So You Want to Be on the Steering Committee? Here’s How

If you noticed the application form inserted into the new issue of the Flea, it’s one way to become a nominee for CNA’s executive board, aka the Steering Committee.

Our Nominating Committee has been actively reaching out to community-minded Cherrywood neighbors to give us a rich and diverse lineup of candidates for the annual election that takes place at the November general meeting.

We need a full complement of board members — vacancies seem to be an ongoing problem, and this should turn out to be a good way to take care of it.

If you’re interested, and feel like going old school, fill out the paper form provided in the Flea and send it in per the instructions. The other way is to click on the link and complete the online form, which will make its way through the cloud and end up in the right hands.

The other other way is to stand up at any general meeting between now and November and volunteer your own nomination.

You’ll get a chance to tell the general assembly about your qualifications, and if people like what they hear, they can vote you in on the spot — most likely, with a lot of gratitude and appreciation for stepping up to serve!

Here’s the online application link again.


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