the developer has applied for a Board of Adjustment (BoA) hearing asking for a variance to allow the violation to stand.

    Neighbors on Robinson Ave. and adjacent streets as well as the Neighborhood Association have received official notice from the city regarding the variance hearing scheduled for September 28.

    A team of residents has been formed to work on the issue and are in the process of investigating the matter and soliciting the nearby neighbors regarding the case.

    To give us time to complete our work a request was made to the BoA to postpone the hearing until 10 October, to which the developer has said they will not oppose.

    More news to come as the story unfolds.

    Jules Kniolek

    Chair, Cherrywood Neighborhood Association

  • Julia Halperin says:

    Hello CNA,

    My husband and I live on Lafayette Ave and are interested in the long-term possibility of installing a stand-alone studio in the backyard. This would not be intended for commercial purposes nor short-term rental.

    I heard a rumor that such a structure would need to have a continuous roofline to our house, but that would extremely difficult given the layout of the yard and existing deck. My questions are 1) is that rumor true?, and 2) what is the process for getting approval to build a new structure?


    Julia Halperin

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