Steering Committee October 2015 Draft Minutes

CNA Steering Committee Regular Meeting
14 October 2015
Fannie Mae Stewart Community Conservatory, 1902 E. 22nd St.

Meeting called to order at 6:45 PM

Members present
Terry Dyke, Jules Kniolek, Mark Schiff, Emily Schwartz, Erin Tassoulas, Wiccit

Members absent
Meaghan Bludau, Justin Irving, Ryan Ofsthun

Guests present
Mike Sullivan, Girard Kinney, Jill Eargle

Reading of Agenda
Motion: To adopt agenda for 14 October 2015
Resolved: Agenda adopted as read.

Approval of minutes
Motion: To approve minutes from 9 September 2015
Resolved: Minutes approved as read.


Mr. Kniolek suggested that the Steering Committee consider at the next meeting making a donation to Blackland CDC in appreciation of their letting the CNA use the Stewart Conservatory for regular meetings. He also reported that Blackland will be doing an accessory dwelling unit remodel on Salina St. soon and suggested that the CNA provide volunteers to organize a “Habitat” style building event.

Mr. Dyke reported that the current balance is $10,666.79, noting major income and expense items for the period (report attached).

Flea Committee
Mike Sullivan, designer for the Flea, reported on space requirements for the November issue: eight pages for advertising, approximately two pages for regularly-recurring informational items, leaving two pages for feature articles if the issue stays at twelve pages.
Motion from Mr. Schiff to authorize another four-page leaf, for a total of sixteen pages for the November issue, if the extra space proves necessary to accommodate submitted material.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus
Motion from the floor to aim for a 50-50 balance between advertising and content for the Flea.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

Programs Committee
Ms. Tassoulas reported that she is approaching a local community brass band for the November general meeting program. Representatives of the band are expected to speak on their activities, including participation in the Honk festival, and possibly play live; the program may also include recordings of this or other community brass bands. Mr. Sullivan volunteered to provide pictures of the Honk festival. Ms. Tassoulas reported plans to provide pizza for refreshments.
Motion from Ms. Tassoulas to authorize $150 to cover November general meeting expenses, including pizza and yard-sign production.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

UBC Committee
Mr. Kniolek will contact Councilmember Tovo’s office to see if they want any input from the neighborhoods.

Tovo’s Mobility meeting
Ms. Bludau and Girard Kinney attended the October 2 “District 9 Mobility Conversation” that looked for input from the neighborhoods on mobility needs, as well as ideas for how best to spend the “leftover” $21 million from Cap Metro’s “quarter cent funds.” Ms. Bludau and Mr. Kinney suggested at the meeting that the District 9 Mobility program consider Cherrywood’s input to be the same projects listed in the CNA Upper Boggy Creek planning priorities.
Motion from Ms. Tassoulas to include a brief report on the matter at the November general meeting, to be given by a representative of Councilmember Tovo’s office, and to be introduced by Ms. Bludau.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus


Neighborhood Partnering Program (COA)
This program is a potential means for building sidewalks for Cherrywood using “sweat equity.”
Motion from the floor to include an update on this from one of Councilmember Tovo’s people at the November general meeting.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

November elections
Terms are up for Steering Committee members Kniolek and Schwartz, who both expressed a desire to stand for re-election.
Motion from the floor to nominate Mr. Kniolek and Ms. Schwartz for Steering Committee
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

NCINC2 resolution
The resolution calls for no more lanes on the upper decks of I-35.
Motion from Mr. Dyke to present the resolution at the November general meeting, with a Steering Committee recommendation for approval.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus.

Mr. Wiccit proposed an all-day neighborhood music festival, to be known as “CherryWoodstock,” and held the last Saturday in February, 2016. He reported having organized such events in the past, and explained some of the proposed features.
Motion from Mr. Dyke to form a committee to organize CherryWoodstock, with Mr. Wiccit as chair and members of his choosing, and to give an interim report at the November Steering Committee meeting.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM

Minutes submitted by Terry Dyke, Secretary


Attachments: [click here for full minutes with attached documents]

  1. Treasurer’s report

[For all CNA meeting minutes and notes, see ]

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