Steering Committee Meeting, March, 2015

CNA Steering Committee Agenda
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Time: 6:30 PM
Place: Fannie Mae Stewart Community Conservatory, 1902 E. 22nd St.

Members: Meaghan Bludau, Terry Dyke, Justin Irving, Girard Kinney, Jules Kniolek, Rebecca Kohout, Ryan Ofsthun, Jennifer Potter-Miller, Mark Schiff, Emily Schwartz, Erin Tassoulas, Wiccit

    1. Call to order
    2. Roll call/Sign-in
    3. Welcoming remarks from the Chair
    4. Approval of previous meeting minutes
    5. Adoption of agenda (add items if need be)
    6. Reports of officers and standing committees
      • Treasurer’s report
      • Secretary’s report: New member’s status as sole representative of household
    7. Reports of special committees and task forces
      • LUT Committee report
      • Communications Committee report
      • Incorporation Committee report
    8. Special orders (nominations, elections, high-priority postponed items)
      • Land Use and Transportation Committee staffing
    9. Unfinished business
      • Neighborhood position on 38th ½ St. I-35 exit ramp (referendum for General Meeting)
    10. New business
      • Hazardous waste pickup for the neighborhood
      • Locations for required public posting of GM meeting agendas
      • ANC resolutions
      • CNA goals for July UBC Plan Update
      • Explore process for CNA to have representation on CHULA board
      • Suggestion for PSW (4020 Airport Blvd. Developer) to present developing plans to SC and GA
    11. Good of the order (comments/observations about the CNA and its work; no motions)
    12. Announcements
    13. Adjourn

The Steering Committee may take action on any agenda item.
All Cherrywood residents are welcome to attend Steering Committee meetings.

The minutes & notes for this meeting will be posted here: CNA Notes

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