Steering Committee August 2015 Approved Minutes

CNA Steering Committee Regular Meeting
12 August 2015
Fannie Mae Stewart Community Conservatory, 1902 E. 22nd St.

Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM

Members present
Meaghan Bludau, Terry Dyke, Justin Irving, Jules Kniolek, Ryan Ofsthun, Mark Schiff, Emily Schwartz

Members absent
Erin Tassoulas, Wiccit

Guests present
Girard Kinney, Jennifer Potter-Miller

Reading of Agenda
Motion from Mr. Ofsthun to add an item to clarify the departure of Jennifer Potter-Miller, former chair of the Communications Committee and editor of
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

Motion from Mr. Ofsthun to adopt agenda for 12 August 2015
Resolved: Agenda adopted as modified.

Departure of Jennifer Potter-Miller
Motion from Ms. Bludau to resolve that the Steering Committee recognizes the value of Jennifer Potter-Miller’s service to the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association, and extends an apology for voting to accept her resignation prior to thorough discussion of her departure. The Steering Committee understands that as of August 12, 2015, both parties agree to part ways.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Approval of minutes
Motion: To approve minutes from 8 July 2015
Resolved: Minutes approved as read.


Mr. Kniolek reported vacant positions for Flea editor, Flea designer and editor that need to be filled.

Mr. Dyke reported that treasurer’s reports will now include income and expense summaries for the period (attached). Current balance is $8760.78.

Also reported that the next hazardous waste pickup event is scheduled for August 22.

Motion from Mr. Dyke to fund expenses up to $50 covering promotion and truck rental for the August 22 hazardous waste pickup event.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

Communications Committee
Mr. Kniolek as ex officio chair reported on the August 6 Communications Committee meeting (attached).


Committee for UBC work – CIP priorities

Motion from Mr. Ofsthum to accept proposed list of priorities (attached) and to present it to the August 19 CNA general meeting for approval.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

Proposed amendment to Land Development Code
Motion from Mr. Ofsthun to approve Girard Kinney’s proposed amendment to the City of Austin Land Development Code regarding side porch setbacks (attached) and to present it to the August 19 CNA general meeting for approval, with a recommendation for approval from the Steering Committee; furthermore, to authorize Mr. Kinney to report such recommendation to the City of Austin Planning Commission Codes and Ordinances Subcommittee.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

General Meeting agenda
Motion from Mr. Ofsthun to suggest the following topics for Council Member Tovo’s talk at the August 19 general meeting: accessory dwelling units, property taxes, and transportation; furthermore, to have Mr. Kniolek communicate these to Ms. Tovo’s office and request any slides that may accompany the talk.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

Motion from Ms. Bludau to adopt the August 19 general meeting agenda (attached)
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Minutes submitted by Terry Dyke, Secretary

Attachments: [click here for full minutes with attached documents]

  1. Treasurer’s report
  2. Communications Committee August 6 meeting notes
  3. Cherrywood UBC Priorities Report
  4. Proposed LDC amendment
  5. General Meeting agenda

[For all CNA meeting minutes and notes, see ]

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