Recommendations (Gordon’s List)

RecommendationsThis list was taken from Neighbornet posts several years ago.  It is only updated when a neighbor adds a new recommendation here on the website or requests that the webmaster add one.  Registered users are encouraged to add to this list by submitting a listing for approval.  Registered users can also edit or delete their own listings.

More current recommendations are more likely to be found and requests for recommendations responded to on either the Neighbornet listserve or on Nextdoor Cherrywood.

Should you notice a listing for a business or service that is no longer current, please feel free to inform the webmaster.

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Janette (Bright Spot Painting)

Give Janette (Bright Spot Painting) a call for a free estimate.

Mary Fagan

I was very happy with Mary Fagan. ?email:

(512) 560-1897
Bright Spot Painting

I highly recommend Bright Spot Painting, give Janette Chermely a call, free estimates and?excellent work.

Ed Pepper

Give Ed Pepper a call. He works alone and is AWESOME! You can reach him at 512-669-6287.

Mike Hickey

Mike Hickey, 825-7963. I have had Takagi, Bosch and Rinnai tankless units and am happy to give reviews on all 3 if you need them.

Mike Hickey

Second (or:-) third recommendation for mike hickey

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