Spring 2013 Blue Ribbon Yard Award

3210 French Place: Storm Survivor

Written by Rebecca Kohout

In 2008, four months after James and Leah Nyfeler bought their home, a massive storm leveled all the trees and plants carefully landscaped by the previous owner. “The front yard went from fully shaded to complete sun overnight,” says Leah, which didn’t help the plants that managed to survive. But with help from Dave Teykl of K+D Designs, they made something bigger and better, using french drains, drip-irrigation, special gutters and rain collection to help the existing mountain laurels, spirea, red yucca, agave and plumbago. By planting native perennials such as Mexican feather grass, a variety of salvias, and a few new trees, they mainly just have to weed, freshen the mulch and replant the vegetable garden, giving Leah plenty of time to be “that weird woman who stops you in the yard to talk to you about your plants.”

Spring 2013 Blue Ribbon Yard

Spring 2013 Blue Ribbon Yard

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