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List of attorneys who do wills and estate planning

These were recommendations received in May 2015 from the neighborhood listserv.

• My family has used Oaks, Hartline & Daly (, and we have been very pleased with their guidance, service and costs. We created our wills and medical documents, along with a trust for our children. They also have a free simple will service, link on their online will page.
• We were very happy with Don Carnes who did our will last year. 474-7054
• Ted Figard (lives in the neighborhood) or 512-478-7463
• My friend Joanne McIntosh with Eccles and McIntosh is an excellent wills and estate attorney.
• My friend Emily Rickers does this kind of work. I can't give you the client perspective, but I worked with her (I'm also a lawyer) before she started her firm and she's smart and good. The firm is Thompson, Salinas, Rickers, & McDermott, and her number is 512-201-4086.
• Call Nick Reed - Austin Office 3410 Far West Blvd , Ste 170 , Austin, TX 78731, 512) 562-7000
• Ed Ingram...512-472-2057....1601 Rio Grande Ste 250 Austin TX... - handles wills, probate etc. He has been so wonderful to work with and I would absolutely recommend him. You will work with him not a paralegal or office assistant like in many law firms.
• John L. Wise (in the neighborhood) at

Tadd Balfour

It may be the case that you know so many tech-savvy people that if you see a flicker on your hard-drive or watch your video stream turn to molasses, you can smile calmly with the surety that help is moments away. I'm not one of those people. And I certainly am not tech-savvy myself. To complicate matters, I have had terrible luck
bringing my computer to the variously advertised geeks, gurus and computer-repair stores that promise full and timely service.

Sometimes I think that going to a computer guru when a computer fever is about as effective as seeking cardiac treatment from a chiropractor.

Enter Mr. Tadd Balfour. I met Tadd through a businessman at a local cafe, learned he was a computer engineer and took his card thinking, "Well, we'll see."

Well, we did see. In an hour Balfour found the three or four pesky add-ons that were throwing sand in the transmission of my computer and axed three or four nasty viruses waiting only for my unschooled prompt to melt my memory into beeswax.

I really appreciated the work, but more importantly, I appreciated Tadd's attitude toward me, the Luddite down the street. Now, to be clear, if you are a person who speaks computer-eze, Tadd will reply in that recondite tongue. But if you're just trying to save your spreadsheet, preserve your family photos or polish that memoir Hollywood can't wait for, Tadd will find your problem, fix it without condescension at a cost much lower than cardiac surgery. Lower, in fact, that some chiropractors.

My computer is now starting tons faster, running more quickly and I can read my e-mail in other-than HTML format. Whatever that means.

I recommend this young man without reservation. Great job, Tadd. Thanks

Tadd Balfour

I used Tadd Balfour last week and liked him a lot.

Tadd Balfour

Our laptop is no longer "acting up" once Tadd took care of it.
Tadd Balfour 512.279.7996

Dolly Ensey

Tadd Balfour

Longtime Cherrywood home owner and resident Tadd Balfour is your go-to guy. Having read a May 2010 rec by another
Cherrywooder(see NNet Msg# 33812), I contacted Tadd who straightened out my Dell
laptop problems for a fair price and in a timely fashion. So contact Tadd --
you'll be glad you did!

Jonathan Wheeler

Cherrywood's own Jonathan Wheeler does great work.

Yost Custom Wood

Eric Yost at Yost Custom Wood If its wood, he's the guy!

LC Parker with our plumbing perplexities

We've counted on and trust LC Parker with our plumbing perplexities. He also handles basic plumbing needs too. He's competent, courteous and his rates are fair: 626-9383 cell And LC is a musician too 8) See his other referrals on the former C'wood Recommends list: <>

Dr. Matt Bendall

Yesterday, a mere six days after my little dog Bubbles died suddenly, we had to say goodbye to Tatum the Blue Heeler. Though her imminent passing was not unexpected, on the heels of the traumatic loss of Bubbles it was difficult. This difficulty was eased tremendously when Dr. Matt Bendall, a mobile vet, came to the house to see Tatum off in the comfort of her own surroundings, being held by people who loved her so much.

Dr. Bendall does well-visits, too. He is compassionate, thoughtful, not in a hurry, and is ready to really talk about your dog/cat's health and options. He lives very nearby and would love more Cherrywood clients.

If you're looking for a vet, I highly recommend him. (And I also owe a debt of gratitude to Brykerwoods Vet-- they took great care of Bubbles at the end, and also referred me to Dr. Bendall.)

Bright Spot Painting & Remodeling

I highly recommend Bright Spot Painting & Remodeling-- they can fix the drywall, and also take care of all painting needs; they are professional, reasonably priced, very clean and a pleasure to work with. They just painted my exterior and I love it! Contact Janette for a free estimate.

They have painted several homes in Cherrywood!

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