Steering Committee June 2015 Draft Minutes

CNA Steering Committee Regular Meeting
10 June 2015
Fannie Mae Stewart Community Conservatory, 1902 E. 22nd St.

Meeting called to order at 6:40 PM

Members present
Meaghan Bludau, Terry Dyke, Jules Kniolek, Ryan Ofsthun, Jennifer Potter-Miller, Emily Schwartz, Erin Tassoulas, Wiccit

Members absent
Justin Irving, Mark Schiff

Guests present
Girard Kinney

Reading of Agenda
Motion: To adopt agenda for 10 June 2015
Resolved: Agenda adopted as modified

Approval of minutes
Motion: To approve minutes from 13 May 2015
Resolved: Minutes approved as read


Acting treasurer Mr. Dyke reported a balance of $8,550.04; also reported accepting the transfer of CNA financial records from outgoing treasurer Rebecca Kohout; also reported completing acquisition of a projector and three-year extended warranty for $427.64.

Upper Boggy Creek Plan Contact Team (UBC) Delegation
Ms. Bludau reported progress on re-ranking Cherrywood’s top ten Improvement Project priorities for UBC, and submitted an interim report (attached) that includes the proposed ranking and methodology. Ms. Bludau also reported that she and Mr. Ofsthun plan to continue being involved with the committee work on this task, though not themselves members of the delegation.


Nominating Committee staffing
Motion from Mr. Dyke to accept Girard Kinney, Erin Tassoulas, and Wiccit for the Nominating Committee
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Vice Chair election
Motion from Ms. Schwartz to elect Ms. Bludau as Vice Chair
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Flea ad sales
Motion from Mr. Dyke to instruct the Communications Committee to organize Flea ad sales such that the August issue will be fully subscribed with ads, and to report at the July meeting.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Neighborhood Yard Sale
Motion from Mr. Dyke to accept the June 13 Neighborhood Yard Sale as a CNA event, including necessary funding, to receive a report on it at the July meeting, and to consider having the event on a regular basis.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

I-35 ramp letter to TxDOT
Motion from Mr. Ofsthun to send the letter stating CNA’s position regarding proposed I-35 exit ramp (attached).
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Bylaws Committee: study for possible incorporation
Motion from Mr. Dyke to instruct the Bylaws Committee to study impacts of incorporation requirements on present bylaws, propose language for relevant amendments, and report at the July meeting
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Public meeting on incorporation
Motion from Ms. Bludau resolving that, once the Incorporation Committee is ready to present its analysis, the Steering Committee shall facilitate a program of public outreach on the issue.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

North Central I-35 Neighborhood Coalition 2 (NCINC2) delegation
Motion from Mr. Ofsthun to instruct the NCINC2 delegation to distribute NCINC2 meeting minutes to (at a minimum) the Steering Committee and Neighbornet.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Lopping; Pedestrian Advisory Council representation
Motion from Mr. Dyke to postpone these two items until July.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Minutes submitted by Terry Dyke, Secretary

Attachments: [click here for full minutes with attached documents]

  1. Cherrywood UBC Priorities Interim Report, 9 June 2015
  2. Letter to TxDOT et. al., as specified by General Membership 20 May 2015, approved final draft, 9 June 2015 [click here for traffic study mentioned in the letter]


[For all CNA meeting minutes and notes, see ]

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