Steering Committee February 2016 Draft Minutes

CNA Steering Committee Regular Meeting
Notes for Minutes
February 10, 2016

Steering committee members present: Jules Kniolek, Janine Gropp, Meaghan Bludau, Erin Tassoulas, Emily Schwartz, Ryan Ofstun, and Wiccit

Guests present: Girard Kinney, Jennifer Potter-Miller

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:52 p.m.
  2. Roll call
  3. Erin moved to the minutes and Ryan seconded. Four in favor. Three abstentions.
  4. Adoption of agenda:

Erin asked to change item 8B to “Cloudburst” from “Rain Garden.”

Agenda adopted.

  1. Chair’s report:

Three things addressed:

  • The general meeting agenda is the priority for the meeting
  • Nominating committee is also important
  • Added SC sponsorship process and SC guest protocol as two items under the category of “meeting efficiency” think about talking about them next month

Treasurer’s report:
[2/10/16 balance: $8,034 – TD]

  1. Reports of special committees

Flea committee report

Janine reviewed new issue

  • Moved important information to first inside page
  • New section on travel
  • Events section is revamped
  • Added a musicians section
  • Dolly Ensey is doing a pet piece
  • Flea information has been updated

Wiccit noted that they might be able to get a better price for printing. Janine said they could look into getting quotes. Janine will email Wiccit to get information about businesses.

Music festival committee

The latest is to hold the event on April 23, 2016 in Patterson Park, which requires applying for acceptance of the idea by the Parks Department. They have drafted the application. The park rules specify no amplified sound but each event is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. They would do outreach to nearby neighbors.

Last Tuesday, Ryan and Wiccit talked to businesses along Manor and received positive feedback on a general concept for an event. Want it to be a neighborhood thing. The alternative would be to do a informal event but that would not be brought to the steering committee for approval or financial support. Hope to have an answer from the City by the next SC meeting and will make an announcement at the general meeting next week and will remind people that $500 was allocated for the event at the last general meeting in November.

  1. Unfinished business

Nominating committee

According to bylaws, there need to be five people on the nominating committee, two from the SC meeting and three from the neighborhood. Girard, Erin, Ryan, Jeremy Massur, or the music festival guy.

Skills analysis might be the first thing the committee undertakes. We could also do a better job of marketing the opportunity at the next general assembly meeting.

Janine moved to establish the nominating committee, chaired by Girard Kinney, with Erin Tassoulas and Ryan Ofstun as members form the SC, and their first task is to find two additional members to serve on the nominating committee. Ryan seconds. All in favor.


  1. New business

A. General meeting agenda


Update on the Cloudburst project and announcement that FOPP will be revived

Nominating committee

– Describe what the SC does
– Bring application

Update on cherrywoodstock music festival

Introduce Janine and ask for assistance for the Flea

Distribution channel – Francie is moving

  • Update on billboard process and vote (action)

Resolution: To vote to oppose the amendments to the City code that would allow for the use of digital billboards, and to grant the SC the flexibility to communicate this opposition to City leadership and stakeholders groups as appropriate.

  • Stealth dorms (possible action)

B. Cloudburst
Jennifer provided a status of the project. It is currently suspended and David Boston was asked to approach CNA and other nearby neighborhood associations including Wilshire Wood, Cherrywood and Delwood to get support. CNA has not been approached for support as of the SC meeting.

The SC decided that at the general meeting, Jennifer will provide an update on the Cloudburst project and announce that Friends of Patterson Park will be revived and is seeking members.

C. Stealth dorms
The number of unrelated occupants cap has expired and it will be presented to the General Meeting.

Emily moved to adjourn. Erin seconded. Passed by consensus.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


Submitted by Meaghan Bludau





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