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RecommendationsThis list was taken from Neighbornet posts several years ago.  It is only updated when a neighbor adds a new recommendation here on the website or requests that the webmaster add one.  Registered users are encouraged to add to this list by submitting a listing for approval.  Registered users can also edit or delete their own listings.

More current recommendations are more likely to be found and requests for recommendations responded to on either the Neighbornet listserve or on Nextdoor Cherrywood.

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Jonathan Wheeler

Cherrywood's own Jonathan Wheeler does great work.


i second that! i had my facsia and trim altered so gutters could be attached, Gutterman did an excellent job and cleaned up too, the items were approved by me ahead of time as part of the gutter install. the cost was high but after hit or miss gutter install over the years, it would have been cheaper in the long run to do it right.

12229 Roxie Dr, Austin, TX 78729
(512) 450-1821
Yost Custom Wood

Eric Yost at Yost Custom Wood If its wood, he's the guy!

Austin Wildlife Removal Services

I learned that the go to guy for getting rid of critters is Gary at Austin Wildlife Removal Services. I used Enrique from Aztec but he was stumped and told me to call Gary. While waiting the 10+ days for Gary to become avail, Enrique tried putting a bright light directed at where he thought the critter was accessing the attic and also put on the radio. This technique to his surprise, worked.

2541 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd Austin, TX 78664
LC Parker with our plumbing perplexities

We've counted on and trust LC Parker with our plumbing perplexities. He also handles basic plumbing needs too. He's competent, courteous and his rates are fair: 626-9383 cell And LC is a musician too 8) See his other referrals on the former C'wood Recommends list: <>

Dr. Matt Bendall

Yesterday, a mere six days after my little dog Bubbles died suddenly, we had to say goodbye to Tatum the Blue Heeler. Though her imminent passing was not unexpected, on the heels of the traumatic loss of Bubbles it was difficult. This difficulty was eased tremendously when Dr. Matt Bendall, a mobile vet, came to the house to see Tatum off in the comfort of her own surroundings, being held by people who loved her so much.

Dr. Bendall does well-visits, too. He is compassionate, thoughtful, not in a hurry, and is ready to really talk about your dog/cat's health and options. He lives very nearby and would love more Cherrywood clients.

If you're looking for a vet, I highly recommend him. (And I also owe a debt of gratitude to Brykerwoods Vet-- they took great care of Bubbles at the end, and also referred me to Dr. Bendall.)

Chem-Free Organic Pest Control

They sealed up all entry points and then have a warranty. So far we have paid for the one visit. And we pay $50 every so often for them to check things. And then they will come out whenever you have another one for free. They've been out 3 times for trappings so far.

9519 N I H 35 Austin, TX 78753
Eric Yost

Thanks for the recommendations -- Eric Yost is the go-to guy! He will hand build, paint and hang, and he's starting today. We contacted him through Facebook and he was prompt to respond. He quoted us almost exactly the same price as ones we found online commercially made; except we get the pleasure of having it hand made by someone local, don't have to pay shipping, and don't have to install it ourselves. By far the better deal.

Appliance Exchange

I always and without hesitation or reservation HIGHLY recommend Tom Davidson, owner of Appliance Exchange. Tom has a high degree of knowledge and ethics and his prices are very fair. He has continued to earn my trust for the past 20+ years.

Erick Huehn

Erick recently replaced a toilet and kitchen faucet for us and the cost was very very reasonable and he is a very nice person and we would highly recommend him.

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