Recommendations (Gordon’s List)

RecommendationsThis list was taken from Neighbornet posts several years ago.  It is only updated when a neighbor adds a new recommendation here on the website or requests that the webmaster add one.  Registered users are encouraged to add to this list by submitting a listing for approval.  Registered users can also edit or delete their own listings.

More current recommendations are more likely to be found and requests for recommendations responded to on either the Neighbornet listserve or on Nextdoor Cherrywood.

Should you notice a listing for a business or service that is no longer current, please feel free to inform the webmaster.

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Richard at Gene Johnson

I don't know why anyone wouldn't go to see richard at gene johnson. as somebody who grew up in an auto repair business, i don't tend to be too cavalier with my endorsements...

2300 Manor Rd
(512) 478-2417
Eugene at Gene Johnson

He had the tire shop at manor and airport for years, and is- again, near as i can tell- beyond reproach for anything you'd ever need in terms of car repair (or anything else).

Airport Blvd.
Heritage Title

seconded. heritage has their sh*t together at a level that nobody else can even get near, from top to bottom, soup to nuts.

401 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701
Chem-Free Organic Pest Control

They sealed up all entry points and then have a warranty. So far we have paid for the one visit. And we pay $50 every so often for them to check things. And then they will come out whenever you have another one for free. They've been out 3 times for trappings so far.

9519 N I H 35 Austin, TX 78753
Austin Custom Screens

I've used Austin Custom Screens twice and I love them. Nice, prompt, and reasonably priced.

Martin Guido

I've used Martin as well.

He used to do work for Jeff across the street where Hannah lives now. Prices were reasonable, and he did good work for me.

Saunders Norval

Brooke Hardie at Saunders Norval.

2630 Exposition Boulevard, Suite 203, Austin, TX 78703
Happy Mac

I've used Happy Mac off of Airport near 53rd. ?Really nice people. ?Reasonable prices. ?And they did good work. ?Look them up on Yelp. ?Lots of good reviews.

601 E 53rd St, Austin, TX 78751
(512) 420-9191
All Year A/C

I called the all year people and they were out quickly, did great work, and even told me what the other guy didn't do and why the problem came back. ?I highly recommend them.

(512) 467-COOL
wilson plumbing

i have always loved wilson plumbing. ?they're just good people. ?not the cheapest. ?but good. ?i use others if i need a down and dirty, tide-me-over kinda solution.

906 E 47th St, Austin, TX 78751
(512) 452-8223
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