Steering Committee November 2015 Minutes

CNA Steering Committee Regular Meeting
11 November 2015
Fannie Mae Stewart Community Conservatory, 1902 E. 22nd St.

Meeting called to order at 6:38 PM

Members present
Meaghan Bludau, Terry Dyke, Jules Kniolek, Mark Schiff, Emily Schwartz, Erin Tassoulas, Wiccit

Members absent
Justin Irving, Ryan Ofsthun

Guests present
Jill Eargle, Janine Gropp, Girard Kinney, Mike Sullivan

Reading of Agenda
Motion: To adopt agenda for 11 November 2015
Resolved: Agenda adopted as read.

Approval of minutes
Motion: To approve minutes from 14 October 2015
Resolved: Minutes approved as corrected.


Mr. Kniolek reviewed the current slate of candidates standing for election at the November 18 general membership meeting, which includes himself and Ms. Schwartz, and extended an invitation to Janine Gropp to stand for election, which she accepted. He reported that the Nominating Committee is not adequately staffed and has not put forth any candidates, but confirmed that as CNA Chair, he may act ex officio as part of any CNA committee.
Motion from Ms. Schwartz to consider the Steering Committee as the nominating committee for the purposes of the November 2015 election.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus
Motion from the floor to approve Ms. Gropp’s nomination, as well as those of Ms. Schwartz and Mr. Kniolek.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Mr. Dyke reported that the current balance is $10,103.61 (report attached).

Flea committee
Mr. Sullivan reported on the new Flea staff’s challenges and successes in producing the November issue, and submitted a list of observations and recommendations (attached).

Budget committee
Mr. Dyke presented a budget for calendar 2016, noting that it is program-based, following standard practice for non-profit organizations. He went over how the various current and proposed CNA activities would be included in each of the program categories for budgeting and accounting purposes. He noted that the budget as adopted by the Steering Committee would be presented to the general assembly for final adoption, per CNA bylaws.
Motion from Mr. Dyke to adopt program-based budgeting and accounting for the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association, with CNA programs listed in the “Budget Actions” document (attached).
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.
Motion from Mr. Dyke to adopt the budget for 2016 shown in the “Budget Actions” document (attached), within which funds may be shifted between programs as needed, up to 20 percent of total.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

Programs committee
Ms. Tassoulas reported that the brass band that is our guest presenter for the November 2015 general meeting program is called the Yes Ma’am Brass Band, and that they plan to arrive at the meeting at 7:15 PM.

Music festival committee
Mr. Wiccit reported progress on organizing “CherryWoodstock” for Saturday, February 27. It will consist of a number of local bands donating performances throughout the day on three or more stages set up around the neighborhood, their exact locations yet to be determined. He estimated that the event can be produced for under $500, which would include promotion and stage equipment rental. He reported that T-shirt sales would be feasible and a potentially good source of revenue for the event in addition to “tip jar” donations. He also reported on his experience with helping produce similar events, and will give an update on progress at the December meeting of the Steering Committee. The contact email address for the project is


Development Services program
Mr. Kniolek reviewed the idea proposed in September of a new CNA program to assist neighbors and developers with zoning and variance issues, making use of the City of Austin’s public database to identify new building permits in the neighborhood. Remote software for the purpose is already in service, previously referred to as “the permit scraper,” but now known as Permit Alert. The program needs to be staffed by a volunteer who knows enough about zoning-related issues to make effective use of the software, so Mr. Kniolek recommended that we start small by first focusing the volunteer on the easiest of several procedures the software enables, which is to identify protected trees on the property that are omitted from the builder’s initial permit request, and report it to the City arborist for correction.
Motion from the floor to start the Development Services program, with the tree protection function as its starting activity.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

NCINC2 I-35 Upper Decks Resolution
Mr. Dyke noted that the resolution’s text may have changed slightly since the decision last month to present the resolution at the November general meeting, with a Steering Committee recommendation for approval.
Motion from the floor to present the 7 October 2015 version of the resolution (attached).
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

November General Meeting Agenda
Motion from the floor to adopt the November general meeting agenda as modified (attached).
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

Pedestrian Advisory Council delegation
Girard Kinney offered to report on PAC activities as an independent attendee of its meetings. The chair appointed Ms. Schwartz as CNA representative to the PAC.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Minutes submitted by Terry Dyke, Secretary

Attachments: [click here for full minutes with attached documents]

  1. Treasurer’s report
  2. Flea committee report and recommendations
  3. Proposed CNA budget for 2016, with programs
  4. NCINC2 resolution of 7 October 2015
  5. November General Meeting agenda

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