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RecommendationsThis list was taken from Neighbornet posts several years ago.  It is only updated when a neighbor adds a new recommendation here on the website or requests that the webmaster add one.  Registered users are encouraged to add to this list by submitting a listing for approval.  Registered users can also edit or delete their own listings.

More current recommendations are more likely to be found and requests for recommendations responded to on either the Neighbornet listserve or on Nextdoor Cherrywood.

Should you notice a listing for a business or service that is no longer current, please feel free to inform the webmaster.

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Dr. Dale Schaefer at Austin Derm care

He is an excellent diagnostician - very skilled and knowledgeable!

Dr. Patrick Connolly, Austin Ear Nose and Throat Clinic

Dr. Patrick Connelly is a longtime friend of ours. He put tubes in our son's ears 12 years ago. Seton bought his practice a few years ago. He's at Dell Children's. He's one of the best!

3705 Medical Pkwy #200, Austin, TX 78705
(512) 324-2720
Dr. Syboney Zapata, Austin Ear Nose and Throat Clinic

We absolutely loved Dr. Syboney Zapata. She did our son's ear tubes and snipped his tongue tie. She is very sweet. We have sent many friends there and they liked her as well.

3705 Medical Pkwy Suite 320, Austin,?TX?78705
(512) 454-0392
Dr. Robert Ochoa

To the sweet folks who sent me to Dr. Ochoa's office, so far so good! They were really kind to me and now I have a crown.

4306 Medical Pkwy, Austin, TX 78756
(512) 451-7441
Erick Huehn

Erick recently replaced a toilet and kitchen faucet for us and the cost was very very reasonable and he is a very nice person and we would highly recommend him.

Erick Huehn

I want to back the rec for Erick Kuehn!!! He is actually a good friend of mine and incredibly trustworthy!!

Martin Guido

Martin is my "go-to" guy and has been since 1989. As I've said before, he does quality work, is very reasonably priced and above all, is honest, trustworthy and dependable. Truly.

Craig Tomasewski

If anyone needs a carpenter/handyman, I'd like to recommend Craig Tomasewski. He recently moved to Austin from Chicago area and while he has a 'day job' in the construction business for a commercial company, he has years of experience in working with a 'hammer' 😉 He's trying to make some extra money and is looking for work on nights and weekends. His phone number is 512-905-1602. He's good!

Martin Guido

I've used Martin as well.

He used to do work for Jeff across the street where Hannah lives now. Prices were reasonable, and he did good work for me.

Martin Guido

I recommend Martin Guido.

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