Steering Committee July 2015 Approved Minutes

CNA Steering Committee Regular Meeting
8 July 2015
Fannie Mae Stewart Community Conservatory, 1902 E. 22nd St.

Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM

Members present
Meaghan Bludau, Terry Dyke, Justin Irving, Jules Kniolek, Mark Schiff, Emily Schwartz, Wiccit

Members absent
Ryan Ofsthun, Erin Tassoulas

Guests present
Girard Kinney

Reading of Agenda
Motion: To adopt agenda for 8 July 2015
Resolved: Agenda adopted as modified

Approval of minutes
Motion: To approve minutes from 10 June 2015
Resolved: Minutes approved as read


Mr. Kniolek presented memo titled “Fiduciary Duties” (attached) concerning the need for CNA finances to be brought into compliance with the bylaws; also

  • directed the Treasurer to develop a formal report format to be submitted at each regular SC meeting and a quarterly report to be submitted at each regular General Assembly meeting
  • proposed an interim method for settling outstanding reimbursements.

Motion from Mr. Dyke to reactivate the Budget Committee, to consist of three Steering Committee members, including the Treasurer, and charged to:

  • define a chart of accounts for CNA books
  • make budget recommendations for dollar amounts to allocate to each category
  • develop a request-for-funds document for use in authorization of any special funding that does not fall under an existing budget and for funding expenses that exceed budget estimates.

Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Motion from Ms. Bludau that the Budget Committee prepare an announcement for the August 2015 General Meeting that a formal presentation of the budget plan will be presented for ratification at the November 2015 General Meeting.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Mr. Dyke reported a balance of $9420.04, which includes $870.00 from new Flea ad collections and $41.00 in donation from the May 23 Hazardous Waste Pickup event. Reviewed outstanding reimbursements and noted that disbursement limits in the bylaws appear unclear, in that the $500 Steering Committee spending limit is not tied to a specific span of time. This appears to affect the timing of large reimbursement amounts.

Motion from Mr. Dyke to approve for immediate disbursement the following items:
Girard Kinney for Cherrywood Green improvements                     $125.00
Terry Dyke for General Meeting expenses                                       $110.96
Erin Tassoulas for General Meeting expenses                                    $75.78
Jennifer Potter-Miller for June 13 Yard Sale expenses, up to          $188.26
Total                                                                                                 $500.00
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Motion from Mr. Dyke to adopt an interpretation of the bylaws provision in question that shall construe the $500 Steering Committee expenditure limit to apply to the quarter between General Meetings, as a temporary measure until the bylaws can be amended.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Mr. Dyke submitted the updated Committees & Associated Groups (attached) list and moved for approval. Approved as corrected.
Motion from Mr. Dyke to accept Jennifer Potter-Miller’s resignation from the Communications Committee.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Motion from Mr. Dyke to accept Ms. Potter-Miller’s offer of July 6, granting her request “that the posts currently assigned to ‘Cherrywood Author’ be reassigned to ‘Editor,’ and that I [Ms. Potter-Miller] be listed as Editor, (May 2013-June 2015) on the Contact page”; also, to have Ms. Potter-Miller remove the “” link and email address from the Facebook page, to eliminate any confusion that this might be the official CNA Facebook page.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Motion from Mr. Dyke to allow webmaster Marilyn Fenn to proceed with establishing a page on the website for the purpose of crediting Cherrywood volunteers.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Communications Committee
Ms. Bludau reported on collections and progress in managing advertising sales for the Flea, and presented an analysis of recent activity (attached); also reported that projected advertising revenue for the year is over $6000.


Committee for UBC work
Ms. Bludau moved to establish the UBC delegation as a committee, with additional members Meaghan Bludau and Ryan Ofsthun, to further the work of the UBC Neighborhood Plan in behalf of the Cherrywood Subdistrict, where the initial work is 1) continue to refine the CIP and NON-CIP priority list for the CoA 2015 Priorities ordering and 2) to elect a chair.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Mr. Kinney asked to address the body on issues related to lopping foliage in the right-of-way (excerpt from backup attached)

Motion from Mr. Schiff to hear a five-minute presentation from Mr. Kinney on lopping.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Pedestrian Advisory Council representation
Mr. Kinney withdrew his earlier suggestions on the matter. No motion offered.

Incorporation Committee timeline
Motion from Mr. Dyke to move the next Incorporation Committee report to the September 9 Steering Committee meeting
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Motion from Mr. Dyke to instruct the ANC delegation to abstain from voting on the PUD resolution on July 26.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM

Minutes submitted by Terry Dyke, Secretary

Attachments: [click here for full minutes with attached documents]

  1. Memo: Fiduciary Duties, 21 June 2015
  2. Committees and Associated Groups list, July 2015
  3. Flea Advertising Sales Report, 8 July 2015
  4. Kinney backup on lopping, 7 July 2015

[For all CNA meeting minutes and notes, see ]

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